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Best Asics Gel Kayano Sneakers - May 2019

Almost certainly, the Gel cushioning technology is one of the reasons why the Asics got hold of its tag as one of the sought-after pairs in the market. This technology was unveiled in 1987 and effortlessly became a staple element in almost all Asics models

Because of its aesthetically attractive appeal and premium performance, the Gel technology was inserted in various Asics iterations with exciting colorways to suit the vast penchant of its followers, such as blackwhite, bluered, silver, yellow, beige, brown, pink, purple, and green.

Through the years, the Gel technology has undergone constant revamping to keep up with the relentless revolutions in the sneakers domain. Because of this, some of the 90s high-performance running footwear were transformed into the modern market's casual favorites, such as the Gel Lyte III, Gel Lyte VGel Saga, and the Gel Kayano.

The Asics Gel Kayano trainer

The Kayano Trainer silhouette debuted in 1993 and was released for the long distance running. The designer Toshikazu Kayano shared that the signature cage overlay on the side panels was inspired by beetle’s exoskeleton strength, with a horn-like sole and the Coolmax-lined mesh upper.

The brand inserted the Theta Gel Refract padding and the porous P-Gel in the forefoot to create a very comfortable running kick. These elements bring unique detail strengthened with a colorful midsole for the added style.

This model remained stylish after 25 revisions on its 25 years in the market and considered one of the most fruitful pedigrees in the history of running footwear. Because of its ageless appeal, this high-mileage running model has been re-contextualized into casual, modern-classic, lifestyle sneaker.

    Additional Facts:

  • The Gel Kayano Trainer kicks have a price range or $135
  • These running-inspired Asics Gel Kayano sneakers are offered in men's and women's sizing.
  • The majority of wearers shared that they found these shoes true to size.

The Asics Gel Kayano is considered one of the distinct look in the catalog of Asics 90s retro lineup; thus allowing the brand to play with its silhouette and come up with various iterations and collaborations.

Several Asics Gel Kayano sneakers variations were launched in the market with combinations of colors and materials.

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer EVO

This model shed few chunky details of its ancestor while displaying most of its classic elements and cozy technology to pursue a simple, sporty appeal. The sleeker Kayano Trainer EVO peeled a few layers off to come up with lightweight upper and advanced exterior material for better ventilation. Since this model was stripped off with supportive elements, this is recommended as a street shoe with fancy features.

    Additional Facts:

  • These Asics Gel Kayano sneakers have a price range of $110.
  • Majority of buyers found this true to size and offered in both genders' sizes.
  • For its sports-casual look, this kick is best when paired with any laidback ensembles such as shorts or jogger pants with crisp tees.

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer EVO GTX

The Gel Kayano Trainer EVO was updated with the water-resistant called the GTX or Gore-Tex to make it more fitting for the outdoor activities. This feature will keep the wearer's feet dry while running errands during the wet weather.

Despite the upgrade, this model remained comfortable and durable with ample support and ventilation inserted all throughout the kick. The compression sockliner boosts the modern fit for all-day use.

Additional Facts:

  • This model is worth $130.
  • These Asics Gel Kayano sneakers are only offered in men's sizing.

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer Knit

This knit version of the classic Asics Gel Kayano was introduced in 2017. It highlights it excellent breathability by using a well-ventilated knit upper making this model the highly recommended footwear for the warmer days. 

Additional Facts:

  • These true to size kicks are available in the men's and women's sizing.
  • It has a $150 price tag.
  • These Asics Gel Kayano sneakers are considered the Asics version of the Adidas NMD Primeknit.
  • These lightweight sneakers weigh approximately only 284 grams.

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer Space Dye Knit

Following the success of the first Knit version of the Asics Gel Kayano is the Asics Gel Kayano Trainer Space Dye Knit launched in the middle of 2017. This model is the reconstructed version of its ancestor while keeping all the essential details to make this kick work and perform.

This iteration caught many attentions for its colorways - Glacier Gray/Mid Grey and the Carbon/Black. These easy to slip-on Asics Gel Kayano sneakers high spot its superb comfortable knit upper with back heel cage for a lockdown fit.

