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    New Balance 997H - Black (M997HAI)
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    New Balance 520 - Outer Space (U520EJ)
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    New Balance 574 - BLACK (ML574GPG)
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    New Balance 574 - Black (ML574ETE)
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Black New Balance Sneakers

Best Black New Balance Sneakers - September 2019

In a general sense, wearing footwear dipped in dark colors is the most ideal scenario for those who would beat the hell out of their shoes. A century-old brand like New Balance would certainly ride the bandwagon due to the utility black sneakers impose. And every sneakerhead, or athletic nut, perhaps, already knows that the Boston-born company does not mess around when it comes to function and performance. Just look at the years of service it had provided runners all over the world.

Eventually, the global footwear producer diversified into fashion and the like. This implies a new generation of New Balance black shoes built for streetwear style would surge the market nowadays and fans had never been happier.

We prepared a list of the favorite black New Balance shoes below to identify and understand them more.

Most hyped New Balance black shoes on the market

Having the color palette of #000000 deserves to be recognized though it subliminally hints a low profile stance. Fortunately, humanity’s unnerving urge for tardiness prevails and regularly cleaning scuff marks is a tedious task to bear. Thus, people resort to an accessible alternative like these black New Balance shoes.

New Balance 574 Sport

Sportswear giants like New Balance surely have that quintessential silhouette that defines what they offer as a brand. In this case, it was the New Balance 574 that puts them on the record books. Its audience span from the young to the vintage runners who sported the shoe during their prime. This time NB gives it a darker brother with upgraded features.

  • To keep up with the ongoing sneaker trend today, NB introduced the 574 Sport containing a Fresh Foam midsole.
  • The overlays are basically the same with its predecessor maintaining the iconic saddle and the angular TPU collar.
  • Even the TPU heel counters were retained and infused into the Fresh Foam tooling.
  • Suede and mesh compose its uppers.
  • The relatively fresh sneaker had a wide variety of colors to choose from including, of course, a black with a white midsole.
  • One version, coming in all black tones, is called Black Caviar.

New Balance X-90

Giving in with the dad-shoe pandemonium would most likely influence international players like New Balance and the like. Technically, New Balance was one of the pinnacle brands who invented these ugly, fully-functioning sneakers in the first place courtesy of the 990. This time, they pulled out hints from the structure of their prized dad shoe and gave it a contemporary makeover. Enter the X-90 from New Balance.

  • The X-90 serves as New Balance’s entry to the dad sneaker trend which was released in 2018.
  • The chunky look of the 990s was stripped down into a more minimalist structure.
  • It pays homage to previous 990 models namely the 991’s midsole window and the 997’s Hytrel strap.
  • One of the black colorways has a dash of Himalayan pink on the medial Hytrel strap as well as the lateral window on the heel.
  • Completing the sneaker’s casual construction is a beefed up REVlite midsole.

New Balance 515

Yet again, New Balance had been utilizing the framework of their 574’s and other classic models to create another hip rendition that would surely rest as an everyday staple shoe. With the resurgence of the undying need for casual wear, the New Balance 515 makes it way too easy.

  • The 515 is the birthchild of NB’s old profiles evident with its familiar form and EVA plus outsole tooling.
  • Overlays cover the toe area and the heel while an iconic TPU heel counter adds rear support.
  • The coveted saddle technology on the shank was stripped down and was replaced by an N logo on both sides.
  • The most famous black edition probably was the black mesh and suede upper on top of a white EVA and laces.

New Balance 420

Being hailed as one the best running silhouettes by Runner’s World signifies a true masterpiece. The New Balance 420 was one of those earlier NB iterations that cement functionality while still bearing a fashionable look.

  • The NB 420 had its first limelight stature in 1982 when it was dubbed as Runner’s World magazine’s most excellent running shoe of the year.
  • The sneaker’s original construction was overhauled in the more recent years.
  • It now features premium pigskin leather as overlays and durable ripstop fabric underlays.
  • Initially, the sneaker utilizes an EVA wedge for its cushioning which is then recently overhauled into a REVlite midsole.
  • Due to its versatile appeal, the 420 inspired subsequent iterations like the 420 Slip-on version and a Numeric 420 skate shoe.
  • A dominant black edition was released including subtle hints of grey and white.

New Balance 574

It is with utmost certainty that a list surmising New Balance sneakers in black cues would include its ubiquitous model--the New Balance 574. Whenever someone sparks a conversation including New Balance kicks, a sneakerhead would definitely butt in and speak of this masterpiece. Of course, a massive chunk of the said audience is composed of dad’s and uncles.

  • The New Balance 574 was released in 1988.
  • It was a hybrid among its brother silhouettes, including the 575, 576, and 577.
  • Advertising the shoe was not an issue as it follows the “endorsed by no one” mantra.
  • Though simple in its design, the NB 574’s form became the most iconic go-to of runners and heads.
  • The 574 was re-released in 2003, and since then it has never seen the shadow of the day.
  • Numerous collaborations and artists had been tapping on the juices of its style for years.
  • Many black versions of the sneaker had surfaced including those at the early stages of its launch.
  • On top of the pack is the women’s all black New Balance 574 shoes.

