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    Adidas Grand Court - Weiß (FW9779)
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    Adidas Kaptir - Negbás Grisei Gritre (EE9513)
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    Adidas Kaptir - Ftwr White Ftwr White Ftwr White (EG3803)
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Best Adidas Cloudfoam Sneakers - August 2019

Being one of the largest and most profitable footwear company globally, Adidas has built its reputation on delivering products that meet the demands of its consumers by combining style, experience in crafting sneakers, and technologies. Seemingly to have done it all, they have released a sub-brand, the Adidas NEO which appeals to the eyes of the younger generation because of its fun pieces. 

To help the sub-brand deliver stylish and comfortable pieces, it utilizes Cloudfoam, a well-known technology that was initially used in the midsole and was later on adopted on the sockliner. Though not all of the sneakers under the NEO sport this technology, it can be observed that many are seen clad in this advancement. 

Dubbed as the new kid in town, the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam fell under the radar during its launch in 2016. Unlike other Adidas collections like the EQT and NMD, the Cloudfoam was not provided a grand marketing scheme. Youtube sensations are all that was needed in order to set the brand on the map. In a way, it was able to make an impact on its consumers.

Even though sneakers under this collection is not exactly what sneakerheads would flock on to, it caters to a niche, those that only need the basics-- a stylish and comfortable pair for everyday. Here we get into the nitty gritty of what’s really special about these. 

Why should I buy Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers? 

There are many reasons that drive us into purchasing something. Sneaker collectors would probably have different requirements that push them to press the add to cart button. On the contrary, the average Joe would probably demand something different. If you are on the hunt for your next piece to add to your acquisitions, we tell you some of the reasons why the Adidas Cloudfoam is a deserving piece:

  • Affordability is one of its strongest point. Compared to other Adidas shoes, we can guarantee that those that fall under this line are one of the cheapest ones. 
  • Trendy and stylish is its game. Since the millenials and the Generation Z are its main target consumers, Adidas makes sure that it’s always bringing the fashion on. 
  • Never neglect the comfort. No pain, no gain isn’t exactly the Cloudfoam’s mantra.
  • Selection comes in a wide array. As a consumer, we all want to be laid down with a huge spectrum of colors and designs so that we can get make the best choice possible.

Most popular Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers

A testament that there are many popular models that are released by the line, we lay down some of the most eye-catching pieces that could be included on your collection. Here are some of the most noteworthy items under the collection which might help you if you’re on the hunt for your next purchase.

Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate

An ultimate sneaker for daily use, the Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate boasts style and comfort with its sock-like upper that hits the trend list. While some prefer to use these for running because of its runner aura, it is also a fashionable piece to be incorporated on your daily outfits.

  • The Look: Respond to the call of the streets with the almost slip-on construction of the Cloudfoam Ultimate. The knitted upper and webbed tongue allows to wear the shoe in an instant. 
  • How to Style: Perfect your Instagrammable OOTD by pairing these with a shirt and shorts or jeans. If you want to add more flair to your flavor, a track suit will instantly add style points without much effort. 
  • What’s the damage: Buyers can enjoy its wallet-friendly price for $85.

Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer

True to the name of the technology used, the Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer has a barely there feel because of its breathable and lightweight mesh upper. Take advantage of the material as these sneakers are the perfect alternative to flip flops during the hot summer days. These sneakers are packed with style and comfort without breaking the bank. 

  • The Look: Minimalism is still one of the stellar style features of the Lite Racer. There is a Three Stripes branding on the side to give identity to the shoe.
  • How to style: Depending on your preference, one can go from simple to bold with these. Pair it with shorts for a casual look or dress it up with dark-washed jeans.
  • What’s the damage: Not much damage has to made as its price is kept affordable at $70.

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer

Another running-inspired shoe on the list is the QT Racer. More than style, comfort is an utmost priority as it is lined with Cloudfoam sockliner outsole, midsole, and sockliner. In addition to that, it is combined with memory foam for a smoother ride. These women’s designed shoes has a more narrow build for that more feminine feel.

  • The Look: It’s easy to follow the athleisure trend with the QT Racer. The round-toe and low-top silhouette makes the shoe pair well with almost any casual ensemble. 
  • How to style: These sneakers is ideally paired with leggings and a basic dri-fit shirt for that stepped-out-of-the-gym look. Nonetheless, it can also be paired with dressier items like dresses or skirts. 
  • What’s the damage: Those that are working on a budget need not splurge as these only values for $65.