Additional Facts:

  • These shoes have a price point of $150.
  • Asics offers this in both men and women sizes, with half sizes.

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer Knit MT

The mid-top Kayano Trainer Knit kick was introduced in 2017 and is made of woven upper that covers the ankle area to make it more appealing. The brand kept all the essential details such as the thick midsole to stay true to this pair's ultra cozy experience.

This model is considered more accommodation that the other variations as it hugs the foot more comfortably while providing a more striking sock-like appeal.

Additional Facts:

  • This kick has a price point of $150.
  • This iteration is the only mid-top in the Asics Gel Kayano sneakers.
  • The brand offers this in men and women sizing.
  • The colorways available in the market are Black/White and All White.

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer GTX

Asics wants its wearers to look stylish and feel cozy while braving the winter months; thus they launched the Asics Gel Kayano Trainer GTX. This Gore-Tex insulated sneaker keeps its user's feet dry and warm and is offered in monochromatic deep red and blue colorways, constructed with the ripstop nylon and suede. The model displays the iconic TPU overlay that works as the supportive cage and the brand's stripes logo.

Additional Facts:

  • This sneaker debuted in October 2015.
  • It has a price range of $180


Through the years, the Asics Gel Kayano sneakers have effortlessly established its iconic status in the realm of footwear. Because of its classic aesthetics and cozy feel, several retailers and brands have teamed up with Asics and used the Gel Kayano as their base model. Here are few of notable Asics Gel Kayano sneakers collaborations:

Porter x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

Porter, a renowned high-end Japanese luggage brand, partnered with Asics to come up with a one-off sneaker. This collaboration showcases the signature color and elements of the Porter while using the iconic Asics Gel Kayano silhouette.

These limited-edition Asics Gel Kayano sneakers display the Tanker nylon fabric and suede upper with hints of orange facets all over.  This iteration was introduced in the market on February 25, 2017, through Yoshida & Co Ltd, the manufacturer of the Porter brand.

Additional Facts:

  • These Asics Gel Kayano sneakers have a price point of $175.
  • The Porter x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer is in men's sizing only.

BAPE x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

In 2015, Asics teamed up with a Japanese label called Bathing Ape (BAPE), known for it high-quality and stylish streetwear for men, women, and children. Their partnership launched the Camouflage Pack and used two classic Asics silhouettes. One of it is the Gel Kayano silhouette that displays unique and very striking iteration called the BAPE x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer.  

This military-inspired kick is made of the well-ventilated upper with premium brown suede overlays. The tan-based camouflage design on the upper is seated on top of the white, cushy midsole for day-long comfort. The outsole is in pink hue to make it stand out more.

Additional Facts:

  • These Asics Gel Kayano sneakers run true to size.
  • Asics offers this at $140.
  • Included in the Camouflage Pack of BAPE x Asics is the Gel Lyte V that showcases Black and Grey camouflage with reflective details.

mita x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

Launched just recently, Asics' loyal stockist just unveiled their rendition of the Gel Kayano silhouette to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The mita x Asics Gel Kayano "Trico" features a combination of red, white, and blue hues with the unique chain-link mita insole.

This collaboration showcased the first and the latest in the lineage of the Gel Kayano that will surely catch the attention of Asics fans all over.

Additional Facts:

  • These models dropped in October 2018.
  • Included in this collaboration is the Asics Gel Kayano 25.
  • This model has a price range of $140.

Naked x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

Launched in September 2018, this collab came up with two sneakers and five apparels exclusive for the women. The Naked x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer showcases the mesh, suede, and leather upper in White/Peacoat colorway with silver details for premium appeal.

Additional Facts:

  • This model costs $140.
  • Included in this pack is the Gel Kayano 25 that displays the same colorway.

Foot Patrol x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

This partnership unveiled the premium suede with micro-perforations for that perfect autumn look. First launched in khaki and olive colorway with black accents, the Foot Patrol x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer utilized the Coolmax reinforcements with visible Theta Gel on the heel and the porous P-Gel on the forefoot. A year after, the second team up was launched with more vibrant colorway using hints of royal blue and magenta.

