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Adidas slip-on sneakers

Adidas remains one of the most popular brands for sneakers simply because they make shoes that are super stylish and comfortable. Speaking of “comfort”, there’s nothing like sliding your feet smoothly and conveniently into a pair of slip-on Adidas sneakers! 

At RunRepeat, we’ve rounded up the highly raved slip-on kicks from Adidas. Whatever style you prefer - classic or retro, high-top or low-top - we’ve got something in store for you. 

Check out the latest collections of Adidas sneakers, browse through our in-depth catalogs, and shop for the best sneaker deals. You’re a few clicks away to finding your next pair of slip-on shoes.

Fashionable collection of slip-on Adidas sneakers

There’s no doubt that lace-up sneakers can greatly amp your style. But sometimes, having to tie and untie them can slow you down. So whether you’re looking for a more convenient footwear option or you simply love the comfort and versatility of slip-on sneakers, Adidas is where you should be.

Our diverse collection of slip-on Adidas sneakers feature stylish shoes made of different materials, including leather and mesh. 

However, most of these sneakers are constructed using Primeknit for a sock-like feel. So despite having no laces, you know they’re going to hold your feet securely.

Also, a lot of them are Adidas Boost sneakers which means you have plenty of cushioning underfoot. 

In terms of design, you can be sure that you’re getting something that fits your taste. Many Adidas slip-on sneakers come with laces but for aesthetics purposes only, such as those you will find in our Adidas NEO collection and Pharrell Williams collection

However, if you’re up for something uniquely looking, you should check out our line of Adidas Superstar sneakers. There, you’ll find laceless kicks, including some that use elastic bands for a locked-in fit.

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There’s no better place to shop for Adidas sneakers than here at RunRepeat. Aside from slip-ons, we bring you many more style choices from this highly coveted brand… all at affordable prices!

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