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Do you ever feel guilty about the toxic chemicals used to manufacture your outdoor footwear? If you are wearing Astral hiking shoes, you can forget about this guilty feeling.

The world is at the receiving end of all the toxic things people produced and outdoor products contribute greatly to this. Thankfully, more and more people have woken up from the slumber and realized that they can do things to save the world and still enjoy many things. Philip Curry, who loves the outdoors, built Astral in 2002 and since committed to produce the least toxic wilderness products.

The brand in itself has taken various steps to help eliminate the use of toxic materials on outdoor products. Through the years, it has gained different awards for its initiatives to help clean the world and for introducing products for everyone loving the outdoors.  

Why people love Astral

best astral hiking shoes
Best Astral hiking shoes - December 2019

Astral is a brand that is praised mainly because of its love for nature and preserving the environment. This is a big help, especially that according to environment group, Greenpeace, hazardous chemicals are present in different outdoor gear. Other brands, whose products were studied, were found to produce products with high toxic contents. The good thing for wearers of Astral hiking shoes, there is no guilty feeling about contributing to this growing waste.

Astral hiking shoes, along with other offerings, are also tested by experts, athletes, and designers among others. For the brand, this is the best way to get real and authentic feedback. Through their experience and scrutiny, the products are enhanced so others can enjoy them, too.  

Benefits of wearing Astral hiking shoes

Astral is one of the few brands known for their love for producing nature-friendly products. And while eco-friendly is an underlying theme, there are also many other benefits that come with each pair of Astral hiking shoes.

Comfort and fit

One of the things that make or break a pair of shoes is its fit. Astral hiking shoes are made with their trademark Balanced Geometry. The concept is creating shoes that will keep the foot’s position similar to when one is barefoot since this will keep balance and help the hiker keep a biochemically natural movement.

The footbed has a 1mm drop from heel to toe, so there is medium arch support. The instep and heel area are tapered for better foothold and control. The forefoot is also wide, letting the toe splay in a natural manner.  


Astral hiking shoes are complete with different features that help promote durability. For instance, the 1mm drop from heel to toe is a way to extend its life as most shoes often wear down at the heel.  

A unique feature of the shoes is the engineered drainage for water to come out. This water ready design keeps the shoes from accumulating water, especially after constant soaking. 


Walking on easy to moderate trails with a pair of Astral hiking boots mean getting level heel-to-ball support from the midsole. The shanks used do not just keep the foot in place but also helps reduce the fatigue felt during the hike.  


Astral hiking boots like the TR1 Mesh and TR1 Junction use the G. 15 high-friction rubber which comes with aggressive 5mm lugs. This outsole is considered very sticky and thus provides good traction.  


Astral hiking shoes are products of different materials and technologies that came together to provide wearers with comfort and support. The uppers consist mostly of mesh with TPU overlays in the toe and heel sections.  Although they look good enough for casual strolls, they are best used for outdoor activities since they provide ample protection.  

Qualities of Astral hiking shoes

Astral hiking shoes go through the tough testing of athletes, designers, testers, and other experts. Through this collaboration, different Astral models are formed, developed, and reinforced to provide comfort and support. Take a look at what makes your shoes awesome:

Materials used

The quality of Astral hiking shoes can be attributed greatly to the kind of materials used in them. Here, we take a look at the materials that make your pair sturdy and dependable:

  • 2D mesh upper with protective TPU overlays at the toe and heel – The upper material is a very important part of hiking shoes. While leather is a favorite, synthetic uppers like nylon mesh also have their advantages. In the case of Astral hiking shoes, the use of 2D mesh upper with protective TPU overlays at the toe and heel to protect the feet and make the shoes water-ready.
  • Treated insole – Insoles are not only worn to improve the comfort of wearers when hiking but also to help reduce odor. The treated insole used for Astral hiking shoes like Polygiene helps control foot odor.
  • EVA heel cup – Ethylene-vinyl acetate heel cups are also a dependable feature of Astral hiking shoes. This device increases the cushioning effect of the footwear especially if the wearer is suffering from a heel spur or contusion.
  • Non-friction rubber outsole – Providing Astral hiking shoes with reliable traction is the non-friction rubber outsole they come with. The deep 5mm lugs provide excellent grip on surfaces.


If there is one contributing factor that makes today’s outdoor footwear – mountaineering boots, hiking boots, or hiking sandals – more functional and reliable, it would be the constant refinement of technologies used in manufacturing and improving them. For Astral hiking shoes, the secret is using different technologies combined with earth-friendly materials. Here are some of the technologies Astral use in crafting reliable hiking shoes:

  • Ripstop 2D mesh upper – Ripstop fabrics are mostly made of nylon with special reinforcing technique. This technology makes the shoe resistant to tearing and ripping.
  • Polygiene treated insole – Smelly feet are a major confidence breaker especially for multi-day treks. In order to avoid an embarrassing situation, Astral hiking shoes come with Polygiene treated insole.
  • Top Shank – Fatigue is one of the enemies of hikers. While walking through miles can really drain a hiker, the footwear he is wearing can also affect him so much. To resolve this, Astral hiking shoes come with Top Shank technology which helps reduce foot fatigue while making sure there
  • G.15 high friction rubber – Slipping is one of the accidents that could happen while hiking. To avoid these accidents, Astral hiking shoes come with a G.15 high friction rubber outsole. This is formulated with more abrasion resistance and excellent friction. The 5mm deep lugs also help improve traction.


Astral hiking shoes are not very easy to resist. These well-designed and environment-friendly products come in prices within your reach. A pair could cost $120  to $150.


Getting a pair of Astral hiking shoes around the United States is easy because there are several retailers that can cater to you. If you are somewhere outside of the United States, you may also place an order online to get your pair of Astral shoes. 

Frequently asked questions about Astral hiking shoes

How do I make sure that my Astra hiking shoes are the right size?

Finding the right size of Astral hiking shoes is not a very difficult science. According to Astral, their shoes are true to size when worn barefoot or with a thin sock. If you deem it necessary, you can choose a pair that is a half size bigger than your usual, so these can accommodate thick socks. A corresponding sizing chart in UK, US, EU and CM sizes is also available on Astral’s site for reference.  

Are there wide or narrow Astral hiking shoes?

Astral hiking shoes are available in regular standard D widths. Wide or narrow sizes are not available yet.  The largest available style for women goes up to size 11 and the largest model for men goes up to size 14.

What is the proper way to clean my shoes?

The best way to clean your Astral hiking shoes is by hand washing the pair. Use warm, soapy water and use a nylon brush to gently scrub the dirt away. Make sure to air dry the shoes after washing.