Additional Facts:

  • Foot Patrol and Asics first partnership was launched in November 2014 and the second team up was unveiled in April 2015.
  • This model was sold at $170.

size? x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

For Fall 2015, size? and Asics teamed up to unveil the Gel Kayano "Trail Pack" that features a premium suede upper with perforations with colorways that give a hint of the Autumn season. This iteration was inspired by the elements from the outdoor catalog of the Asics.

In 2016, this partnership unveiled the 'Lavender' version of the Gel Kayano Trainers. These Asics Gel Kayano sneakers display the lavender suede upper with the classic caging around to provide support and style. These limited-edition kicks were offered at $150.

Another iteration from this partnership was introduced in May 2016 that displayed an all-white premium Italian leather and tagged as the size? x Asics Gel Kayano Italian Leather 'Triple White.' This kick kept its tonal look from the sole to the laces until the branding and the sockliner.

Additional Facts:

Sneaker Freaker x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

After the successful Sneaker Freaker x Asics Gel Lyte III "Alvin Purple," this alliance announced the Sneaker Freaker x Asics Gel Kayano "Melvin" the son of Alvin. These Asics Gel Kayano sneakers flaunt the signature Sneaker Freaker's asymmetrical color scheme with reflective support cage detailed with a splash of yellow.

Additional Facts:

  • This sneaker was unveiled on October 17, 2014.
  • Sneaker Freaker has collaborated with other renowned brands such as Lacoste, Nike, Puma, New Balance, Asics, Supra, Saucony, Pony, Adidas, and Nike.
  • Sneaker Freaker is a magazine from Australia that covers broad topics about sneakers.

Packer x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

Another iconic sneaker retailer collaborated with Asics to come up with their unique rendition of the Gel-Kayano silhouette. For Spring 2014, this team-up unveiled the "All Roads Lead to Teaneck" to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Teaneck store. They wanted to pay homage to all supporters who traveled all the way to their NJ store to get a piece from their brand.

The interpretation of these Asics Gel Kayano sneakers was taken a cue by the close by Interstate 95 and State Highway Route 4. It displayed brown, green, yellow, and orange elements

Additional Facts:

  • This model was launched on January 31, 2014.
  • The brand sold this at $150.
  • Aside from Asics, Packer also collaborated with other highly coveted brands, such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.
  • The second collab was introduced in 2016 releasing the Packer x Asics Gel Kayano "Triple Red."

Alife x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

This collaboration launched the "NYC Marathon" version of the Gel Kayano that displays gray, red, and blue hues with perforated mesh, 3M detailing, and the Alife's signature three diamonds on the toebox.

Additional Facts:

  • This kick was sold at $150.
  • It was introduced in the market in October 2015.
  • Included also in this pack is the Asics Gel Kayano 22.

Remarkable Asics Gel Kayano Trainer Editions

Asics unveiled several unique versions of the Asics Gel Kayano Trainer to suit the tastes of its vast range of followers. Here are few of the one-off Asics Gel Kayano sneakers unwrapped in the market:

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer "Tanabata"

This Antique Moss-colored sneaker, features monochromatic look on its nubuck leather, contrasted with some hints of dark green and olive green on the soles. This model has remained authentic to the comfort and durability while strutting a brand new look.

Tanabata is a summer tradition arose from a Japanese story that tells about the forbidden love between a princess and a cow herder. They got separated and consented to see each other only during the seventh day of the seventh month.

Additional Facts:

  • Tanabata is also known as the Festival of Stars, is celebrated every July 7 in Japan.
  • Included in this pack is the Asics Gel Respector.
  • This pack was introduced in 2016.

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer "Moon Crater"

The surface of the moon inspired this version by using suede panels with micro-perforations all throughout. For contrast, the brand added a premium leather lining in teal in these Asics Gel Kayano sneakers. This crisp makeover has beige cage overlay, to represent the Asics stripes.

Additional Facts:

  • Asics offers this on dark blue colorway too.
  • This version has a price range of $145

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer Glow in the Dark

The starry print on the inner sole of the Asics Gel Kayano Trainer Glow in the Dark makes this model striking. Do not be deceived by the subtle tonal suede upper, as this straightforward design shines in the dusk, just like the stars in the night.

