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Asics training sneakers

Best Asics Training Sneakers
Best Asics Training Sneakers - May 2019

Asics is one of the leading Japanese players in the athletic footwear industry today.  They manufacture shoes for a wide variety of athletic disciplines under the principle “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” which is an expanded form of its brand name. Translated into English, it means a “sound mind in a sound body,” therefore, every concept, innovation, and product are created to be the very best.

The company generated almost 40 million USD for the fiscal year of 2017, which is a testament to how well-loved Asics training shoes are among fitness enthusiasts. In accordance with their principle of improving the athletes’ performance, the company has created numerous highly advanced shoe technologies in their own Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe.

So, what makes Asics training shoes so special? Read on below to find out.

What to expect from the best Asics training shoes

Asics puts in a lot of effort in creating performance-enhancing footgear technologies. Thus, Asics training shoes are designed to be functional yet fashionable at the same time. They have a wide array of cross-training footwear that suits various kinds of fitness activities, including high-intensity interval training, studio classes, CrossFit and more.

First known as Onitsuka Co., Ltd., it started as a manufacturer of basketball shoes in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan in 1949. It expanded into other physical disciplines from the ‘50s through the ‘70s. It eventually entered the US market in 1977.

Asics training shoes are made in collaboration with scientists, sports athletes, and coaches. The foundation of each pair of Asics training shoes starts with the observation and analysis of the physical movements during workouts with the help of their hi-tech 3D measuring equipment, high-speed cameras, and intelligent software. The footwear is then put to the test through several trials.

Types of Asics training shoes

There are different types of Asics training shoes to suit various kinds of fitness training regimens. Understanding that dynamic workouts have different demands, the brand has created Asics workout shoes for studio classes and general workouts. Asics also offers footwear for such strenuous activities as CrossFit and weightlifting.

How to find the perfect Asics training shoes

Choosing the right pair of Asics training shoes can be daunting, particularly for beginners. Not only will it be uncomfortable to wear an ill-fitting pair, but it can also put you at risk for muscle stress and injuries. Therefore, a multitude of factors has to be considered by the wearer, such as their fitness regimen, shoe size, budget, and special foot needs, among other things. Here is a guide to learning how you can find the ideal footwear to fit your needs.

Fitness regimen

A workout plan consists of different fitness activities, which place their specific physical demands. You have to identify your exercise regimen first before you can find your perfect pair of Asics training shoes. If you are just starting out on your fitness journey and still have no idea what’s in store for you, you can go for everyday Asics workout shoes. They are built to be light and flexible to move with your feet during dynamic high-impact exercises, while still being supportive for strength training.

Those who have taken their fitness level one step higher to focus on a more specialized form of fitness exercise will appreciate Asics CrossFit shoes and Asics weightlifting shoes. The former have a dedicated low-profile midsole that is ideal for functional training and other high-intensity workouts. On the other hand, it is the opposite for a lifting trainer, which has a higher heel drop for lower squats.

Pricing of Asics Training Shoes

Pricing is among the top factors that influence a consumer’s purchase. With Asics training shoes, their offerings range from the budget-friendly $70 pairs to the premium $140 footwear. Find out what type of shoe you can get for each price point:

  • $70 to 80: These affordable Asics training shoes are made for light everyday workouts. They already come equipped with a considerable number of special technologies, unlike other shoe brands sold at this price point.
    Shoe model examples: Asics Gel Fit Tempo 3, Asics Gel 195 TR, and Asics Gel Defiant 2
  • $81 to 100: Mid-priced Asics training shoes typically consist of studio workout footwear. Pairs that are borne out of collaborations with athletes and other brands are also priced within this range.
    Shoe model examples: Asics Gel Craze TR 4, Asics Gel Fit Sana 3, and Asics JB Elite TR
  • $101 to 140: Asics training shoes at this premium price point are specifically engineered for such workouts as CrossFit and weightlifting. Their expensive cost is due to the sturdier build which allows them to keep up with more advanced workouts.
    Shoe model examples: Asics Conviction X 2, Asics Lift Master Lite, and Asics Weldon X

Fit and Sizing of Asics Training Shoes

Feet come in all shapes and forms, and this is something that Asics training shoes accommodate. They are offered in a wide range of sizes with an incremental half-size increase, from 6 to 12. Asics training shoes are usually available in D - Medium for men and B - Medium for women, but some of their models come in other width options such as wide and extra wide.

