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Altra hiking boots: Your zero-drop option for "barefoot" trail experience

Do zero-drop kicks appeal to you? If yes, you should check out Altra hiking boots. An awesome, vegan alternative to traditional hiking boots, these hikers from Altra are sure to “wow” you in terms of comfort, lightness, and durability.

Whether you’re new to Altra hiking boots or you’ve been a fan for a long time, RunRepeat has something in store for you. We scraped the web for the most popular Altra hiking boots to widen your choices. Plus, we teamed up with over 200 stores so you can purchase yours at a pocket-friendly price.

Altra hiking footwear for men and women

Despite being relatively new in the industry, Altra was able to successfully distinguish itself from its competitors for being the first to introduce zero-drop hiking footwear. As the term suggests, these are hiking boots with flat soles, designed to mimic barefoot walking and create a more stable grip on the ground.

While these kicks are more on the minimalist side, they absolutely don’t fall short of features. Altra hiking boots make a fine choice if you’re after reliable waterproof hiking boots that will make you feel “one” with nature. 

Plus, they’re very good options if you’re on the hunt for hiking boots that have wide toe boxes.

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