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Mike Trout is talented, and he is bound to turn heads. The New Jersey native entered the baseball arena at an early age. Showing promise in the diamond, he was twenty years old when he was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in the 2009 MLB draft. Since then, the athlete has become a trailblazer. The ‘Millville Meteor’ has won numerous accolades including three Most Valuable Player awards, seven Silver Slugger Award, and eight Major League Baseball All-Star citation. 

Given his athletic awards, the Swoosh was fast in scooping up Trout and it quickly gave the athlete his very own signature line. The partnership has since resulted in several releases. The brand studies the player up close and gather data from him in order to create truly remarkable Mike Trout baseball cleats. 

Nike Mike Trout cleat releases

Best Mike Trout baseball cleats - May 2020

Here are the signature models from the Mike Trout collection. 

Nike Lunar Vapor Trout 

Given his prominence, Mike Trout didn't have to wait that long for Nike to happen. He is only the second baseballer to be given a signature line after Ken Griffey Jr., proving just how special of a baseball player he is.

The Nike Lunar Vapor Trout is that baseball cleat that sets the right tone. It is a testament to the beast of a player Trout is. Sporting a look as unique as its muse, this Nike Trout model makes use of a strategically molded synthetic leather upper. Infused with Flywire technology, the shoe has been designed to ensure lockdown and a stable ride. As given away through the cleat's name, Lunarlon foam is used to ensure lightweight cushioning. The outsole, on the other hand, is constructed from a Pebax material with a stud configuration meant to deliver traction and durability. 

This Nike pair has been made available in several colorways. All of which feature a gradient effect for its overall look. 

Nike Lunar Trout 2

Focusing on speed and power, the Nike Lunar Trout 2 represents Mike Trout really well. Built with Nike’s know-how in shoe construction and Mike Trout’s insight and genius in the diamond, the Nike Lunar Trout 2 is created to dominate.

These second generation of Mike Trout cleats focus on a dynamic and supportive fit while maintaining a lightweight feel. The look of the Trout 2 is in keeping with the molded effect of its predecessor. The pair also shares several technologies with its predecessor. These include Nike’s Flywire system that ensures lockdown and Lunarlon foam for its cushioning system. This model also has the same Pebax outsole that features a nine-stud configuration for traction. 

Perhaps one of the release’s most interesting colorways is the ‘Rainbow Trout’ colorway. Dressed in the colors of an actual trout, the palette is a clever mix of wordplay, aesthetic inspiration, and the athlete's befitting love for fishing. This version sports a gradient look with a cascade of greys, pinks, and blues that eventually lead to a light grey midfoot and forefoot. The shoe is then sprinkled with gold specks primarily on the top part of its upper. This color combo was featured in the shoe’s first-ever release, as well. It has since been tweaked for its second generation. 

Nike Zoom Trout 3 

The third iteration of the Nike Trout cleats pushed for innovation. Introducing a couple of new features for the collection, one can tell that Nike does not play around when designing their shoes. Gaining tons of inspiration from the star athlete’s style of play, the Nike Zoom Trout 3 is designed for that powerful and speedy ride.

The Nike Zoom Trout 3 cleats are the first Nike Trout cleats to introduce a new cushioning system to the collection. Upgrading to a visible Zoom Air, the pair delivers lightweight comfort for the diamond. With units installed in the forefoot and feel areas, the low-profile ride delivered also serves well for those steals and leaps. 

In addition to the Zoom feature, geometric divots are introduced to the outsole to help prevent dirt from clinging to the plate. This also minimizes drag when the player is in motion. 

Notable colorways for this release include the ColorBurst collection. In celebration for the 2017 baseball season, the color palette features a prominently grey shoe that has a literal burst of colors for the upper. The scheme provided a good contrast between the subdued neutrals and the mix of lively reds, yellows, blues, and purples found in certain areas of the cleat. 

This model is also available in several variations including a Nike Zoom Trout 3 Turf model and a mid-top one as well. 