Adidas Cloudfoam Racer TR

Lightness is taken into the next level with the Adidas Cloudfoam Racer TR. The mesh upper promotes breathability while the Cloudfoam sockliner and midsole brings the comfort on a different height. We’re not kidding when we say that there are about 50 colorways to choose from for this model. Indeed, there is a pair for everyone. 

  • The Look: Look sporty without the necessary skills by wearing this trail running-inspired sneakers. The Blocks on the sole posts a similar feel to the NMD’s only at a more affordable price. 
  • How to style: Just like the covetable NMD, men and women can fashion the shoes from strolling at the mall or for going to work. 
  • What’s the damage: Keeping the price modest, buyers should expect to shell out $75 for these beauty.

Adidas Cloudfoam Revival Mid

Sporty and casual comes in a medley with the Adidas Cloudfoam Revival Mid. Though taking style notes from court, it looks polished and contemporary. The excellent contrast of the textured upper and smooth quarters blends well into different outfits seamlessly. In addition to that, the geometric camouflage pattern adds design to the monochromatic upper and makes the whole silhouette more interesting.

  • The Look: The Adidas Cloudfoam Revival Mid comes in a wide array of colors but most of it are neutral, which comes to advantage for people that are indecisive on how to style it. 
  • How to style: Since neutrals pair well with most clothing, it is easy as pie to dress up or down this pair. You can wear it with shorts, jeans or joggers, whatever floats your boat. 
  • What’s the damage: Even though it is one of the most expensive pieces under the Adidas Cloudfoam collection, it maintains to be under the $100 price point at only $85.
  • A collaboration piece using this mid-top silhouette was released in 2012. It was in collaboration with Star Wars. 

Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid

One of the most unique silhouettes of sneakers under this category is the Ilation Mid. Because of its instant basketball-vibe, it stands out from the majority of the running-inspired footwear under the Cloudfoam collection. Other than its cushioning system, the interior is lined with a plush fabric to ensure that comfort and style comes on equal footing.

  • The Look: The Ilation Mid has a sleek leather upper that holds its shape and delivers sleekness as if on court. 
  • How to Style: Instantly get the sporty look without too much effort with the Ilation Mid. Pair these with high socks and a basic white tee for that signature Justin Bieber look.
  • What’s the damage: These sneakers will get some eyebrows raise, only because of its cheap price tag, $60. 
  • Another 2.0 version of the Cloudfoam Ilation Mid is also available. 

Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage Clean

If you are on the hunt for something that oozes the same vibe as the Stan Smith, then this iteration of the Cloudfoam Advantage is the perfect fit for your tennis court needs. Even though it comes in a wide array of colorways, most are in neutral tones or navy blue. People who love to inject colors on their outfit might find this disappointing. However, those who don’t want to think too much on coordinating clothes will find these charming.

  • The Look: Because of the leather upper clad in the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Advantage Clean, it looks sleek and most put-together than canvas options. 
  • How to style: Like other tennis sneakers, expect the same versatility for these. Pairing it with jeans, joggers, or shorts will all match well. 
  • What’s the damage: $60 is a fair price to pay for an item that will be overused. 

Adidas Cloudfoam Super Racer

The play of different textures is one of the most striking features of the Adidas Super Racer. The dual-tone 3D mesh contrasted and use of neoprene on the heel cage offers breathability and additional support. What makes these sneakers extra special was that it was the model that was worn by Youtube sensation Marcus Butler during the launch of the Cloudfoam in 2016. 

  • The Look: This running-inspired low-top sneakers are available in several colorways, all of which in neutral shades which boosts its level of versatility.
  • How to style: For colder months, users can opt for joggers or jeans to cover up their legs and achieve warmth. It can also transition for summer and wearing shorts with it will help achieve a casual look immediately.
  • What’s the damage: $80 is all it needs to get a fashion-forward sneaker.
  • Several iterations using this silhouette has been produced. Some of those include Star Wars and Camouflage Pack.

