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    Asics Jolt 2 - Black Green Gecko (1011A167020)
    Asics Jolt 2 - Black Classic Red (1011A167005)
    Asics Jolt 2 - Asics Blue Pure Silver (1011A167407)
    Asics Jolt 2 - Black-Dark Grey (1011A167003)
    Asics Jolt 2 - Dark Grey/Hazard Green (1011A167021)
    Asics Jolt 2 - Black Imperial (1011A167004)
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    Asics GT 2000 8 GTX - Graphite Grey Black (1011A874020)
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    Asics Gel Cumulus 21 GTX - Graphite Grey/Sour Yuzu (1011A571020)
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Waterproof Running Shoe

Waterproof running shoes feature a water-repelling fabric membrane that keeps the foot dry while running in wet conditions. Since waterproofing materials are expensive, most waterproof shoes are also pricey. These shoes are also expected to be heavier than the regular models due to the presence of the premium impermeable membrane that gives the foot an enhanced upper protection against the rain, wind, and cold.

GORE-TEX® membrane in Asics waterproof running shoes

best asics waterproof running shoes
Best Asics waterproof running shoes - November 2019

All Asics waterproof running shoes are using the premium GORE-TEX® membrane. This protective membrane is placed in between the high-performance lining and outer fabric. This material remains to be breathable and provides runners a long-lasting weather protection.

The term GTX in the shoe name simply means GORE-TEX®. Any Asics running shoes with GTX on its name features the premium and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane. A few of the Asics trail and road running shoes have GTX equivalent. These waterproof running shoes provide reliable foot protection against dampness. The waterproof feature also provides protection to the foot against frostbite. With the Asics waterproof running shoes, you no longer have an excuse not to run during those wet and cold months.

While widely used as a shoe waterproofing material, GORE-TEX® is also used in many outdoor wear and accessories.

Facts about Asics waterproof running shoes

  • Asics waterproof running shoes are heavier than traditional models. ­– The GORE-TEX® material present in all Asics waterproof running shoes has several layers of protection to effectively keep the foot cool and dry. This premium material gives additional weight to the shoe.
  • Asics waterproof running shoes are expensive. – Compared to the regular version, the GTX version of the shoe is pricey. Along with the expensive price is the reliable waterproof feature that works well in extreme weather conditions. When it comes to outdoor activities, waterproof is always better than water-repellent.
  • Asics waterproof running shoes are still breathable. – Breathability is one of the factors most runners considered when buying a shoe. Despite the presence of the premium GORE-TEX® material, Asics waterproof running shoes continue to deliver maximum breathability for a comfortable ride. It also efficiently releases water vapor as the foot sweat while running mile after mile.

Are waterproof running shoes best for you?

Asics waterproof running shoes are expensive, less flexible and heavier compared to the non-waterproof versions. If you are a runner who prefers flexibility and lightweight design over foot protection then, these running shoes are not for you. Also, you have to remember that while wearing a waterproof running shoe, your feet are still exposed to getting wet especially when the socks absorb moisture while running on wet surfaces.