We spent 6 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what golf players think:

7 reasons to buy

  • The Ecco BIOM G 3 is regarded as extremely comfortable by a great number of users. 
  • The Gore-Tex feature is highly lauded by numerous owners. It keeps the water from entering the interior despite a heavy downpour or snow.  
  • Some of the commenters are surprised with the stability that this spiked shoe gives. 
  • These shoes create an excellent connection with the ground that helps golfers set up their stance easily. 
  • A few individuals are pleased with the quality of these Ecco golf shoes
  • The BIOM G 3 possesses impeccable quality, according to a number of commenters. 
  • A small number of golfers single out the upper of the shoe for being soft and flexible. It also has a sleek appearance that would be appreciated by mature players.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A small percentage of testers find the material a bit stiff for their liking. A break-in is necessary to soften it. 
  • One says that the arch falls a bit high and requires some getting used to at first.

Bottom line

The game of golf is special for many. While it may be relaxing because of the greenery, it poses different demands that can throw one’s performance off. Comfortable, waterproof, stable are the qualities that strike most with golfers. Besides that, it is also wrapped in a sleek package.



A top 10% best golf shoe
A top rated Ecco golf shoe

Expert Reviews

95 / 100 based on 4 expert reviews

  • 100 / 100 | Plugged In Golf | | Level 3 expert

    The ECCO Biom G3 are a perfect blend of stability and mobility in a cleated golf shoe. I was impressed with how natural movements felt – both walking and during the swing. Traction was excellent.

  • 100 / 100 | Driving Range Heroes | | Level 2 expert

    ECCO has created another winner of a golf shoe, providing modern good looks, new technologies, premium materials, and super performance. The ECCO BIOM G3 shoe will offer golfers a comfortable, sporty piece of equipment that will make all your friends think you’re a European fashion model at the same time.

  • 80 / 100 | Golf A Lot | | Level 2 expert

    You get the comfort benefits of a hybrid shoe whilst also benefiting from extra stability and styling that could suit a variety of golfers for reliable, high-performing usage in all conditions.

  • 100 / 100 | | | Level 1 expert

    So, the G3 utilises a host of premium materials and advances technologies to deliver astounding levels of stability, traction, protection and, above all else, dynamic comfort. What’s not to love.

Become an expert

Prioritizing performance has always been in Ecco’s purpose. The Ecco BIOM G 3 is a new and improved version.

Added Gore-Tex. One of the most notable updates that was injected for this one is the Gore-Tex. This change is a big leap as it makes the trainer suitable for all

Lightweight traction. Pioneering the spikeless outsole created the reputation for the brand that it does take its outsole game seriously. The BIOM G 3 displays a hybrid outsole. It is a combination of eight replaceable spikes, through the CHAMP Slim Lok system. The receptacle system grips the ground to the maximum without weighing the foot down. 

Sure-footedness. Each spike is strategically-positioned on the outside. The middle part, on the other hand, is placed with an intricate pattern to further induce traction. The bottom of the shoe embraces a distinct shape. It has a deliberately widened heel to achieve enhanced stability.

Grounded feel. The middle portion draws in comfort and stability from two innovations. One of which is the BIOM natural motion, a technology that brings the foot closer to the ground. Doing so gives more stability to ensure better footing during a drive.

Anatomical design. Everything is integrated using FluidForm, a unique anatomical last that is crafted from a direct injection process. It is composed of fluid materials to mold the most comfortable base. 

Removable insole. An Ortholite inlay sole serves as the BIOM G 3’s cushioning system. It is removable to provide extra room for golfers with wide feet.

Durable and breathable Yak leather. Coating almost the entirety of the trainer is a full-grain premium Yak leather. A distinct characteristic of this material is that it is not only durable but it gives exceptional breathability. Blending in with it is a double-layer neoprene collar. It is a soft element that expands to adapt to the movement of the foot. 

Waterproofing Gore-Tex. To keep the foot completely waterproof, it is constructed with Gore-tex. This thin membrane maintains the shoe’s breathability and comfort while ensuring that the interior is kept dry.

Contrasting colors prevail with the Ecco BIOM G 3’s designs. Housed in a modern and athletic design, this trainer remains versatile to transition though different course types and seasons. 

The yak leather is a one-of-a-kind material that is particular to Ecco. The tumbled and textured leather creates a subtle accent, making its overall look distinct. 

  • Ecco takes it up a notch in providing the best for its consumers. This trainer is given a three-year waterproofing warranty.