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There are several brands of badminton shoes on the market, but if you’re looking for a brand that can be trusted with quality trainers, why not turn to Asics?

Asics has been around since the 1940s and started producing sports shoes by the 1950s. Since then, the brand had made great strides when it came to creating shoe technologies that help athletes perform better.

Types of Asics badminton shoes for men and women

best Asics badminton shoes

Best Asics badminton shoes - December 2019

Badminton can be played in singles or doubles. But regardless of how many players are on the court, each one has to be quick on their feet. The movement of players may vary depending on their playing style, which means they could have different requirements for their badminton shoes.

According to Asics, badminton players can be categorized into those for back-court and net players.

Back-court player

Athletes who play near the baseline or the end farthest to the net are called back-court players. They tend to keep a more steady rhythm in their movements. According to the brand, this type of athlete requires badminton trainers that can keep their heel steady and supported as they perform quick turns.

Back-court players also need sufficient impact protection under their feet as they sprint from one position to the next. And because they need more stability, the fit at the back needs to be pretty snug so they can move freely without worrying about the shoe flying off.

The Asics Gel Hunter 3 is a prime example of this type of footgear. It has several cushioning units, including Gel and a removable insole, that reduce impact when sprinting or jumping. Its collar is lined with foam to provide a good heel hold.

Net player

Athletes that play close to the net are, obviously, called net players. Their primary mode of play is to attack. They need quick reflexes in terms of turning from one direction to another. They perform backhand net kills, smashes, and drops to get the upper hand on their opponent.

Because they are more aggressive with their play, they need their shoes to be closer to the ground. The low-profile sole unit gives them more flexibility at the forefoot and at the same time, stability. The outsole needs to be very grippy and have a big pivot point to support aggressive turns without hurting the knees. A snug fit is also crucial in keeping the player moving without any hassles.

An excellent example of this is the Asics Gel Blade 7. The AHAR+ outsole provides maximum grip on indoor courts while the huge pivot point at the center of the forefoot reduces the stress on the knee while turning quickly. The collar is lined with foam which helps with the heel lockdown.

What to expect from the best Asics badminton shoes

Asics has been in the shoe manufacturing business since the 1950s when it released its first basketball shoes. Though the history of when the brand entered the world of badminton is pretty spotty, one can only assume that Asics is as meticulous when it comes to its badminton trainers.


The most common type of material used on Asics badminton is mesh. Mesh is soft. It allows the foot to expand naturally throughout the day and contributes to the flexibility of the shoe. Another reason why this fabric is widely used is because of its breathability. It allows heat to dissipate and prevent heat and moisture buildup in the foot chamber. Fresh air from the outside also helps regulate the internal temperature of the footwear.

Because mesh fabric is soft, it can easily be snagged or torn. Synthetic overlays are used to reinforce high-wear areas which include the toe box, the eyestay (the area surrounding the holes for the laces), and the heel. Aside from protecting against abrasion, they also help with foot containment and steadiness.


Badminton involves a lot of fast, bouncy movements. Thus, badminton shoes from Asics are often equipped with several layers of cushioning materials. The most commonly used midsole technology is ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. It is pliable, lightweight, and has ample bounciness to support energized takeoffs and absorb shock from landings.

The semi-liquid Gel component is found in the heel of some Asics badminton shoes. It enhances shock attenuation and comfort.

Though Asics use several layers of cushioning units, their midsoles are constructed to be low-to-the-ground. It allows players to keep their center of gravity low, which helps them keep their balance even if they move and change directions constantly.


The underside of Asics badminton trainers is protected by a layer of specialized rubber. It is commonly made of gum rubber, but proprietary outsole technologies like AHAR and N.C. Rubber may also be used for the underside. These three types of rubber share some similar characteristics: they are soft, pliable, and very grippy on indoor courts. They are also non-marking which means no ugly streaks will be left on the surface when you wear Asics badminton shoes.

The outsole can come in two types, full-length and segmented. A full-length outsole covers the entire bottom of the shoe in rubber. A segmented one only has the sticky rubber under the forefoot and the heel. The first type provides more traction while the latter has more flexibility to it. Also, the segmented outsole often comes with an arch reinforcement called the Trusstic System. It is a piece of rigid plastic that prevents twisting of the shoe and also helps with stability.


Badminton shoes are built using light materials. The lightweight nature ensures that it won’t weigh the foot down and cause the wearer to move slower. Also, more substantial footwear could cause accidents and injuries, mainly when players are not accustomed to wearing them.

Frequently asked questions

How much do badminton shoes from Asics cost?

These trainers typically cost from $90 to $150. Novices may find this price to be a bit steep but worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here at RunRepeat, we do our best to give you excellent deals for the footwear of your choice. Just click on a pair that intrigues you to find out more information about it and the various price offerings from our partner retailers. You can get as much as $30 off on your desired pair of badminton shoes.

What type of rubber is used on my Asics badminton trainers?

The most commonly used rubber on badminton shoes is gum rubber. It is soft and naturally sticky, which makes it very grippy on indoor court floors. Some Asics badminton shoes employ specialized rubber such as AHAR and N.C. Rubber. Both behave similarly to gum sole but are engineered to be more durable against abrasion.

Why are there discs/circles on the outsole of my Asics badminton trainers?

In some models, there are discs or pivot points on the outsole. They are usually located under the ball section. They help reduce friction to make turns less stressing on the knees.

Is there a high-top Asics badminton trainer?

No, there are none. Badminton players need a full range of motion on their ankles to perform agile multi-directional movements. If a shoe has a high collar, it could impede ankle movements which may decrease their speed.

Another reason why badminton trainers are low-top is because it allows the ankle to naturally develop its strength and flexibility. If the ankle relies on external support, it could get weaker, instead of getting stronger.

Why are Asics squash and badminton shoes listed in the same category?

The movements done while playing badminton and squash are pretty similar. Thus, footwear made for badminton can also be used for squash, and vice versa.

Can I use my Asics badminton shoes for streetwear?

Preferably, no. Though some use durable rubber outsoles, they are still prone to getting damaged. First off, the sticky sole easily attracts dirt which could reduce its tractions on the badminton court. Second, the rough surface of pavements can destroy the outsole, thus decreasing its lifespan as an indoor sports shoe. And third, little rocks could get stuck in between the treads which could damage wooden court floors.

Besides, there are far better options for streetwear than badminton trainers. If you want comfy and reliable kicks for everyday wear, check out walking shoes from Skechers. They come in various styles to suit our style and taste, and the cushioning unit on them is designed to deliver comfort during extended periods of wear.

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