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buy arc'teryx hiking shoes for men and women

Adventurers who require a lightweight pair that doesn’t scrimp on performance may want to consider Arc'teryx hiking shoes for men and women. This brand manufactures a mix of low-top and mid-height hikers that come with various trail-centric technologies. These components come together to equip your feet with sufficient comfort and protection while you’re out and about. Shown below are the various reasons that may help you in looking for new Arc'teryx hiking shoes.

When and where to use your Arc'teryx hiking shoes

Best Arc'teryx hiking shoes - May 2020

Speed hiking. Some of the best hiking shoes from Arc'teryx are engineered for speed hiking trips. This type of outdoor activity calls for the individual to get from point A to point B in the fastest time possible. As such, the brand’s low-top offerings for speed hikers are built with an emphasis on lightness and agility. These traits allow you to be swifter with your movement as you go speed hiking.

Day hiking. Select Arc'teryx hiking shoes for men and women are made for day hikes. As the name suggests, this type of activity is completed within the span of a single day. It also involves a trail that can be traversed without too much difficulty. The brand’s shoes for day hikers are crafted to help users in this kind of environment by equipping them with ample performance and protection.

Advantages of the best Arc'teryx hiking shoes for men and women

Arc'teryx hiking shoes are built with an emphasis on  comfort and lightness

The best Arc'teryx hiking shoes come with lightweight components that keep your feet comfortable outdoors. They use minimalist Cordura mesh uppers to reduce weight, making you more agile on the trail. 

Your every stride is cushioned, thanks to a combination of a cushy ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole and an Ortholite footbed. Moreover, they employ padded collars and tongue to create a plush in-shoe environment. These features found in a pair of Arc'teryx hiking shoes work as one to deliver comfort while you’re outdoors. 

They render adequate support

The finest Arc'teryx lightweight outdoor shoes for hikers give sufficient support on the trail. They combine an EVA midsole, an Ortholite footbed, and a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to achieve this feat. These components yield cushioning, arch support, and rigidity to the user.

Select Arc'teryx hiking shoes feature a mid-top upper configuration. This upper design covers the ankles and prevents them from twisting or contorting the wrong way. As a result, your feet are supported, especially if you decide to carry a backpack while hiking.

The best Arc'teryx hiking shoes protect your feet

Those who are looking for quality waterproof hiking shoes may look into Arc'teryx’s low-top offerings. The brand’s best hikers are equipped with a Gore-Tex liner to prevent water intrusions. This technology also protects your feet from excessive sweating by allowing heat and moisture to escape from inside.

In addition, the finest Arc'teryx hiking shoes employ robust rubber caps in the forefoot region. They also come with overlays that wrap around the base of the upper. These features work in unison to deliver protection from various trail dangers and abrasive elements.