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Black Training Sneakers

Best Black Training Sneakers - August 2019

Training shoes are known for providing comfort for a variety of active endeavors, such as going on long walks or working out at the gym. They are also made to be very stylish to meet the demands of people when it comes to looking good. With performance and style combined, it's no wonder why training kicks often transition into full lifestyle wear.

There are many ways to style training footwear, especially as they come in different colors. One color that men and women are attracted to is black, as it is neutral and effortless to style. For this reason, black training sneakers are sought-after, especially as they can make one look sleek, stylish, and street-ready.

Popular training-inspired sneakers in black

With so many options for black training-inspired footwear, it's easy to get lost and confused. For a simple guide, the most popular kicks are categorized below into low-top, mid-top, and high-top.


There are many popular low-top black training shoes from different brands. The following are several of the best selections, with some additional information on colorways, pricing, and fit and sizing.

1. Adidas Gazelle

In 1966, the Adidas Gazelle was first released as a shoe for performance training. Throughout the years, the model has become one of the most iconic kicks from Adidas, along with the Stan Smith. It was the first sneaker from Adidas to feature a suede upper, making it more flexible and lighter than the usual leather material. At the same time, the suede offered excellent protection for the foot.

Other shoes in the Gazelle series with black variations include the Adidas Gazelle Super, Adidas Gazelle Primeknit, Adidas Gazelle Stitch and Turn, and the collaborative Adidas Neighborhood Gazelle Super.

  • These black and white training sneakers are also offered in a mono-black edition.
  • These kicks are budget-friendly at $80.
  • Women’s sizes are available from 5-11 and men’s sizes from 4-14.
  • Some reviewers found the shoe a bit large, advising others to go a half size down.

2. Reebok Workout Plus

From the Reebok Workout collection, the Workout Plus is an upgraded version of the original model which was first released in 1984. This improved sneaker has an edgier silhouette along with a more modern built.

Another enhanced detail is the toe overlay, which adds to the shoe’s durability. Reebok’s trademark H-strap on the midsole gives this model a vintage touch. These women’s and men’s black training sneakers also offer excellent support.

  • Among this shoe’s colorways are black and grey, black and white, and black with a gum sole. 
  • It delivers bang for the buck at $80.
  • Available sizes are in women’s 4-11 and men’s 3.5-15. It’s generally true to size.

3. Adidas Los Angeles

To pay tribute to the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California, Adidas introduced a shoe named after the city – the Adidas L.A. Trainer. It has a vintage appeal along with innovative features, quickly gaining it a strong following in the footwear world.

It has since become iconic, renamed simply as the Los Angeles sneaker and updated with a knit upper instead of sports mesh material. This sneaker also has a Continental rubber outsole that includes an exaggerated lug design for superior traction and durability.

  • Black and grey and black and white are a couple of this shoe’s color options.
  • These kicks are cheap at an $85 price point.
  • Ladies’ sizes 5-13 and men’s sizes 4-14 were released. Some felt that the model had a narrow fit.

4. Reebok Princess

Released in 1983, the Reebok Princess has become one of the brand’s most popular models in the lifestyle section. It boasts of superior comfort along with an attractive and clean design on the durable leather upper. It’s lined with soft terry material for a luxurious and snug feel, which also effectively absorbs moisture to keep the feet dry.

The Princess Lite is this shoe’s more lightweight version, also available in a black colorway.

  • This model has a variation for the all black training sneakers category.
  • At $50, this shoe is very budget-friendly.
  • This women's kick is offered in sizes 5-12, with an option for standard or wide widths. Some users imparted that it runs small and narrow.

5. Puma Dare AC

The Puma Mostro, released in 2002, was the inspiration for the Puma Dare AC. This updated sneaker offers the same ultra-lightweight form along with a convenient slip-on function. The crisscrossing straps on the upper hugs the foot securely, while at the same time providing an ultramodern appeal.

