buy asics sprints track & field shoes for men and women

A healthy mind in a healthy body. This is a Latin phrase from which the name Asics is derived. The brand has always been keen on promoting healthy young people involved in sports with its shoes. Since the company’s inception, it has always prided itself in manufacturing reliable athletic shoes. Its track and field spikes are no exception. 

Asics track shoe covers track meets such as running, throwing, and jumping. As a matter of fact, Asics remains as one of the top go-to brands of several renowned professional athletes. This is not surprising as the company’s shoes remain as some of the high-performance footwear in the market. 

In the sport of track and field, one of the most awaited events is the running match. One of the famous parts of the running tournament is the sprinting event. Asics, being a highly versatile shoe manufacturer, also targets the market comprised of sprinters. This article will mainly focus on the qualities and technologies integrated into an Asics track sprinting shoe. This is to aid first-time purchasers and athletes in choosing the best Asics sprint spike.

Sprinting spike series from Asics

Best Asics sprint spikes - May 2020

Listed below are some of Asics famous sprint shoe collections. These are hailed by a significant number of users for their balance of style, quality, and function. 


Designed to reach top speeds, the Hypersprint boasts lightness and security. With its general design principle, this series from Asics is one that yields unrivaled grip and propulsion. Furnished with highly supportive materials, the Hypersprint pledges stability and safety. 


Another popular sprinting shoe lineup from Asics, the Sonicsprint consists of highly versatile sprint shoes. Although primarily outfitted for sprinting, these track shoes can also perform in various track and field matches. Superior traction, support, and featherlight composition—these are among the pronounced features of the Sonicsprint lineup. 

The anatomy of an Asics sprint shoe

What sets an Asics sprinting shoe apart from other sprint spikes is the componentry it has. The platform has been designed with top-notch engineering, permitting a robust performance. 


When choosing a track shoe for sprinting, one has to be mindful of the upper construction. It has to be tight-fitting and secure without sacrificing comfort. This is to help eliminate the possibility of premature removal in the middle of one’s competition. Another thing is that these attributes are critical in preserving a safe performance. Below are some of the common materials used in the composition of an Asics sprint shoe that promote the characteristics mentioned above. 

  • Synthetic leather and mesh. The combination of these two upper components poses for lockdown, comfort, and breathability. The foot-conforming properties of synthetic leather keep the foot in place during training and competition. Meanwhile, the perforations found in mesh permits sufficient ventilation into the foot chamber, promoting a healthy foot environment.
  • Lace-up closure system. Asics sprint spikes are commonly equipped with a traditional lace-up fastening system. Such design allows for a customizable, convenient fit.
  • TPU overlays. These are typically embellished on the upper and are sometimes done so with the no-sew application. Give this, it enables an irritation-free running experience. The overlays are responsible for reinforcing the shoe’s structural integrity. These also improve the support provided to deliver stable performance. 


The midsole is integral in housing one’s foot and for delivering shock mitigation. These are exactly what an Asics sprinting spike promises to provide⁠—comfort and protection. The running shoe is graced with sufficient cushioning, aiding the sprinter in lasting in the competition. 

  • EVA heel pad. It is one of the elements embedded in the midsole of an Asics sprint spike. It enables added cushioning and support. It is also utilized not only in the heel area but also in the forefoot of the platform.  


The outsole is probably one of the most important parts of the track shoe that addresses speed and durability. An Asics sprinting spike has a good traction and a lightweight fashion to up the pace and momentum of the runner. It is also made of high-strength materials that ensure its longevity and strength.

    • Pebax® plate. This spike plate is common among other track and field shoes. Some of the famous track spikes that have this plate are the Nike Zoom Rival S 9 and the Nike Zoom Victory 3. It has an excellent rigidity-to-weight ratio that targets propulsion. The general configuration of the plate also poses for excellent surface traction, heightening the runner’s pace even more.
    • Rubber heel. In some cases, Asics sprint spikes are furnished with rubber heel. This component secures slip resistance to better the grip and stability of the sprinter. It also adds to the sturdiness of the spike as rubber maintains high-strength features.
    • Spike pins. A sprint spike will not be a sprint spike without the integration of the spike pins. The plate of the shoe accommodates these pins to improve surface traction. The pins attached to the track spike are dependent on the type of surface the competition is held on.

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the best Asics sprinting shoe for me? 

Before anything else, comfort should remain a top criterion when buying a pair of Asics sprint spike. Second, it should be tight-fitting, but also note that this does not equate to the platform constricting one’s blood flow. Third, consider the surface traction of the shoe as it is important in delivering maximum speed. 

How many spike pins should I affix to my Asics sprint spike? 

The number of spikes that one should attach on an Asics sprint shoe is dependent on two things. First, one should consider if the running shoe accommodates removable spike pins. Second, the number of pins that are furnished to the sprint spike is reliant on the number of spike wells the shoe’s plate contains.