buy adidas 4d sneakers for men and women

Adidas 4D sneakers

Freeing themselves up from the limits of the past, Adidas unveiled its futuristic midsole dubbed as 4D technology. This latticed sole is 3D printed using light and oxygen, giving us light, stable, and fashionable iterations called Adidas 4D sneakers. 

Adidas 4D trainers for men and women

In case you've been planning to cop a pair of these technologically advanced sneakers, the RunRepeat team is here to assist you. We have rounded up some of the most popular Adidas 4D kicks to help you decide which pair suits your needs.  

Taking into account the movements of runners, Adidas launched the Futurecraft 4D. Similar to most running kicks, this is a lightweight model perfect for day-long street cruising. Plus, it looks very fashionable, tailor-made when you want to look sporty and fabulous at the same time. 

Reinventing classic sneakers into modern is not new in Adidas' sphere. Adidas replaced the usual foam cushioning with this futuristic midsole to give an entirely new appeal to the classic ZX models. Check the Adidas ZX 4000 4D and Adidas ZX 2K 4D and see how incredibly trendy and fashion-forward they look.

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