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Offering a wide range of track and field shoes, Adidas offers some of the best long jumping spikes in the market. These jumping shoes are packed with the brand’s high-grade technologies and components. Offering traction, support, and security, Adidas long jump track shoes remain the go-to jumping spikes of athletes from all over the world. 

The anatomy of an Adidas long jump shoe

Best Adidas long jump track and field shoes - May 2020

Adidas’ jumping spikes offer just the same qualities as the brand’s other shoes— durable, supportive, and grippy. These are the very same attributes one can spot from an Adidas long jump spike. These are all owed to the componentry of the track shoe. Here are some of the usual features present in an Adidas long jumping platform: 


  • Pebax plate. Intended to maximize grip while minimizing the weight, the Pebax plate is a polymer-based plate. It exhibits a good ratio between weight and stiffness, imposing heightened speed. This is essential in optimizing the takeoff of the jumper for a robust leap. 
  • Sharkskin. Featuring criss-cross patterns, the sharkskin is usually incorporated full-length or placed at the heel. This is to increase the grip of the Adidas long jump spike, providing stability. This, in turn, promotes safety and propulsion. 


  • EVA midsole. A common midsole material among all track shoes, the EVA midsole pronounces comfort and responsiveness. It serves as an underfoot cushioning and mitigates shock during impact. This protects the foot from any injury during the run and landing. The same midsole element is found in the Adidas Adizero Finesse.
  • Pro-moderator. This is another sturdy midsole component that complements Adidas long jump shoe’s EVA midsole. It is composed of TPU, which is responsible for its strength. The Pro-moderator prevents overpronation because it manages motion control. 


  • CoolEver mesh. A proprietary upper innovation from Adidas, the CoolEver mesh manages sweat and moisture. This is largely due to its design, which utilizes clover-shaped yarns. These help wick away any form of moisture, promoting a healthy foot environment. Just like standard mesh, the CoolEver mesh employs minimal weight. It also has slip-resistant characteristics for superb security. 
  • Synthetic overlays. With synthetic overlays, the Adidas long jump track spike is graced with support and structural integrity. These overlays feature a seamless integration, preventing irritation and hotspots. These push the foot into the midsole, locking it in place. 
  • Forefoot strap. Composed of Velcro strap, the forefoot strap promotes convenient lockdown. It supplements the shoe’s typical lace-up closure system, securely locking the foot down. It adds support, promoting stability. 

Spotting an authentic Adidas long jump spike 

Here are some of the things to take note of in order to find out whether one’s Adidas long jump track shoe is authentic: 

  • Always check the laces of your Adidas jump spike. An original Adidas long jump shoe has laces that are neatly rolled and tightly sealed inside a plastic bag. 
  • Each track shoe has different serial numbers. If these serial numbers are identical, the track jumping spike may be a counterfeit. 
  • There should be a tag behind each of the shoe’s tongue, providing product and size information. 
  • An authentic pair of Adidas long jump shoes also have uniform stitching. Quality, even on the smallest of detail, is highly prioritized by the brand. It should be easy to tell apart the original from fake Adidas jumping spikes because ingenuine spikes have shoddy and loose stitches.
  • A real Adidas long jump track shoe has consistent and correct spellings. Meanwhile, a fake Adidas track platform has typos and grammatical errors on the boxes and tags. 

Frequently asked questions

Is an Adidas long jump spike expensive? 

Yes and no. There are some models of Adidas long jump track shoes that are cheap, and there are those that are expensive. Those that are classified in the cheap track jumping category usually sit in the price range below $100. On the other hand, the more expensive ones are those above $100. It is also important to note that although these track spikes differ in price, they still embody Adidas’ signature qualities— reliable and durable. 

Where can I get an Adidas long jump shoe? 

Purchasers can get a pair of Adidas long jump spikes in both physical and online stores. For those that really want to secure precise fit and size, they can opt to go to Adidas’ physical store. There are also other physical retailers that sell authentic Adidas track jumping shoes, so the buyer has a wide range of options. There, they can try on the fit of the track spike first before proceeding to purchase. Customers can also choose to browse through various online retailers to save time and energy. However, it is recommended for them to review the insights of other users before buying. With the help of RunRepeat, looking through options and reviews has been made easy.