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Runners with flat feet would appreciate the stability and arch support presented by Asics motion control shoes. Packed with support-specific features and technologies, a pair solves pronation issues so you can run on the trail or tack with ease.

Why select the best Asics Motion Control Shoes?

  • Pronation is a common biomechanical issue, but those who suffer overly from it should not leave it unchecked. Motion control shoes can decrease foot fatigue and joint pressure since it adds support to the foot while running.
  • Runners with with low arches should have a running shoe with top-notch motion control for trail and road running, sports, gym activities, long distance running and even recovery runs.
  • Motion control shoes are heavier and bulkier than most running shoes. However, what you get is premium cushioning to reduce the inward rolling motion caused by over pronation.

What to Expect from the best Asics Motion Control Shoes

  • Rigid heel. A rigid heel would keep your foot in place while running. It reduces chances of instability and decelerates pronation as well. Asics features technologies, such as Personalized Heel Fit (PHF) and the Rearfoot GEL cushioning , to keep the heel stiff.
  • Premium cushioning. A thicker midsole can be found in the best motion control shoes because it offers a combination of stability, comfort and impact protection. Asics has cushioning technologies, like the DuoMax technology and SpEVA midsole.
  • Structured support. Medial support is more structured in motion control-specific shoes. In the Asics footwear range, technologies such as the Trusstic System and the Stability Cradle are useful, support-wise.