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  • Pace: Daily running / easy
  • Allbirds
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Allbirds running shoes: a new player that changes the game

A very young New Zealand-American company, Allbirds (est. 2016) introduces a totally very fresh take on running footwear. Their first dedicated running shoe, the Tree Dasher, became a real hit as soon as it appeared on the market. Those who were already familiar with the comfort of the original Wool Runners sneaker, couldn't wait to get their hands on the running version.

The OG Tree Dasher, as well as the new-generation Dasher 2.0, serve as those cozy daily trainers that you can take anywhere: a dog walk, a short jog, a moderate gym session, or a coffee shop date. It is unbelievable how much comfort and functionality the brand managed to pack into a rather simplistic design. Oh, and let's not forget that these shoes are made with eco-friendly materials which is the cornerstone of the brand's philosophy.

For the more serious runners, Allbirds now offers the Tree Flyers. It is a more performance-oriented shoe that can handle longer distances and faster paces.

The company continues to expand its selection of athletic footwear and we are constantly on the lookout for fresh releases.

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