Additional Facts:

  • Included in the Glow in the Dark pack is the Asics Gel Lyte V.
  • This model is sold at $160.

Asics Gel Kayano "Triple Red"

Introduced in 2016, this all-red execution of the Asics Gel Kayano is made of synthetic suede upper with the iconic cage and the cushy rubber sole in red too. The monochromatic look of this kick allows it to transform from training to lifestyle footwear seamlessly.

Additional Facts:

  • This product retails at $120.
  • Asics launched this in 2016.
  • Packer exclusively sold this variation.

History of the Asics Gel Kayano sneakers

  • Kihachiro Onitsuka founded the company Onitsuka Co. Ltd in 1949 and was inspired by the tentacles of the octopus he was eating.  Onitsuka added stripes on the sides, similar to the tiger's, as the brand's remarkable branding. 
  • Asics was born in 1977 after the collaboration with the GTO (manufacturer of sportswear) and with the Jelenk (manufacturer of knitwear.) Asics is based on the Latin phrase "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano," that means "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body."
  • Gel cushioning is probably what Asics is most acclaimed for today. It made its debut in 1986 and had remained a mainstay feature of the Asics sneaker. The Gel cushioning system is found on the forefoot and heel and absorbs the landing forces; thus reducing the impact for each step.
  • In 1987 the brand released the Gel-Lyte in 1987. It displayed color blocking and reflective forefoot. The Gel-Lyte used single gel unit on heels, Nyla-sheen fabric and Duraskin resulted in lightweight shoes. Weighing only 9.9 ounces, Gel-Lyte boasted its light weight and smooth energy transfer from heel to toe.
  • Released in 1988, the Grand Turismo III has full-length Gel 2 system for improved shock absorption and better strides. This design offered excellent motion control by the presence of Duramesh forefoot, dual-density rubber sole and midsole collar that was extended vertically.
  • The Gel Epirus used Gel-units in separate compartments and became the bestseller in 1989. It has cutaway at the toe, which reduced the overall weight and improved its breathability.
  • The unique color blocking of the Gel LD-Race made it prominent ever since it was released in 1989. Gel LD-Racer pioneered the split-tongue and improved flex canals in the forefoot and with all-mesh toe for breathable execution and comfort.
  • An upgraded version, the Gel-Lyte II was launched in 1989. It has Polyspac II fabric on the toe box and the PVC heel. Its dual-tone collar adds visual appeal making this iteration different from the previous model.
  • In 1990, the most recognized in the Gel-Lyte series was released. The Gel-Lyte III has split tongue and tri-density compression molded EVA in the midsole that provided added protection from the impact.
  • Gel-Lyte III became famous for its casual streetwear look. This variation bridged the gap between athletics and fashion. The Gel-Lyte III was tagged as the most comfortable in the Gel-Lyte series and labeled as an icon.
  • In 1991, Gel-Saga became an instant hit and identified as the collector’s choice. It has improved sole style with Gel cushioning on the rear.
  • GT-Lyte X was launched in 1991 and made for multi-activity fitness in whatever setting. It used Durabuck in the upper and the visible rearfoot gel.
  • The Gel-Lytespeed was made for long mileage jogger, with gel cushioning in the rear, a fusion of Polyspac II and synthetic suede fabrics, heel counter internally and 3M heel tab for low light running.
  • In 1991, the brand released Gel-Trail Lyte that could perform off-road. The Gel-Trail Lyte has a Mesh-Lycra and single tongue technology that kept the dirt out of the foot.  It has a leather upper and solid rubber outsole and strengthened toe wrap.
  • Gel-Night Lyte was released in 1991 which has LED lights incorporated in the heel for increased visibility during the night.
  • Gel-Lyte Ultra (more popularly known as the Gel-Lyte IV) was unveiled in 1992. The brand released the Ultra instead of using the IV because, for the Japanese, number 4 is an unlucky number.
  • The sock-like mono-tongue superseded the split-tongue of previous models. They added Porous Gel at the forefoot and rearfoot for better shock absorption. They placed adjacent panel diagonal the ASICS stripes, which visually differentiated it from the former style.
  • In 1993, Asics released the 5th style of Gel-Lyte and named it Gel-Lyte V. It has the same sole unit with the Ultra and with “V” on the heel to display its version. This style has mesh inserts on the toebox and side panels to improve the breathability. The Gel-Lyte is very popular for long-distance running.
  • The Asics Gel Kayano sneakers were released in 1993 and launched for the long distance running. The design was taken a cue from the exoskeleton of the beetles, with a horn-like sole and Coolmax-lined mesh upper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we buy Asics Gel Kayano shoes?

