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8 reasons to buy

  • The Callaway Solana TRX is an extremely comfortable shoe, according to many reviewers. 
  • This spiked shoe keeps a hold of the ground, preventing slip from planting to swing to follow through.
  • A couple of users are fond of this lightweight product. 
  • One recommends this Callaway golf shoe for pronators. 
  • Some individuals gush about the style of this shoe. 
  • A golfer claims that the features of this golf trainer help improve his overall performance. 
  • The waterproof upper keeps the foot dry and is easy to clean, as stated by some buyers.
  • A few users claim that each aspect of the shoe screams quality.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A small number of testers notifies that it needs a break-in period.
  • One says that the material looks cheap because it creases in certain areas. 

Bottom line

The combination of quality materials and incredible craftsmanship paved the success of the Solana TRX. Golfers praised the technologies embedded in this model as they turned out to be useful on the turf and easy to maintain while off the course. 
Even though the minority observed some glitches, many welcomed all of its features. They would recommend it to other players looking for a spiked pair. 

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Good to know

Who is it for? The Callaway Solana TRX is created for golfers who need all-around footwear to endure hazards and elevations and weather transitions without sacrificing comfort and stability.

No-slip, just twist. Tilting the shoe exposes the seven removable PiviX Fast Twist 3.0 spikes. It has a twist and locks TRI-Lok system that holds the ground to the maximum that doesn't sacrifice ground feel on different surfaces. The generous amount of cleats also provides lateral stability, which can be extremely useful when planting swings or when walking through elevations. 

Cradling the foot. A combination of two technologies is placed on the Callaway TRX's midsole. Called 5mm PLUSfoam insole and Opti-soft EVA, these midsole cushioning systems deliver all-day comfort. It also gives the right amount of thickness to prevent golfers from losing ground control. 

New leather. The Callaway TRX is provided with a microfiber leather upper. Though it is not the traditional material used, it serves as a green-friendly option for environmentally-conscious individuals. It is also applied with a waterproof treatment through Opti-Dri to ensure dry interiors, no matter how harsh the environment is. 

The inside matters. A mesh liner called the Opti-Vent acts as the synthetic upper's best accessory. It covers up with the usual complaint of not being breathable by managing the heat and wicking away the moisture.


The Callaway Solana TRX boasts a dapper silhouette that has modern accents that make it look athletic. Elements of textures, use of different materials, and contrasting hues were all injected in these. Despite these accents, the shoe's overall look is versatile and an easy accessory to any outfit. 

How to stye? Its waterproof yet breathable feature permits it to be styled in various ways. Wearing them with shorts, trousers, sweaters, or collared shirts will all work well. Those who are feeling a bit more adventurous could also inject a pop of color on their clothing and be assured that it wouldn't clash. Moreover, those who are apprehensive about their sense of style can simply pull anything from their closet and have that peace of mind that it'll blend in. 


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