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ASICS has been around since 1949, which makes it one of the most established brands when it comes to sporting goods. So, it’s not a surprise that the brand also offers workout shoes.

It was in 1958 that the company released its first pair of training shoes called the Spring Up Shoes. This pair of ASICS workout shoes was characterized by a rubber sponge sole unit that protected the joints and muscles of the foot during sprints and jumps. Over the years, the brand has released other models that use different cushioning technologies with varying degrees of firmness for better protection and support for different types of exercises.

What to expect from the best ASICS workout shoes

Workout shoes or cross-trainers are designed to be versatile which means they perform well when used for various activities. ASICS workout shoes are equipped with an outsole that facilitates agility, gripping most surfaces to permit quick side-to-side or front-to-back movements without slipping or losing balance. Their midsole offers sufficient cushioning to absorb shock during short runs. The platform also has enough flexibility for natural foot bending but is rigid enough to support the person when lifting light weights.

In each part of a shoe, ASICS employs its carefully researched technologies and materials to ensure a comfortable and supportive ride to the wearer.


  • AHAR Plus

ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) Plus is a compound that makes up the underside of some ASICS workout shoes. This spongy rubber has been engineered to have an abrasion resistance three times greater than typical rubber. It is also 50% lighter compared to other rubber technologies.


  • Trusstic System

The Trusstic System is a reinforcing element found in some ASICS workout shoes. It is seen under the arch area, functioning as a stability feature that prevents unnecessary twisting during the heel-to-toe-off movement.

  • Solyte

The Solyte foam is a type of resin that is crafted to be 50% lighter than traditional ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam which is typically used in trainers. ASICS workout shoes equipped with this technology have 20% more shock absorption property than those using conventional EVA foam.

  • Gel Technology

The Gel cushioning technology appears in various iterations of ASICS workout shoes. Some models have the Gel innovation at the forefoot, others use it at the rearfoot, and some use it as a full-length system. The purpose of this element is to deliver an adaptive shock absorbing system to keep the foot protected and comfortable at all times without adding to much weight to the footwear. This technology is used in the most highly rated running shoes from ASICS as well.

  • FlyteFoam

The FlyteFoam is a lightweight foam technology that has bouncy and responsive properties. It is made of organic super fibers that allow it to return to its shape and be able to provide shock attenuation with each step. ASICS workout shoes equipped with this foam are also designed to be more durable.

  • fuzeGEL

The fuzeGEL is an innovative compound that merges the brand’s proprietary Gel technology and lightweight foam. It is created to be lightweight and deliver adaptable comfort to ASICS workout shoes. It absorbs shock when the foot lands on the heel and shifts the energy to the forefoot during toe-off.

  • SpEVA

The SpEVA cushioning unit uses a unique blend of EVA foam and rubber ball materials to achieve a high rebound foam technology. ASICS workout shoes with SpEVA foam has 20% more rebound compared to other platforms, converting energy from impact into energy for toe-off for a bouncy feel.

  • FluidRide

The FluidRide sole unit uses two layers of foam, Solyte and SpEVA, to deliver exceptional shock absorption and rebound to ASICS workout shoes. Despite the two layers, the cushioning system is crafted to be lightweight without compromising comfort and responsiveness.


  • Mono-Sock Fit System

ASICS workout shoes equipped with the Mono-Sock Fit System do not have a traditional tongue. Instead, wearers are treated to an excellent in-shoe feel by the elastic internal sleeve. The material is smooth and prevents chafing.

Frequently asked questions about ASICS workout shoes

Are there ASICS workout shoes for overpronation?

Yes, there are ASICS workout shoes designed for those who need extra support. An example of this technology is the Duomax unit found in some ASICS workout shoes. This cushioning unit is designed to reduce the stress on the foot by correcting overpronation or the excessive inward rolling of the foot. The medial side of the midsole is constructed with a firm sponge that does not get easily compressed, thereby preventing the heel from rolling inwards.

Are there ASICS workout shoes for wide feet?

Currently, most workout shoes from ASICS are offered in a standard width profile which is D - Medium for men and B - Medium for women. However, there is a model called the Gel 190 TR that also comes in 4E - X-Wide for men and 2E - X-Wide for women, aside from the standard width.

Can you use ASICS workout shoes for running?

ASICS workout shoes have midsoles that provide shock attenuation which makes them suitable for short runs or sprints. However, if you are training for a marathon or competing in a race, then investing in the right type of running footwear will be more beneficial for you.

Can you use ASICS workout shoes for CrossFit?

