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Adidas Predator soccer cleats

Since its release in ‘94, the Predator line is still one of the most influential collections for both Adidas and the soccer industry. With its game-changing ball-control features, the Three Stripes continues to innovate and fine-tune the series for that precise action in the soccer arena. 

Predator ball control and more

The Predator series has continued to refine its ball touch technologies. Perhaps the most recent and notable development is the unveiling of Demonskin for the 20th generation release. Inspired by the scales of a komodo dragon, the technology is created to amp up that ball grip and control.

Preds don’t only focus on ball control either. That’s why cushy but responsive Boost is a common sight in this silo. This also holds for the form-fitting and supportive Primeknit which especially complements high top models


For a prestigious line like the Predators, it’s only expected that it’s got its moments in the spotlight. As the soccer arena as its stage, numerous pairs have been outfitted by professional footballers over the years. Most notably, Paul Pogba had his signature collection for the silo.

Other recognizable athletes to don their pair are Alessandro del Piero, Steven Gerrard, and Kaka. 

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