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    Asics Gel Excite 7 - Blue (1011A657404)
    Asics Gel Excite 7 - Blue (1011A657002)
    Asics Gel Excite 7 - Graphite Grey/Directoire Blue (1011A657024)
    Asics Gel Excite 7 - Black (1011A657001)
    Asics Gel Excite 7 - Tuna Blue White (1011A657400)
    $75 $53 Save 29%
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    Asics Gel Kinsei OG - Graphite Grey/Piedmont Grey (1021A117020)
    Asics Gel Kinsei OG - BLACK/BLACK (1021A174001)
    Asics Gel Kinsei OG - White/Black (1021A117101)
    Asics Gel Kinsei OG - Birch/Birch (1021A293200)
    Asics Gel Kinsei OG - Noir (1021A117001)
    $180 $81 Save 55%
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    Asics GlideRide - Black/Pure Gold (1011A817001)
    Asics GlideRide - Blue (1011A817100)
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buy asics low drop running shoes for men and women

Minimalist running is done easily with the Asics low drop shoes. Optimal ground contact, impact protection and lightweight comfort on the road and trail are the strengths in this type of footwear.

How can best Asics low drop shoes change your running?

best asics low drop running shoes
Best Asics low drop running shoes - November 2019

  • Runners who want to transition to barefoot running should first use low drop shoes to slowly introduce a more natural running efficiency to the foot’s biomechanics.
  • Asics low drop shoes are a favorite for racing and speed training because of the minimal cushioning and lightweight structure.
  • Low drop shoes offer optimal ground contact that helps in introducing the proper running technique to the runner.

What to look forward to when you have the best Asics low drop shoes?

  • Ground Contact. A low heel-to-toe drop is the result of minimal cushioning. Without much padding, runners can enjoy a better ground feel on the road or trail. Asics low drop shoes have minimal midsole compounds, such as the Solyte and the SpEVA material.
  • Lightweight platform. Best low drop shoes usually have lightweight platforms, due to the absence of thick cushioning. A light shoe is an asset when you are improving on your speed on the road or trail.
  • Natural running efficiency.With a minimally-supported shoe, a runner can improve on his flexibility and enjoy natural running efficiency. Asics' best low drop shoes are better in facilitating a barefoot-like movement, without sacrificing impact protection and responsiveness.