buy asics lethal soccer cleats for men and women

Known for their philosophical approach to shoe design, Asics has indeed proven its worth in the international market. In the past years, the brand has produced soccer cleats engineered for maximum performance. They have risen to the challenge of introducing innovative technologies that make their soccer cleats stand out from the rest, making them a brand to watch out for.

Among the standout products from the brand are the Asics Lethal Soccer Cleats. This set of kicks boasts of impeccable construction that is well complemented by Asics’ revolutionary technologies. Just like all Asics shoes, this collection has been founded on the brand’s philosophy, that sports and fitness is the best way to create a sound mind and body.

Anatomy of the Asics Lethal soccer cleat

best asics lethal soccer cleats
Best Asics Lethal soccer cleats - November 2019

As its name suggests, the Asics Lethal Soccer Cleat line brings not only killer looks but also a deadly performance on the pitch that will leave the competition wondering. Cleats from this collection sport the best of Asics’ innovations to ensure that players get the advantage they need to dominate the game.

From cleats inspired by the classics to more updated models, the Lethal line has a cleat to offer. Taking a closer look at Asics Lethal soccer cleats, here’s what players can expect.


Soccer cleats from the Asics Lethal line sport either a genuine Kangaroo leather, synthetic leather, or a combination of both. The idea is to create a soccer cleat that gives wearers a lightweight feel alongside excellent comfort and a premium touch of the ball. Asics has configured their uppers to offer optimized responsiveness for easier ball manipulation.

The Asics Lethal Tigreor is among the brand’s earliest US releases and is also among its top-of-the-line products. Its sports genuine K-leather that boasts of great touch and modern performance. Another model from the collection is the Lethal Stats, which features a K-leather and RhynoSkin synthetic combo on its upper.


Aside from the usual EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) midsole fitted on many Asics cleats, the Lethal soccer cleats also utilize the brand’s innovative FlyteFoam technology. This foam is not only durable, but it is also 55% lighter than the industry-standard midsoles. They also benefit from organic “super fibers” that provide adaptive cushioning for the entire duration of the game.

The FlyteFoam midsole is featured in the latest Lethal Tigreor IT FF.


One of the highlights of the Asics Lethal soccer cleats is its revolutionary outsole feature. The HG10mm technology raises the heel of the soleplate by 10mm, reducing the angle at which the body impacts the ground. This reduces the stress on joints to prevent overstretching the muscles through the leg. The elevated heel also creates an opportunity for increased acceleration as it positions the body for take-off.

This innovation is seen in all cleats coming from the Lethal collection. These include the Lethal Flash, Lethal RS, and Lethal Tigreor, which are among the first models released in the US.

Frequently asked questions

How expensive are Asics Lethal Soccer Cleats priced?

Great quality comes at a price. However, with Asics, players are given a good number of options that not only fit their personality but their budget, as well. Here is a lowdown on some of the Asics Lethal Soccer Cleats offerings and just how much they cost.

  • Lethal Tigreor. This is among the brand’s top-of-the-line release, designed with a K-leather upper for great touch and a Solyte outsole for excellent grip. The price of this cleat is around $135.
  • Lethal Testimonial. This all-time classic cleat is also fitted with a K-leather upper, offering that old-school feel that is comparable to the Copa Mundial. This Asics Lethal soccer cleat is priced around $115.
  • Lethal Stats. This is another lightweight contender that offers a high grip outsole and a K-leather upper with an added RhynoSkin detail. This soccer cleat is available with a price range of around $110.
  • Lethal Flash. This is the more economical release from the Asics Lethal Soccer Cleat line. At an affordable price of around $90, players get a synthetic leather upper that performs with precision and comfort.

What are some ways to keep my leather Asics Lethal Soccer Cleats in top shape?

Taking care of leather soccer cleats can be tricky. But here are a couple of tips that we can offer to ensure your Asics Lethal Soccer Cleats are always at their best:

  • Polish. Leather cleats need conditioning in order to maintain their softness. Polishing your leather soccer cleats with cream will prevent them from drying out. It also reduces chances of the leather cracking or stiffening.
  • No soaking. It really isn’t true what they say, that soaking can help loosen the leather of your soccer cleats. This method actually damages your football cleats.