ASICS workout shoes are designed to be versatile and perform well during any exercise, but the brand offers the ASICS Conviction X 2 for CrossFit. It features an AHAR outsole for durability and traction, a perforated sockliner to keep the foot fresh, a Lace Garage to prevent the laces from getting in the way, and the upper is reinforced with Rhynoskin to withstand the wear and tear associated with rope climbs.

Can you use ASICS workout shoes for weightlifting?

Some ASICS workout shoes are manufactured with flat heels, making them suitable to wear for some light weight training. But if you’re into serious weightlifting, the brand offers the ASICS Lift Master Lite, a weightlifting shoe that utilizes a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) heel for stability and steadiness when lifting heavy weights. The AHAR Plus outsole protects the underside and the inside is lined with the Mono-Sock technology for a great in-shoe experience.

When should ASICS workout shoes be replaced?

When it comes to workout shoes, the general rule is that it should be replaced every six months. This practice ensures that all parts of the footwear are functioning the way they should. However, if you use your ASICS workout shoes several times a week, for extended periods, then you might have to replace them sooner. And if you seldom use your trainers, then it might last a year or over. Wearers should also be vigilant in checking the integrity of their footgear and look for signs of wear such as worn-down treads of the outsole, creased midsole, which could signify that it has lost its shock absorption properties, and any tears or holes on the upper as that could result in decreased protection and support. If these are present, then it’s time to replace your kicks.

How much do ASICS workout shoes cost?

ASICS workout shoes typically cost between $70 to $110. But during sales, the price could go down by as much as $40. Here at RunRepeat, we scour the interwebs to find the best deals, so you can rest assured that you’re paying the lowest possible price for the pair of ASICS workout shoes that you like.

Can ASICS workout shoes be customized?

No, unfortunately, ASICS workout shoes can’t be customized. If you want to upgrade the look of your footwear, the quickest and cheapest way is to buy a pair of colored laces and try out various lacing techniques that not only update the look but also make the upper fit better.

How to get the right fit in workout shoes from Asics?

Not all ASICS workout shoes are the same. There will be differences from one model to another, such as the way it fits, the height of the sole unit, the material of the upper, the style, and even the overall flexibility. Here are some tips on finding the right pair for you:

  • Measure your feet once or twice a year. The size of the foot continues to change as a person gets older. So, knowing your correct measurement will help you find a correct-fitting footgear.
  • Measure your feet at the end of the day. Later in the day, your feet tend to expand to their full length and width, and your future ASICS workout shoes should accommodate that measurement.
  • If shopping online, make sure to wear your workout socks when measuring the foot. It ensures that the size you will be acquiring has sufficient space and won’t be too tight and restrictive.
  • If shopping in a physical store, bring your workout socks with you and wear them when trying on trainers. It will help you decide if a pair is perfect for you or not.
  • ASICS workout shoes don’t have to be broken in. Don’t fall into the trap of getting a pair of uncomfortable workout shoes in the hopes that it will get better the more you use it. Any footwear should feel comfortable and fit right the moment you put it on.

How do I clean my ASICS workout shoes?

ASICS workout shoes use different materials for the upper such as a mesh fabric, leather, and a soft cloth interior lining. The brand does NOT recommend using a washing machine and dryer to clean and dry its workout shoes as that could affect the overall integrity of the construction.

  • A soft, dry brush could be used to remove surface dirt. For stubborn dirt or stain, dip a cloth or brush into a mixture of gentle detergent and warm water, then scrub off the affected area. Use a damp, clean cloth to wipe away the suds and dirt. Leave it to air dry, away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat.
  • If the footgear gets totally wet, separate removable components, such as laces and insoles, then clean and dry them. As for the shoe unit, pack it with crumpled paper to absorb excess water and leave it to air dry for 10 - 24 hours to ensure that all the nooks and crannies are thoroughly dry.

Did you know …

… that ASICS is an acronym and it stands for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano? It means "a sound mind in a sound body."

… that ASICS was founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka in the hopes of getting Japan’s youth interested in sports? He believed that participating in sports would boost morale in post-war Japan.

… that the suction cup design of its early basketball shoes was inspired by the suckers on the tentacles of an octopus? The design is thought to help players stop or change directions quickly without slipping in wooden, polished courts.

… that ASICS was the first to use flex canals into its sole units to promote flexibility? So even if the platform was thick to provide shock absorption, it was still able to facilitate natural foot flexion.

… that ASICS was the first to introduce GEL cushioning? It was created to reduce the weight of running shoes without compromising the impact absorption offered by the sole unit.