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buy black lace up hiking boots for men and women

Hiking is a powerful workout for the mind and body. But before you step your foot on the great outdoors, you want to make sure that you’re fully geared. Speaking of hiking gear, most people are constantly in search of black lace-up hiking boots.

There are many reasons why black lace-up hiker boots are so popular among male and female hikers. First of all - it’s very versatile. Black boots pair nicely with any outfit. With black lace-up hiking boots, you can jump off the trail and stroll around the town without the need to change your footwear.

Another benefit of black hiking boots is that they still look decent even after going through some of the dirtiest trails. 

What brands make the best black lace-up hiking boots for men and women?

Best black lace up hiking boots shoes - May 2020

Merrell: day hiking comfort

Known for their super comfortable trail shoes and hiking boots, Merrell continues to satisfy outdoor lovers with their quality products. Their black lace-up boots are best for day hiking in mild climates and moderate trails.

Salomon: lightweight backpacking

Salomon is known for making some of the finest lace-up hiking boots today. They are known for their lightweight yet rugged footwear products that are ideal for backpacking. Note, however, that light boots are meant for a lighter backpack so if you're carrying a tent or some heavy load, you need boots that are heavier and stiffer.

Lowa: midweight boots for backpacking

This brand is known for its quality traditional hiking boots that benefit hikers carrying a heavy backpack or those who want more underfoot protection from rocky trails.

What other features should you look for in men's and women's black lace-up hiking boots?

Fit is definitely the most important but also the hardest because foot shape and size varies from one person to another. But definitely, there are other things you should take into account when selecting a pair of hiking boots.

Stability. Different types of terrain require different levels of stability. For easy trails, such as valley bottoms, prairies, and large open spaces, flexible boots promote natural foot movement. For technical terrains, such as mountains or undulating landscapes, boots with stiffer outsoles will give you more stability.

Weight. If you’re carrying a light backpack, you can opt for flexible, lightweight boots (if the terrain permits). But if you have to carry a tent, and all sorts of stuff, a pair of sturdy, heavier backpacking boots will give you enough support and stability to prevent injury and fatigue.

Upper material. There’s a massive demand for leather hiking boots for obvious reasons. But they can get too warm especially in the summer. Luckily, many brands are now making boots featuring other materials like knit, mesh, Cordura, and many others. Each has its pros and cons, but are undoubtedly durable. 

Protection. Last but not the least, you want a pair of black lace-up hiking boots that will keep your feet protected against the elements. Here are some features you may consider when shopping for hiking boots:

  • Reinforcements such as rubber rand, toe cap, and heel cap don’t just offer protection but added durability.
  • If backpacking, waterproof hiking boots are ideal.
  • If hiking on steep, rocky paths, a thicker sole will keep your foot comfortable.

Black lace-up hiking boots are all over the place. But there are many other things you should take note of so you end up getting the boots you want and need.