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When talking about athletic shoes, Adidas is always one of the purchasers’ go-to brands. Having been in the industry for seven decades now, it is safe to say that the company is an expert in athleisure shoes. So much so that it has tapped into several sports now, producing top-notch sports footwear. 

One of the sports covered by Adidas is track and field. This sporting meet includes the famous jumping event—pole vaulting. This competition demands skills such as speed, agility, and strength. To be able to yield these, it takes a good athlete and an equally good pole vaulting spike—a quality that’s evident in an Adidas pole vault shoe. 

Adidas pole vault shoe series

Best Adidas pole vault track and field shoes - May 2020

To cater to the varying necessities of the contender, Adidas has made sure to offer different models of its pole vault spikes. These shoes deliver different functions and qualities, aiding to the powerful performance of the pole vaulter. 

Adidas Jumpstar

Sporting versatility, the Adidas Jumpstar is a jumping spike that can cater to pole vault, triple jump, high jump, and long jump. It remains a favorite among athletes who handle multiple disciplines in track and field. With its engineering, it flaunts superior grip, security, and support. 

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV

As the name projects, the Adidas Adizero TJ/PV is perfect for triple jumping and pole vaulting. It is a featherlight track spike that boasts the perfect blend of protection and precision. Because of its makeup, the track jumping shoe delivers a propulsive and stable performance to the wearer.

What makes an Adidas pole vault spike exceptional

What makes an Adidas pole vaulting platform outstanding is its utilization of several high-grade technical features. This is without employing too much weight, which makes it even more ideal for quite a few jumpers. Here are some of the common components and technologies incorporated in the Adidas pole vault spike’s configuration: 

Pebax plate. Aside from hosting the changeable pins of the Adidas pole vault track shoe, the plate offers ultimate grip. It maintains a good combination of lightness and flexibility, promoting propulsion and comfort, respectively. It also serves as the underfoot cushion, mitigating shock during impact. The same outsole element is found in the famous running shoesNike Zoom Rival S 9 and Nike Zoom D

Adiwear outsole. Apparent through its name, the Adiwear outsole is another proprietary innovation from Adidas. It is composed of a highly durable and non-marking rubber that’s equipped to some of the brand’s pole vault spikes. It is strategically placed in high-wear areas of the track shoe for abrasion protection. 

Sharkskin. Another common outsole element to Adidas’ pole vaulting platforms, sharkskin augments traction and sturdiness. It features criss-cross patterns that act as the slip-resistant elements of the shoe. It either runs full-length or is located at the heel of the jumping shoe.  

EVA sockliner. Recognized as an ideal midsole material, the EVA footbed is composed of TPU pellets. These are heated then cooled, supplying just the right amount of cushioning for comfort and responsiveness. It utilizes minimal weight to adhere to the lightness of the Adidas pole vault shoe. 

Pro-moderator. It is responsible for complementing the Adidas’ pole vaulting spike’s EVA insole. It is composed of TPU that amplifies motion control, reducing overpronation. It is ultra-light and sturdy, preventing drag. 

AdiPRENE+. Its main objective is to boost the cushioning of the Adidas pole vault shoe. It is usually employed in the heel of the jumping spike, enhancing both stability and momentum build-up. With its properties, it also attenuates impact shock. 

Adizero technology. It is an upper technology that’s present in an Adidas track jumping platform. This design approach aims to minimize weight by integrating super-light materials and innovative engineering to trim down weight. In the case of an Adidas pole vault shoe, synthetic upper is utilized to employ minimal weight and optimize security and support. 

CoolEver mesh. What makes the CoolEver mesh popular is its standout engineering; it is comprised of clover-shaped yarns. These are responsible for draining the moisture within the foot chamber, providing a healthy foot environment. It also provides slip resistance, boosting security. 

Forefoot strap. Also a conventional component among Adidas pole vault footwear, the forefoot strap is made of Velcro strap. It permits convenient lockdown, pushing the foot further into the midsole. This is intended to keep the foot locked in place and improve support. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the best Adidas pole vaulting spike for me? 

To choose the best Adidas pole vault shoe, there are three things to consider. First, comfort must always be a top priority. Second, always check the security of the shoe; it should be tight-fitting. However, this should not mean that it will obstruct the blood flow of the foot. Third, it should have good surface traction to increase one’s speed and stability for a powerful leaping performance. 

How many spike pins does an Adidas pole vault shoe require? 

This is dependent on the number of spike receptacles present in an Adidas pole vault shoe. This is also dependent on whether the track shoe has changeable pins or not.