New Balance 247 Sport

Eventually, New Balance gave up the bulky runner concept and swam through the waters of lifestyle and whatnot. Yes, their past models were dandy options for casual wear, but going deeper into the fashion scene would never hurt anyone. It all seemed reasonable with the debut of the New Balance 247 Sport.

  • The sneaker was first unveiled in 2016 but was officially released in 2017.
  • Sport in its name is derived from its function as a multi-purpose lifestyle shoe.
  • What defines the sneaker from all its sibling versions are the neoprene bootie construction and the rubber patch on the tongue.
  • It also contains reflective details which are useful under dim light conditions.
  • The sneaker uses black accents in several of its models, including the classic N logo on the saddle.
  • The NB 247 Sport features engineered mesh as opposed to the earlier Luxe version which is composed of leather.

New Balance 996

The 990 series spawned a promising franchise that not only was functional during its initial run but was also proven relevant given the limelight stature of vintage iterations. The New Balance 996 was one of those standout models giving into the retro pantheon nowadays.

  • Despite the somewhat brief gap between its predecessor (995), the NB 996 showcased more advanced features.
  • For support and steady cadence, it utilizes an ENCAP technology on the heel.
  • The OG iterations usually contain C-Cap tooling as well as the ABZORB cushioning at midfoot.
  • Different variations of the 996 were witnessed through the years including one in a tonal black suede makeover.
  • REVlite is sometimes used for its underfoot cushioning.

New Balance 990

Being an expensive iteration way back in 1982 is a humongous turn-off for most shoe seekers. Good thing New Balance compensates with a platoon of technological feats infused in the 990. Don’t be fooled by its grey facade because it packs one hell of a punch when it comes to performance.

  • The creation of the New Balance 990 took four years from the drawing board to the market in 1982.
  • The four years of its stagnant life proved worthy of the wait due to the accumulation of features it possesses.
  • The prime attributes putting the New Balance 990 at the top were support and flexibility.
  • It also debuted the Motion Control Device feature which is so successful that concurrent models still use it.
  • At the time of its release, it was one of the expensive silhouettes priced at $100.
  • Grey tones were the staple color theme of the 990, but black hues are also a penultimate option.

New Balance 530

New Balance, a brand that takes their pace gradually, eventually had their dividends pay off in the most recent years. The rise in the demand of these clunky foot vessels implied a massive advantage for the dad shoe master. Previous faced-out models from the NB archives can now see the light of day.

  • The New Balance 530 was first released in 1992.
  • It was brought back to life in 2014, almost twenty decades after.
  • Ronnie Fieg and WEST NYC had collaborated with the silhouette in the past.
  • The sneaker makes use of NB’s top-notch technologies like the ENCAP support and the ABZORB cushioning.
  • One of its black-dominated versions features suede and leather patches sitting atop a white midsole.

New Balance 597

For most colossal sportswear producers, re-issuing something is a thing. Digging stuff from the past was not only a common thing for certain people, but also for these billion dollar companies. The New Balance 597 was one of the victims for inspiration.

  • Sitting on the cusp of the 500 line, the NB 597 continues the ENCAP cushioning’s legacy.
  • It takes on the vintage appeal of its former brothers but has broader overlays and patches on its upper.
  • The most notable accent found on the sneaker is the presence of a different colored midsole block on the forefoot.
  • Its construction is beefed up, including the collar and the tongue.
  • The New Balance 597 is one of those models that give justice to the use of black tones.

Frequently asked questions about New Balance Black shoes

Where to buy black New Balance shoes?

A billion-dollar company like New Balance already has outlets scattered all throughout the world. These physical stores are usually positioned in malls and department stores in a city near you.

New Balance black sneakers usually come in men’s and women’s sizes especially the more popular models like the 574’s. Spotting these black kicks is somewhat challenging, and one has to stroll further in stores and shelves.

How to clean black New Balance sneakers?

The absence of all colors made it easier for these fashionable New Balance kicks to be cleaned. When dirt and grime accumulate on black shoes, scrubbing them off with a soft brush or a damp cloth most likely would do the trick. Just remember to always use warm water when cleaning them.

What are the cheapest black New Balance shoes in the market?

Relatively, New Balance models which have numbers lower than 900 have a price range of $65 to $80. Main models belonging to this group are the 574, 501, 597, 420, 300, to name some. Black hues are almost a standard design for these kicks thus supply would be plenty.

How does one style black New Balance sneakers?

Depending on the structure, black New Balance shoes can either be dressed down or up. The good thing about it is black is a versatile color and blends well with most outfits. Opting for chunky NB silhouettes usually partners with joggers due to their sporty appeal.

Do black New Balance sneakers come in unisex sizing?

New Balance pride themselves with their shoe construction hence they are really specific about the length and width of their models. Unfortunately, these black New Balance sneakers are divided into men’s and women’s sizing, respectively. For the most part, the designs come in a B standard width for women, while men’s versions come in a D.

What are some of the black New Balance shoes that come varying widths?

Here are some models that are available on a broader construction:

What are the advantages of wearing black kicks?

First off, black does not pick a specific style. It matches almost any apparel whether its dress clothes or sporty iterations. Secondly, it is much easier to maintain because wear and tear are masked by its dark look. Cleaning them is also a breeze and keeping them that way is not as hard as wearing white shoes.