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Adidas D Rose basketball shoes

Derrick Rose started his NBA career as a celebrated athlete. He was hailed as the Rookie of the Year at the end of his debut season (2008-2009). He also won a skills challenge game during the All-Star Weekend. Only two seasons later, he become the third player to score 2000 points and 600 assists in just one season. With this achievement, he stands alongside the likes of Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Given all that, it does not come as a surprise that he landed a lucrative deal with Adidas, and it's one that helped launch his own line of Adidas D Rose basketball shoes. This line was initially successful. Buyers were adamant to get a pair and models were sold out shortly after being released.

Unfortunately, Derrick Rose was plagued by a series of injuries that kicked him out of the court for a while. His time off the game has surely dimmed both his popularity and that of his signature shoe line.

Adidas, however, never stopped producing a new D Rose every year. By the time that the Adidas D Rose 11 hit the shelves, Derrick Rose was already back on his feet, earning points and winning games just like he did when he was just starting.

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Like Kyrie Irving and LeBron James from Nike, Derrick Rose and Adidas also produce a more affordable line of signature shoes known as the D Rose 773s. Those who want to save can opt for these models.

The main Adidas D Rose basketball  shoes also become cheaper roughly a year after their release. Here at RunRepeat, buyers can easily compare the retail prices of D Rose shoes across various online stores. With this, the best deal is truly within reach.