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Are black Timberland hiking boots a great option? 

Timberland is known for its classic-style work boots. Yes - those yellow leather boots with nicely padded collar, ankle-high laces, and yellow rubber outsoles that bring you back to the 60s.

But over the years, the brand has developed more styles to cater to a larger audience, particularly modern hikers. Now, Timberland boots come in a wide range of styles, designs, and colorways. Of course, black boots included.

Types of black Timberland hiking boots for men and women

Waterproof hiking boots. Timberland makes waterproof hiking boots in black colorways. One of their best-sellers, the White Ledge Mid, features a seam-sealed waterproof construction that involves treating the stitch holes and seams in the shoe to prevent them from leaking when it rains or snow. 

Leather and mesh black boots. Some models, like the black Euro Hiker and the Chocorua Trail Mid, feature a combination of full-grain leather and Cordura fabric for maximum durability and comfort. These boots feature a beefy construction and are ideal for rugged terrain.

Urban-style black boots. Timberland also makes more casual-looking boots that are perfect for trail and city walking. These boots are lightweight, not too high, and have a really stylish cut.

Black Timberland hiking boots - best features

Below are some of the features of Timberland hiking boots:

Leather uppers

When it comes to performance footwear, there is no doubt that leather hiking boots are the most popular choice. Why not? Leather is a premium material that is highly resistant to abrasion, wear, and tear. 

Leather is also water-resistant. Most of all, it lasts long. Most black Timberland hiking boots are made of full-grain leather which is considered as the best type of leather as it hasn’t been altered.

Grippy outsoles

For a safe and enjoyable trip to the trail, you need boots that have good traction. Luckily, Timberland boots do not fail in that area. Their hiking shoes feature a solid rubber outsole that grips well on varying terrain. 

Waterproof construction

Some black Timberland hiking boots, such as the Chocorua Trail, have a waterproof lining. It’s either the Timberland Dry (a breathable membrane made of recycled plastic) or Gore-Tex.


Timberland boots are known for being highly comfortable. Aside from using EVA midsoles which are soft, flexible, and lightweight, some models also feature anti-fatigue footbeds. People love these iconic boots for everyday use. Their hiking boots, in particular, are very popular because they can be used on and off the trail. 

Budget-friendly price

Compared to other brands like Salomon, Timberland has more budget-friendly options. Most of their hiking boots are priced at less than $150. 

Classic style

While some people prefer modern, athletic shoes, others love classic-looking boots. Timberland is known for their iconic boots that resemble those used in the 60s or 70s. Today, Timberland boots are an icon of hip-hop style, worn by famous hip-hop celebrities like Kanye West.

Timberland Boots - How it all started

Without a doubt, Timberland is one of the most dominant brands in the shoe industry, with the same level of popularity as Nike, Adidas, and the like. It was in 1973 when Timberland launched its first waterproof yellow boots which were a huge success. Since then, they started out creating more Timberland boots to cater to the needs of many more hikers and outdoor lovers.