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Among the numerous footwear options female adventurers can consider is a pair of Ahnu hiking shoes. They are crafted specifically for women to help them perform better on the trail. These low-cut hikers are made to be sturdy, grippy, and comfortable. Also, they possess various technologies to protect your feet from all sorts of obstacles on your journey. If you are looking for remarkable hiking shoes, look no further than what Ahnu has to offer.

Perks of the best men's and women's Ahnu hiking shoes

best ahnu hiking shoes
Best Ahnu hiking shoes - December 2019


Comfort is a key quality found in a pair of Ahnu hiking shoes. Most of these low-cut offerings are lined with pig leather for interior comfort. Their collars and tongue are padded to relieve pressure while you’re moving. The insole is made of a cushy ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam which grants underfoot comfort no matter what type of terrain you’re traversing. Some footgear models feature mesh uppers to create a comfier in-shoe environment.


Your hike can abruptly end if your footing isn’t secure. Ahnu hiking shoes provide you with sufficient grip to counter all those challenging ground conditions. They feature a multi-lugged outsole that renders traction on most types of terrain. The tread pattern used in this component is designed to shed dirt and debris for optimal grip. A set of grooves can also be found on both ends of the outsole for improved ascent and descent control.


Ahnu hiking shoes are packed with several features that grant you with a stable ride. Foremost among these components is a midsole made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a material known for its lightweight cushioning properties. Some of the brand’s low-cut hikers pair this component with a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) shank for added rigidity and structure. Moreover, a removable footbed adds a boost in cushioning and arch support.


Every trail has its share of challenges that can wear your gear out. Ahnu hiking shoes are crafted with an emphasis on durability so you can use them for a long time. They feature robust uppers made of nubuck or full-grain leather, two materials known for their resilience to abrasion and the elements. These uppers are further reinforced by rubber toe caps to enhance their toughness. Also, the gear’s midsole and outsole components are built to handle rough terrain and constant flexing.


Going out for a hike means you’ll be exposed to various types of challenges on the trail. Ahnu hiking shoes are infused with several technologies and components to protect your feet. One of these features is a membrane found in the brand’s best waterproof hiking shoes. It acts by preventing water from being absorbed into the gear while allowing excess moisture to pass through.

Can I use my Ahnu hiking shoes during winter?

The company’s low-cut shoes for hikers are designed primarily for day hikes. Their upper construction leaves the ankle exposed, making it detrimental in cold weather conditions. They also lack layers of insulation to keep your feet warm. If you go with this type of footwear in snowy terrain, your feet will freeze off, and your hike will end on a bad note. It’s better to use quality winter hiking boots for this kind of environment.

Ahnu hiking shoes fit and sizing guide

The brand offers Ahnu hiking shoes specifically for female adventurers in a range of whole and half-sizes. They only come in regular width. These footwear models use a traditional closure system to help you achieve a secure and personalized fit. Also, they run relatively true to size.

When getting new Ahnu hiking shoes, it’s crucial for them to fit your feet. Otherwise, you won’t get far on your journey because of an ill-fitting pair. Shown below are some simple tips to help you get the precise fit from these hikers.

  • You won’t get the chance to personally try Ahnu hiking shoes if you’re ordering from the company’s website or an online retailer. You need to determine the exact length and width of your foot if you’re going to purchase a pair online. Place your foot under a piece of paper and mark the position of the longest toe and your heel. Measure the distance between the two marks. Afterward, visit Ahnu’s conversion guide and match the measurement with its corresponding size.
  • If you’re going to buy new Ahnu hiking shoes from a footwear store, don’t forget to wear the socks that you use for hikes. In doing so, you would be getting an idea on how they actually feel and fit on your feet.
  • Keep in mind to schedule your purchase of Ahnu hiking shoes during the afternoon. During this particular time of the day, your feet swell a little bit. This tip will help you get a more precise fit from your gear.
  • Walk around in these Ahnu hiking shoes to see if they fit you. Your front toe should not hit the hiker’s front end. At the same time, your heel shouldn’t rise when you’re making a step. The gear should snugly wrap around your feet when they’re laced up.  

Qualities that set Ahnu hiking shoes apart


Ahnu was founded by two friends, Jenny Fredericks and Jacqueline Van Dine, in the Spring of 2007. Jim Van Dine later joined the pair and used their knowledge to create outdoor-centric footwear. By 2009, the brand was sold to Deckers Outdoor Corporation. The company would go on to develop various footwear models for men and women, including Ahnu hiking shoes. It wasn’t until 2017 when Teva took over the operations and focused on their catalog for female adventurers. As of the present, Ahnu’s offerings include an assortment of excellent hiking boots and hiking shoes geared towards women.


The brand offers several low-cut hikers at different prices. Entry-level Ahnu hiking shoes start at $135 while premium models top off at $150. All of these footgear products are equipped with various technologies and components to help improve your hiking performance.

Shoe technologies

  • eVent. Those looking for waterproof hiking shoescan consider Ahnu’s low-cut offerings. They are equipped with an eVent liner to keep your foot dry. The membrane’s surface is designed to prevent water from entering while allowing excess moisture to escape.
  • Numentum. This technology is engineered to center and guide your foot’s natural biomechanics. It consists of a lightweight EVA midsole, an integrated TPU shank, and shock dispersal plates to create a balanced and stable ride.
  • Aegis. Select Ahnu hiking shoes are treated with an Aegis odor control solution. This technology reduces the number of micro-organisms inside the gear, preventing an unpleasant smell from forming.
  • Vibram. Outsoles made by Vibram are recognized for their durability and traction on virtually all types of surfaces. Certain Ahnu hiking shoes are equipped with this component to help secure your footing over uneven terrain and slippery surfaces.

Frequently asked questions about Ahnu hiking shoes

How can I preserve the quality of my Ahnu hiking shoes?

Cleaning your hikers after each adventure is a must to make them last longer. Here are some useful tips in preserving the quality of your Ahnu hiking shoes.

  • Get an old toothbrush or a damp piece of cloth to wipe traces of dirt on your hikers.
  • Mix a small amount of mild detergent with water. Use this solution to clean your Ahnu hiking shoes thoroughly.
  • Remove the gear’s laces and insoles so you can wash those hard-to-reach areas better.
  • Treat your Ahnu hiking shoes with a conditioner while they’re still damp. This will help preserve the waterproofness of your hikers.
  • Always leave your newly-washed pair in a well-ventilated spot to dry. Do not place them near any direct source of heat as it may damage your shoes.

What should I do if the Ahnu hiking shoes I ordered contains a defect?

In the event you received a defective pair, you should send it back to Ahnu within one year from the date of purchase. The brand will then evaluate your claim for around one to three weeks. If your warranty is validated, you will be given a chance to exchange or credit for a new purchase. Keep in mind that Ahnu won’t honor your claim if one of these items is found during the evaluation:

  • The product is more than one year old from date of purchase.
  • The gear is subjected to normal wear and tear.
  • Your Ahnu hiking shoes have been excessively misused, damaging them in the process.
  • You have altered one or several components.

Should I wear cotton socks with my Ahnu hiking shoes?

Cotton is a material that’s known to trap moisture. When these socks are exposed to sweat or water, they’re going to take a long time to dry. At the same time, your feet may smell when you use socks made out of cotton.

Socks made of Merino wool are the ideal material to pair with your Ahnu hiking shoes. They are known to regulate temperature inside the gear so your feet won’t sweat as much. Merino wool also possesses anti-microbial properties that can prevent an unpleasant odor from forming. These socks will help you have a more comfortable trip, especially if you’re planning to hike in a warm and humid environment.