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Adidas track and field shoes for men and women in a nutshell

The Adidas brand believes that running is more than just a run. Adidas believes that it is a mindset, a way of thinking, and it is the energy that it brings to your life. And because of this, Adidas has always been a reliable brand across the running categories, and the sport of track and field is one of that.

Selecting the right track and field shoes can help any athlete to find their best running performance. If you are a competitive racer that is looking to go fast, then there is the Adizero track and field shoes. It is known for being lightweight and its responsiveness designed for racing. Featuring an open mesh for breathable support and cushioning for an enhanced smooth, energized ride.

For those competitors looking for a controlled pace on long-distance runs, then one should go for the Adidas track and field shoes in the Ultraboost line up. It delivers the most responsive cushioning ever. Boots guarantees maximum energy return with each stride, powering the runner through the distance.

Another line of Adidas track shoes that is Boost-powered is the adaptive Pureboost. This track and field shoe line is reactive to the elements of competitive track running. The minimalist design provides a natural fit and feel so that the wearer can focus on the competition at hand and experience the rush during the run.

If one’s primary purpose is to dominate the field, then the Alphabounce line of track and field shoes is what’s required for power running. The shoe’s versatile design features premium cushioning and areas of reinforced support for varied directions of movement, offering a significant edge to the runner during the competition. 

What powers Adidas track and field shoes

best adidas track and field shoes
Best Adidas track and field shoes - October 2019

Adidas is a famous brand in the sporting world, and Adidas spike shoes are an excellent investment for track and field athletes. These spike shoes are, of course, powered by unique and advanced Adidas technology, features, and design. 

SPRINTFRAME - This is the midfoot chassis that helps keep the athlete’s foot close to the ground, while still offering support and stability.

SPRINTWEB - This is a synthetic construction used on the Adidas spike shoes’ upper. This technology is combined with mesh material to help increase ventilation and it also makes the shoe lightweight but still durable. 

ADIWEAR Technology - It is a wear-resistant rubber material that is located on the shoe’s outsole. It makes the spike shoes more durable and resistant to abrasion, while also providing traction and flexibility.

Buyer’s guide to Adidas track and field shoes

When it comes to great performance and achieving success in the sport of track and field, athletes need to have the perfect pair of spike shoes and having said that, Adidas has some of the best ones in the market. Adidas track spike shoes provide enhanced grip on running surfaces such as track, dirt, or grass. They are also designed to be lightweight and comfortable. Here below are the essential criteria to look for when scouting to buy your next Adidas track and field shoes.

Use. There is a world of options for Adidas spike shoes out there, and it could deem confusing to any runner if they should or should not bother buying spiked shoes or if they should just get regular training shoes. But for any athlete who takes their track and field sport seriously, they will want to purchase track spikes. These spiked shoes are made particularly for track and field, and cross country running on dirt or grass surfaces. Track spikes are made lighter and stiffer than standard running shoes. The spikes are usually made from either metal or ceramic and would often be either screwed into the spike plate on the outsole or are removable.

Comfort. The comfort provided by a pair of running spikes can vary from one shoe to another because not all track shoes are made to perform the same. All Adidas track and field shoes have a reasonable amount of comfort. Although track shoes made for sprinting are designed to be less cushioned an comfortable than ones made for long-distance running, while shoes for jumping events are somewhere in the middle when it comes to cushioning.

Flexibility. The level of flexibility varies depending on the spiked shoes used. When used by a sprinter, the shoes should be stiffer with a flexible spike plate. On the other hand, a long-distance track runner needs more flexibility in their spiked shoes. It offers support and cushioning to guarantee comfort throughout the long run.

Fit. Adidas track and field shoes or any track shoes in that matter does not come in a one size fits all sizing. And even though most Adidas track shoes are made unisex, the user should still know their exact fit and the specific purpose the shoes will be used for. 

Since most Adidas track shoes come in unisex sizing, women users will especially need to be very mindful because the sizing will be different from what they are used to unless the Adidas track shoe is specifically offered in women’s sizes. Sizing for women is usually suggested that they go down a size in men’s sizing for them to get the best fit. It is also essential that the shoe’s toe box has enough room to make sure that the toes are not cramped up and uncomfortable. Take note though that spike shoes are meant to fit a bit more snug compared to regular running or cross-training shoes. 

Terrain. Knowing the right terrain to use the Adidas spike shoes is very important. This will depend on whether the athlete will run on track or cross country grass and dirt trails. Metal spikes are the best ones for dirt and grass surfaces.

Track spikes are designed for different types of events including sprints, middle distances, long distances, cross country, and other track and field events like the long jump and throwing events. With that said, the terrain per event varies that is why determining which event the track spikes will be used for is essential.

Value. As one of the pioneer brands in the athletic world, Adidas shoes are made of high quality and are mostly reasonably priced. Track shoes, on the other hand, are not always the cheapest as they are typically an investment. Adidas is confident that no matter whichever pair the athlete would go for, they will definitely get a good value for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Adidas track and field shoes come with spike pins and a wrench?

Yes, it does. Unlike other shoe brands, all of the Adidas track and field shoes come with the spikes intended to be removed using the provided wrench. It will be specified upon buying otherwise. 

How long do spikes on Adidas track and field shoes last?

Since the durability of an Adidas track and field shoe is always subjective depending on how it is used and cared for, it is a bit tricky to come up with a definite answer to that. Although typically, spikes on track and field shoes should last for about one year’s worth of running track seasons. If an athlete does track sports year after year, then it is suggested to find a pair of Adidas track and field shoe that has replaceable spikes. Owning a track shoe with removable spikes will make the user get the most out of the shoe instead of continually buying a brand new pair every time the spikes need to be replaced.

Are Adidas track and field shoes unisex?

Yes, many Adidas track and field shoes are sold as unisex even if their sizes are indicated in men’s sizing. This is because there is usually no difference in the shoe, other than the numerical sizing between men’s and women’s shoes. 

Are spikes on Adidas track and field shoes removable?

Whether or not the spikes are removable depends on the Adidas shoe model. Although many Adidas track and field shoes have an option to use it without spikes on surfaces that are not suited for it. Some track and field shoes also come with toolkits upon purchase to help in removing the spikes or putting them back on. 

What size of Adidas track and field shoe should I get?

Many Adidas track and field shoes are unisex but come in men’s sizes. The difference between men’s and women’s sizing is usually around two sizes. This means to get the best fitting size for women, they would have to go down at least two sizes. Although if one has the option,  it is always recommended to have one’s sizing taken professionally in one’s local athletic shoe store.

Do I need to break in my Adidas track and field shoes?

Yes, it is important to break in new Adidas track and field shoes before using them in competition and races. This is to work out areas of the shoe that will still have friction in them. It is best to do sets of short running or use them for three to four light workouts before the intended race day. The shoe’s break-in period varies for most shoes, but once properly broken in, it will become comfortable and perfect for competing in track and field events.