Asics Gel Kayano sneakers can be purchased on the physical stores of numerous retailers all over the globe. Buyers may also visit the official website of Asics, and other virtual retailers found all over the internet, such as Zappos, Amazon, eBay, 6pm, Lyst, Footlocker, and more.

Where are most of the Asics Gel Kayano sneakers manufactured?

Manufacturing shoes can be a daunting task as it needs several layers of assembling and quality tests before launching it in the market. Most of the Asics Gel Kayano sneakers and all other Asics Onitsuka Tiger shoes are constructed in various countries in Asia such as Taiwan, China, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, and some areas in Europe and Unites States.

Can I use my Asics Gel Kayano shoes in extreme weather?

There are Asics Gel Kayano sneakers that are specifically designed for the extreme cold and wet condition, such as the Asics Gel Kayano Trainer GTX and the Asics Gel Kayano Trainer EVO GTX. These iterations were lined with the Gore-Tex technology that is considered waterproof and breathable fabric launched in 1969.

The lightweight Gore-Tex or GTX repels water while permitting the water vapor to pass through. This model is made of Polytetrafluoethylene (PTFE) or commonly known as the Teflon.

What are the most expensive Asics Gel Kayano casual sneakers?

The price range of Asics Gel Kayano sneakers is from $110 to $175. The most expensive ones are the one conceived form collaborations with known retailers such as Porter and Foot Patrol. Porter x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer costs $175 while the Foot Patrol x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer was sold at $170.

Can I use my Asics Gel Kayano Trainer in running long distance?

Although this model was initially designed to work as high-performance running footwear, it is not recommended to run long distance with the Asics Gel Kayano Trainer as this model was revived to win the lifestyle scene. Twenty-Five Asics Gel Kayano sneakers are devised to function as high-performance running footwear which runners with a wide range of preferences can choose from.

How do I clean my Asics Gel Kayano casual shoes?

Asics recommends using shoe cleaner together with a soft cloth or a brush. Owners may use cold water and mild detergent on the removing the dirt on the surface. And to never use machine or drying in cleaning their kicks. Another advice from the brand is not to store the Asics Gel Kayano sneakers directly exposed to sunlight or extremely hot condition.

Are there vegan-friendly Asics Gel Kayano sneakers?

The Asics Gel Kayano 24 is a vegan-friendly Asics Gel Kayano running footwear.  This iteration is made entirely of vegan synthetic materials; thus reducing the carbon footprint. Also, there are other extensive selections of vegan-friendly sneakers under the Asics umbrella, and you can check them out on their official website. Asics unveiled a Vegan Pack in 2015 which includes Gel Lyte II, Gel Lyte V, and the Gran Turismo II. Meanwhile, the non-vegan sneakers have the letter "L" at the end of its product code to denote the use of animal leather.

What is the OneASICS program?

The OneASICS is launched in the United Kingdom in December 2017 and continually expands worldwide in 2018. This program is a free membership program of Asics and the Onitsuka Tiger that gives their members exclusive access to the 2-day free shipping, 90-day trial, and the 90-day Runkeeper Go Trial. To sign up, this program requires just the email address, and the membership will never expire. However, the availability of OneASICS is now limited.

What is the difference between Asics and Onitsuka Tiger shoes?

Asics and Onitsuka Tiger are different brands but share the same history. The Onitsuka Tiger revisits and features the heritage line of the Asics while the Asics displays the modern footwear injected with advanced technologies.