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Adidas Harden basketball shoes

In spite of his exemplary athleticism, James Harden had to wait more than a half a decade to be given his own line of signature Adidas Harden basketball shoes. Launched in late 2016, his first series is known as the Harden Volumes simply because each model comes in a number of (or a volume of) colorways. Since then, Adidas and James Harden have come up with three more lines. One is the Adidas Harden B/E series that produces slightly more affordable signature options. These kicks are usually released first overseas. 

Another line of affordable signature kicks is the Harden Stepback. These are comparable to LeBron James's Witness series and Kyrie Irving's Flytraps. The Stepbacks are sold at almost 50% less than the avage price of the main line of Harden Volumes.

Finally, we have the Harden LS collection, which of course is composed of Adidas lifestyle sneakers that are still fit for on-court action.

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Buyers who have limited budget can opt for the Adidas Harden Stepback or even the B/Es. Though cheaper, these shoes are still judged to be at par with the Harden Volumes in terms of performance.

All hoop shoes, the Adidas Harden basketball shoes included, expectedly become cheaper over time. They are usually at their cheapest when the most recent model is about to be released. Indeed, the best things come for those who wait.

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