It has a sleek upper and outsole that elevates the feminine flair. The kick’s Softfoam sockliner also provides excellent comfort all day long.

  • It comes in a Puma Black colorway.
  • This shoe has a very affordable price of $60.
  • Ladies can cop these sneakers, which come in sizes 5.5-11. It fits true to size.


Mid-cut black training sneakers offer a bit more ankle protection than low kicks. The following are just a couple of options to choose from, with some facts about the price, sizes, and black color selections.

1. Puma Tsugi Jun

German brand Puma combined their trademark sporty approach with Japanese innovation to come up with the Tsugi Jun. It’s built with advanced technological materials and features, while at the same time it’s structured for the modern casual lifestyle. The sneaker’s mid-top silhouette ushers in the next generation of Tsugi kicks as this shoe features a full-length evoKNIT sock upper.

Other noteworthy models from the Tsugi series with black colorways include the Puma Tsugi Netfit and the Puma Tsugi Apex.

  • Olive and black, black and grey, and mono black are some of this shoe’s color options.
  • This kick is relatively affordable at $120.
  • Women’s sizes 5.5-11 and men’s sizes 7-14 are offered. A few buyers have relayed that the sneaker runs large and tight.

2. Puma Fierce Core

The Fierce Core from Jumping Cat brand was designed for intensive training and was inspired by movements in dancing. It was released as a training shoe in 2016 and was endorsed by reality TV star Kylie Jenner. This model’s modern appearance is similar to the design of Rihanna’s sought-after Fenty trainers.

In addition to its bootie, structure, the kick features Ariaprene material on the upper, which delivers comfort and breathability. This shoe has an internal flatlock stitching that reduces friction and provides additional comfort.

  • These black and white training sneakers also come in mono black and black/white/pink.
  • The sneaker is easy on the pocket at its price of $90.
  • Sizes 5.5-11 are offered for the ladies along with sizes 7-13 for men. It fits as expected.


For those looking for ankle protection, high-top shoes are the best. Below are a few high-cut training sneakers with black variations, including more details about the design and more.

1. Reebok Freestyle Hi

It was in the 1980s that the Reebok Freestyle was first released. It came in two different variations – one with a low cut, like a tennis kick, and the other in a high-top style with two Velcro straps at the ankle. The latter was dubbed as the Reebok Freestyle Hi and also featured a lace-up front. The feminine yet sporty look has since been well-loved by many.

  • It comes in black and gold, black and multicolor, and army black colors.
  • At $75, this kick is budget-friendly.
  • These women’s black training sneakers come in sizes 5-11.5. A few wearers described the fit as a bit narrow.

2. Puma Fierce Strap Swan

In February 2016, Puma signed Kylie Jenner as their endorser. With her huge social media following and fan base, Puma was able to leverage street style. Such shoes as the Puma Fierce was endorsed by the reality star, turning it into a trendy sneaker.

The brand then expanded the line to include such versions as the Puma Fierce Strap Swan. It combines performance training features with an eye-catching design, making it a modern lifestyle classic. Other black high-top kicks from the Puma Fierce collection include the Puma Fierce Rope Satin En Pointe, Puma Fierce Quilted, and the Puma Fierce Swan.

  • This model comes with an option for all black training sneakers.
  • It has a reasonable price of $120.
  • Women’s sizes from 5.5-11 are available. At least one reviewer commented that a half size smaller would be a better fit as the shoe runs large. 

3. Puma Fenty Trainer Hi

In 2014, Puma decided that they needed a strong female persona to be the face of the brand. Singer-songwriter Rihanna was chosen as creative director for the women's line. She quickly infused her bold approach into her designs, leading to such creations as the Puma Fenty Trainer Hi, released in June 2017.

This sneaker offers a bold appeal with its aggressive-looking details. Lifestyle and athletic features are combined to create a fully-functioning shoe that delivers comfort for any casual endeavor.

