buy asics gel excite running shoes for men and women

Asics Gel Excite: Comfort at an affordable price

The Gel Excite collection from Asics is made up of entry-level shoes that are fit for both beginners and long-time runners. It sticks to its signature comfort and protection, thanks to the Gel technology and Amplifoam cushion the line incorporates. 

Who should buy the Asics Excite running shoes? 

The series is made up of neutral running shoes, meaning they're made for neutral runners and supinators (runners whose feet roll outward) alike. If you're unfamiliar with this, this guide on pronation might help you a lot. This entails all the necessary features you need to find from running shoes, depending on how your foot rolls. 

The Asics Gel Excite shoes are also made for road running. They best suit easy runs and can also serve as long-distance shoes

How much do they cost? 

As affordable running shoes, the Gel Excite models retail for less than $100. And since we've partnered with hundreds of retailers, you can get them for an even lesser price. Also, older iterations are regularly placed on sale whenever newer versions are available.