Foot Conditions

Not all feet are made the same. Some people have foot conditions that require special mechanisms to correct the gait. Asics training shoes have models that are created for those with overpronation, or the excessive inward rolling of the foot upon landing. Some of their shoes have also been awarded the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Special technologies used in Asics training shoes


SpEVA is a midsole material that has 20% more responsiveness compared to the traditional ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. It increases the bounciness of a shoe upon take off. This foam is made from a blend of rubber ball properties and EVA.


Solyte is a resilient resin material used for midsoles that is lighter and more shock absorbent than regular EVA sponges. It is designed to be durable and responsive as well.


The FluidRide technology is a twin-layer structure composed of the high-bounce SpEVA and the lightweight Solyte. These two parts work together to reduce strain as well as improve shock absorption and rebound.

Biomorfic Fit

The Biomorfic Fit is a structural design which encourages the upper to move with the foot to improve the fit. It results in reduced friction, preventing the wearer from getting blisters.


Made of hard resin, the Propulsion Plate is installed in the outsole to stabilize the foot. It allows the wearer to have smooth and efficient movements.

TRUSSTIC System technology

The Trusstic System technology is placed in the midfoot to act as a link between the heel and the ball. It reinforces the area to prevent the footwear from twisting.


AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) is a rubber compound used in the outsole. It is durable and grippy. It has 20 percent more resistance to abrasion and lighter than conventional rubber.


AHAR Plus is an upgraded version of the signature outsole material of Asics. It is three times more shock resistant than regular rubber.


WET GRIP Rubber is a type of outsole substance that is engineered to provide strong traction even on wet surfaces. It is created from blended raw rubber and chaff.


Rhynoskin is a leather textile used in the upper for durability. It is resistant to tears and abrasions that are brought on by the stress of everyday workouts.

GEL Cushioning System

The GEL cushioning system is the brand’s most popular shoe technology that is used in the rearfoot area of most Asics training shoes. It is made of silicon, a compound that has shock-absorbing properties which soften the impact upon heel strike.

Integrated Lace Garage

The Integrated Lace Garage technology is a small pocket where the shoelaces can be ticked in and concealed. It prevents them from being untied during complicated footwork movements.


The fuzeGel is a kind of midsole material that is made from a combination of the Gel Cushioning System and foam. It is characterized by its responsiveness, shock absorption, and cushioning.


Agilityweb is a proprietary outsole tread pattern that features flex grooves for flexibility. It also provides support when the foot needs it.

Personalized Heel Fit

The Personalized Heel Fit is a technology implemented in the heel collar of Asics training shoes for comfort and lessened slippage and irritation. It consists of two memory foam layers that conform to the user’s heel.

Popular Asics training shoes

Asics Gel Craze TR 4

The Craze TR 4 is a versatile trainer that won the hearts of many consumers for the responsiveness and protection that it provided. It equips the Gel Cushioning System in the rearfoot to absorb the impact upon landing. Its midsole is made of the Solyte, a lighter compound compared to the usual EVA and SpEVA materials. It also offers enhanced cushioning and durability. These two components make up the FluidRide structure to boost shock attenuation and responsiveness and lessen the strain.

The critical areas of the footwear’s bottom are covered in the AHAR technology to make them last longer. It also improves traction on various types of surfaces.

Asics Conviction X

Conviction X from Asics made its mark for its supportive and durable construction that is specially designed for high-intensity training. The upper’s quarter panel uses the Rhynoskin, a synthetic leather textile that is resistant to abrasions and tears caused by rope climbs. It also has a firm and flat 4mm heel to serve as a stable platform during weightlifting. The AHAR material is used in the outsole to ensure secure footing while staying durable throughout regular training use.

Asics Lift Master Lite

The Asics Lift Master Lite is a well-received lifting shoe by weightlifters. While it has all the qualities of a traditional weightlifting shoe such as the rigid and stable platform, it is also lightweight and breathable enough to be used for cross-training.