Adidas Cloudfoam Super Daily

True to its name, these sneakers prove that it is indeed for everyday use. The simple and clean design juxtaposed by the Three Stripes makes it an exemplary pair to coordinated with many outfits. Inspired by running, the Cloudfoam Super Daily  could also pass as a tennis shoe. Whatever its source is, the shoe is versatile enough be used on formal and casual events.

  • The Look: Different colorways determine the material of the shoe. Some sport a thick canvas upper while others use nylon.
  • How to style: Those with the canvas coating make a perfect pair for casual use while those in nylon is ideal for more formal occasions.
  • What’s the damage: Users can make the most out of their $70 as these sneakers are a great addition on any boy or girl’s sneaker rotation. 

Adidas Cloudfoam Super Skate

Another distinctive shoe on the list is the Cloudfoam Super Skate. Not that it comes in a flamboyant design, but its skating roots makes these different from the others. Even though it is created more for fashion, some users that used it for skateboarding enjoyed the cushiony midsole. 

  • The Look: With the advent of skater sneakers like Vans, DC, and Etnies being used on the streets, Adidas also dips into the skater shoe trend with the Cloudfoam Super Skate.
  • How to style: Almost any article of clothing will pair well with this low-top built sneaker. The ladies can follow the 90s trend by pairing it with capri pants and cropped top. The gents on the other hand, can wear these with cargo shorts and bucket hat for that casual 90s look. 
  • What’s the damage: No need to contemplate on whether to splurge or save for a fashionable pair. $65 is all it needs. 

Adidas Cloudfoam Flyer

You’re probably going to have an idea that you can fly with these sneakers. The superb combination of mesh and Cloudfoam, two extremely lightweight materials, makes these feel like second skin. The synthetic leather overlays that acts as one with the mesh keeps everything light as a feather. 

  • The Look: While most of the offered colorways come in neutral tones, there are some that are induced with a pop of color which fits well to those that prefer deviating from the basic sneaker. 
  • How to style: Seemingly straight from the tracks, the Cloudfoam Flyer seals any casual outfit. Pair it with shorts if your strolling on the mall or beach or you can also dress it up a bit with jeans when you have a casual dinner to attend to. 
  • What’s the damage: Everything is guaranteed budget-friendly with this collection. Purchasers will be surprised in a good way as these only costs $70.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Adidas Cloudfoam?

If you look into how Adidas sneakers are named, most of it are in connection with the design of the shoe, just like with Adidas Samba, Gazelle, and Cloudfoam. The Cloudfoam is quite different because it is a technology that is attached on the name of the shoe, similar to the Boost. 

The Adidas Cloudfoam is composed of a newly developed ethylene-vinyl acetate compound that provides optimal cushioning system and superior comfort. Because of how lightweight the material is, it does not weight the shoe down.

What is the difference between Adidas NEO and Cloudfoam?

Neo translates to new, which is the sub brand of Adidas which caters to teens. Using the same model as fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M, Neo have more frequent releases and have a more affordable price point. 

Cloudfoam, on the other hand, is the technology that is used on the midsole or sockliner of the shoe. Many of the shoes under the Neo sub-brand uses Cloudfoam technology. 

Are Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers great running shoes?

We can’t blame the brand for releasing items that look like they are made for the track. With running sneakers used as a fashion piece tops the trend list nowadays, more and more people are interchanging both.

Though it is not exactly a life and death situation to wear a fashion-oriented footwear for running, we also cannot 100% recommend it for running just because they are not constructed for it. If you are looking for something that is apt for the sport, there are several running shoes you can choose from the same brand. 

These, we can guarantee, are built to have the stability, support, and comfort needed from your sprints to long-haul runs. Runrepeat houses countless of running shoes and goes into detail about how each shoe performs.

How do you clean this type of sneakers?

Cleaning sneakers are probably one of the most tedious and intimidating chore that most of us think. But it’s really not, promise! Only a few ingredients are needed-- mild liquid detergent, water, and soft-bristled cleaning brush. An old toothbrush will also make do. Here are the steps.

  • Remove the laces and dip it on a mix of detergent and water. 
  • Brush the shoe with the brush to initially remove excess dust and dirt. 
  • Using the same combination of soap and water,  dip your brush and rub it on the upper of the shoe, concentrating on areas that are stained. 
  • Do not forget to brush the interior of the shoe and the crevices n the eyelets. 
  • Gently wash the shoe with water and let it air dry.
  • Remember to not put the shoe on a washing machine as it can ruin the material and the shape. 