  • It comes in an all-black colorway.
  • This is a premium-priced shoe with a price tag of $190.
  • These ladies-only kicks are offered in sizes 5.5-11.
  • Several commenters revealed that these women’s black training sneakers ran large. They advised others to go a half size down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are training casual shoes?

Training sneakers are made for a variety of activities, such as fitness endeavors or gym exercises, walking or for indoor sports such as racquet. They are good for strength training and weightlifting. They are also known for providing support for such movements as jumping, breaking, stopping, changing direction, and cutting. However, training-inspired sneakers are geared for lifestyle use and may be more suited for casual activities.

Where to wear black training sneakers?

Women’s and men’s black training sneakers that have been transitioned into lifestyle use can be worn for different casual activities. They can be worn just like any other casual footwear. The difference could be the shoes’ background in performance, which is why they offer superb comfort and support.

Where to buy cheap black training shoes?

There are many budget-friendly training shoes in black. Depending on the model, they can be found online, in the stores of the brand, department stores, and in footwear retailers, big or small. Online seems to offer the fastest way, as one can quickly find training kicks in such sites as Amazon or Zappos or at a brand's online store.

How to style black training sneakers?

Training kicks in black are highly versatile, as they combine a sporty appeal with a stylish edge. As such, there are many ways to dress these types of kicks. Here are some tips to get started.

  • Athleisure clothes would fit very well with the aesthetic of training-inspired sneakers in black. Gray joggers, shorts or leggings would match the footwear’s laidback flair.
  • A brightly colored t-shirt or sweatshirt would go well with the shoes’ neutral palette, especially when it comes to men’s black and white training shoes.
  • For a more casual scene, men and women can pair their black-colored training kicks with jeans, pants or shorts. Complete the look with a t-shirt or shirt along with a jacket in a denim or bomber style.
  • Ladies who want a chic urban vibe can wear their black training footwear with a skirt with a button-down or a t-shirt or a dress paired with a cardigan or jacket.

What is the price range of black-colored training kicks?

There are plenty of budget-friendly training kicks in black, starting at $50 up to $90. Shoes with reasonable prices in the same category cost $91 up to $120. There are also models that are averagely priced, with a price range of $121-$150. Expensive sneakers are priced at $151 up to $200, such as Rihanna’s $190-priced Fenty Trainer.

What is the fit and sizing of black training footwear?

Ladies’ training kicks are usually available in sizes 5-12, while the men’s sizes range from 4-14. Although black training shoes generally fit true to size, some sneakers can run large or small, or narrow or wide. It’s best to check reviews for a specific model to be sure of the fit. 

How to clean black training-inspired sneakers?

It's necessary to follow the right steps to maintain the look of training footwear. Such variations as women's and men’s black and white training shoes need proper care to keep them clean. Here are some tips to get started.

  • Training shoes with canvas uppers should be brushed down using a mixture of soap and water.
  • Leather training kicks can be wiped down and then cleaned with leather polish.
  • Use a suede brush when cleaning training-inspired models with suede uppers. The use of water is highly discouraged.
  • Machine washing or drying of training sneakers is not encouraged as it can damage the material.
  • Air dry the shoes after cleaning.
  • Laces should be soaked in soap and water and then air-dried. 

Are training shoes in black durable?

Although they have been transitioned into lifestyle use, black training sneakers still retain most of their innovative features, notably support and comfort. As such, training-inspired shoes are generally of high quality, which is why people like to wear them for casual use. It’s best to check reviews for each sneaker to make sure.

What are the things to consider when buying black training kicks?

As black training-inspired sneakers are geared for lifestyle use, there are no specific technical features to consider. However, as with any shoe, wearers need to consider the fit and sizing, feel, style, and price to make sure that one is getting one’s money’s worth.

Are black training sneakers suitable for walking or running?

Training kicks were meant to provide support for different rigorous activities. However, shoes that are specifically made for walking or running would be the best ones to use as they are specifically built for demanding outdoor movements or varied terrain. At best, training-inspired sneakers would be well-suited for walking around the city.