It has a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) heel that is elevated to allow the athlete to reach deeper squats and lunges. It is also durable to prevent it from compressing against the heavy weight of the barbell. The sole is lined with the AHAR Plus compound for optimal traction and abrasion-resistance.

Notable Collaborations and Partnerships

JB Elite Collection

This line of Asics training shoes and apparel was created through the brand’s partnership with Jordan Burroughs, a five-time world and Olympic wrestling champion. The JB Elite collection features sportswear that displays durability and comfort to meet the needs of the athletes during training sessions.

Asics training shoes created: Asics JB Elite TR

Asics X Liberty Fabrics Collection

Liberty Fabrics, a world-renowned printing design and textile company based in London, partnered up with the brand to produce lightweight and breathable Asics training shoes for light cross-training and studio workouts. Their footwear is a mix of classic floral designs and high-performance technologies that Asics is known for.

Asics training shoes created: Asics Gel Fit Yui LE, Asics Gel Fit Sana 3 SE


Are Asics training shoes good for running?

Asics training shoes are made to be versatile in order to keep up with a wide array of exercises that are part of a balanced cross-training regimen. Lightweight and flexible pairs are good enough for short sprints and treadmill runs. However, Asics training shoes are designed to provide lateral support that is needed for multidirectional exercises rather than the heel-to-toe movement involved in running. Wearing the wrong footgear may lead to discomfort, reduced performance, and even injuries. So if you are planning to go on long runs, buying a pair of dedicated Asics running shoes is your best bet.

How do I tell if my Asics training shoes are fake?

There are plenty of fake pairs of training shoes online. How do you know if the Asics training shoes are authentic? Here are ways to tell:

  • Shoe laces: Asics training shoes have quality rounded laces that never go completely flat. If the laces on your pair look flimsy and cheap, most likely you’ve been faked.
  • Gel cushioning: For some of the genuine Asics training shoes that employ this technology, the gel insert is visible in the heel area. It is original if the gel is sandwiched in between the sole and not just a sticker stuck on the exterior.
  • Tongue: The tongues of legit Asics training shoes have a consistent built all throughout. Padded tongues are padded from top to bottom, while the fakes are only cushioned at the top.
  • Stitching: Real Asics training shoes go through rigorous quality checks so the stitching is usually top-notch. If you find that the stitches are of subpar quality, the pair is highly likely to be counterfeit.

Can Asics training shoes be customized?

Asics training shoes are customizable through their upcoming innovative microwave technology that is slated to be released in their stores. The brand takes pride in giving the customers the freedom to choose the colors for each component of their trainer. Since foam thermoplastic polyurethane pellets are going to be used for the sole component, people have the option to fuse the colors together to give it a swirly appearance.  The firmness of the sole can also be customized according to the preferences of the shoppers.

Are Asics training shoes true to size?

Asics training shoes generally run true to size. However, some models may run a bit more snug or looser, depending on the material used on the upper or the overall design. Asics has developed several fit styles such as the Flexion Fit and the Mono Sock fit that promote a tighter fit that may affect the sizing particularly for those with wide feet.

How do I clean my Asics training shoes?

There was an official guideline released on how to clean Asics training shoes. The brand recommends the following to get your trainer spic and span:

  • Wash the sock liner and laces on their own. If the insole can be removed from the shoe, you should launder it to keep the interiors of the trainer fresh. You should also do the same with the laces or else replace them.
  • Brush away the dirt from the shoe. It is unavoidable that your footgear will get dirty over time. To remove the dirt, brushing them with a used toothbrush or nail brush will do. Dip it in a mild concoction of anti-grease soap and tepid water and buff away on the stained areas until they are clean.
  • Air dry your shoes. Rubber can be damaged in extreme heat, so blow drying or placing the shoe near the radiator is a no-no. Stuff your footwear with paper to absorb the dampness. Dry it out overnight in a well-ventilated room indoors.
  • Purchase an alternative shoe. Drying can take as long as 12 hours, so if you frequently work out, it may throw a wrench at your workout plan. It is advisable to buy a back-up shoe so that you’ll always have something to use.