Verdict from +100 user reviews

6 reasons to buy

  • A high percentage of Callaway Balboa TRX reviewers attest to this shoe's comfort level. It has a cushioned insole that helps with specific foot issues. 
  • The wide base of the shoe serves a stable and reliable foundation that aids the foot for a smooth pivot. 
  • Traction is a quality that many found exceptional. This spiked shoe holds well on rough courses, and no slippages were encountered even in wet conditions. 
  • Several golfers appreciate the modern styling of this spiked golf shoe. 
  • Numerous athletes find the waterproofing feature extremely useful. The Callaway golf shoe can be worn on wet courses without the hassle of leakage. 
  • Some of the users claim that this spiked shoe maintains incredible ground contact from backswing to follow through.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A small number of commenters are not satisfied with the spikes. One finds that they wear out quickly, and the process of replacing them requires hard tools.  
  • The upper needs some improvement, according to a few individuals. The leather and the sole of the shoe separate after a few games.

Bottom line

Most types of footwear revolve around comfort. But Callaway delivers more than that. The Balboa TRX offers that and more in order to fulfill the demands of golf. Those who were able to try this out were generally satisfied with the trainer's performance. Though some people experienced glitches, many claimed that they'd still recommend it.

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