Can you suggest different ways to lace the Cloudfoam sneakers?

Lacing your kicks in different ways is a subtle way of giving a new look without spending. Though it is not essential, learning how to lace your trainers is one way of reviving its style and giving it a new light. There are many ways to do it, all you need is a little bit of creativity. If you want to learn more about the most purposeful way of lacing, you can check out it out here. Even though the article targets running sneakers, the step-by-step guide can be useful and can be used for sneakers as well. 

Does the Adidas Cloudfoam run true to size?

Compared to Nike and Converse, Adidas generally runs true to size. However, not all sneakers are made equally. How the shoe is constructed and the materials used can affect how it translates to the feet. If you are planning on one online and not sure about how it fits, you can search the shoe here at RunRepeat and see how the reviewers see it. 

How does the Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers perform alongside other Adidas shoes? Since they are quite cheap, does that mean that they’re not good?

The price of the shoe doesn’t equate to its level of comfort. We can’t deny that there are pricey pairs that aren’t the best. More so, not all cheap pairs are all comfortable as well. 

Though we don’t exactly know the story behind the name, its name became suitable since many compare the feeling to walking on clouds, not that many of us would actually have an experience on that. 

Other Adidas sneakers, on the hand, would boast other features. The Boost, which many also find comfortable, brags about its responsive cushioning system. The Torsion system targets the arch support by serving as a bridge from the forefoot to the heel. 

Other than casual, are there other ways to wear this type of sneaker?

Absolutely! One of the great things about the Adidas Cloudfoam is that they are also versatile and they can be worn in varying occasions. Here are some other ways to style them:

  • Business-casual
  • Opting for a dark hues will help you achieve a more dressed-up look in an instant. To seal the look, match it with dark-washed denims and a button-down. If you also have a more formal event to attend to, let’s say a meeting with the bosses, sealing your outfit with a blazer will elevate your look without thinking about it too much. 
  • Formal
  • Though many celebrities have been spotted wearing tux with sneakers, it still is a look that is frowned upon. To eliminate being on the top of the worst dressers, choose a pair of men’s Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers that has a leather upper to achieve that polished look similar to a leather shoe. This will work whether you’re opting for a bow tie or a standard tie. 
  • Edgy
  • You can also level up your look by channeling your inner James Dean. Though a motorcycle is one of his best accessories, your Adidas Cloudfoam will also look posh with a leather jacket and ripped denims. 

Are the Adidas Cloudfoam exclusive for men? If not, how can the girls wear them?

Even if the sizes that are available for this line is men’s sizes, the ladies can still avail of their size by going down two sizes. Since its style is minimal, women can also take advantage of this style and inject their femininity. Here are some of the ways that you can wear your Cloudfoams and still look fun and girly:

  • During the summer, wearing a sundress with a white sneakers can sure look trendy and fresh. It doesn’t matter if it’s patterned or flowy. Most of the colorways come in neutrals so color pairings wouldn’t be a struggle. 
  • Cop Selena Gomez’s rebellious style by wearing it with a black dress topped with a fur vest. She keeps keeps everything polished sticking to black. 
  • You can also wear them during the winter by pairing them with a turtle teck, thick leggings, and a trench coat. You can opt for an all black innerwear and shoe and using a colored trench coat for a subtle injection of color. 

Is It hard to find Cloudfoam sneakers? Where can I purchase them?

It is relatively easy to find Cloudfoam sneakers. They are vastly available on many physical sneaker stores especially ones that carry the Adidas brand. You can check out their website and look into the Store Finder button to check the nearest one near your location. 

If shopping at your fingertips is more your game, there are also many online stores that offer the product. Some on the top of our list are,, and

When ordering online, just make sure that the sites that you are ordering from are reputable so as to avoid counterfeit items. 

How much should I splurge for a pair of Cloudfoam sneakers?

Comfort and  style aren’t the only major factors that drive consumers into their purchase. Price plays a huge role because let’s face it, not all of us are willing to spend an arm and leg for beaters or dailies. The good thing about Cloudfoam sneakers is that even though it carries the Three Stripes, is also wallet-friendly. Everything is kept under the $100 mark. Some of the cheapest ones that they have costs only $60 while the priciest are $85.