Nike Zoom Trout 4

Backed by science, the Nike Zoom Trout 4 took a data-driven approach for its construction. Taking notes from the research done on track and field spikes, shoe designers applied some of the processes they used that yielded promising results. From this, emerged Mike Trout cleats that have a more comfortable, lightweight, and personalized creation. 

FEA or Finite Element Analysis is also used for this release. A test for traction, what designers did was,“...look at the forces driven by him [Trout], and then we try to simulate that digitally so that we can tune the traction and the actual performance of the plates.” 

With this knowledge and the data gathered, Nike’s designers were able to generate a scientifically, data-driven product. 

The creation of this cleat is not without Trout’s preferences, either. The waterfall collar, for one, was a preference specifically requested by the athlete. A foam material wraps around the collar for added cushioning. The gusseted tongue, on the other hand, prevents dust and debris from entering the shoe. 

The launch colorway of this Nike Trout cleat is called ‘Mahi Mahi.’ Aside from being another fish-inspired palette, the color inspiration of the pair was connected, in part, with 2017’s midseason location, Miami. 

Nike Force Zoom Trout 5

Continuing their scientific approach to shoe design, the Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 focuses on Trout’s proficiency in the diamond. Dubbed as a five-point-player, Mike Trout is one rare breed indeed. The Nike design team zeroed in on Mike Trout’s five tools that ensure that he’s on top of his game. These include: Hitting for power, hitting for average, game speed, defense, and arm strength. They have scrutinized and broken down these elements in a lab to create a boot that best complement this exceptional player. 

Keeping some of the technologies from its predecessors, the fifth-generation Mike Trout cleats feature a TPU and BZM combo for its soleplate construction. The Hexagonal Zoom Air units are still present and are placed in the forefoot and the heel areas. They still serve as this baseball cleat’s cushioning system. Finally, the raised collar which was a preference by the player himself and was featured in all of its predecessors is also incorporated into this model’s design. 

New components have been added to this edition as well. Perhaps the most notable one and the one that initially jumps out as you look at the pair is Mike Trout’s debut logo and wordmark. In addition to this, a dynamic molded upper which has been named, “Nike PowerMap.” This innovation ensures stability catering to baseball movements. The bootie tongue of the pair ensures fit security and easy entry. For breathability, perforations in the forefoot are also added. 

Nike Force Zoom Trout 6

The Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout has made some significant updates for the Nike Force Zoom Trout 6. While still keeping a somewhat similar look from its previous iterations, differences are also apparent. Sporting a sleeker design, the sixth release now sports a midfoot strap that reinforces support for the wearer. This design choice is reminiscent of the old Nike Huarache models and was a favorite of the player when he was a kid. The model also incorporates an all-new Flyweave material for its upper. 

For the look, Trout takes inspiration from his love of hunting as the shoe makes use of arrowheads. This pattern is integrated into the cleat’s upper, strap, as well as its outsole. 

While this shoe has a metal stud version, a Nike Force Zoom Trout 6 turf variety has been made available by the brand, as well. 

Mike Trout cleat personal touches

With his very own signature collection from the Swoosh, it’s just expected that the athlete would incorporate some personal elements into his Nike Trout models. Here are some of those elements and what they mean for the decorated athlete. 

856 Area code. It’s evident that the player is proud to be born and raised in Millville, New Jersey. The number 856, which is the area code of his hometown, is a common sight in several of his Nike trout cleats. The models that feature this little tidbit includes the Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 and the Nike Force Zoom Trout 6. 

Fish-inspired colorways. The fish-inspired colorways of his various models are, of course, because of his last name. One, which is dubbed as ‘Rainbow Trout colorway’, is a color scheme that was featured in several models including the Nike Lunar Vapor and the Nike Lunar Trout 2. 

Another Nike Trout shoe with that has a fish-inspired colorway is the Nike Zoom Trout 4. This pair featured a Mahi Mahi color palette and used a mix of blues and yellows for its overall look. This time, the color scheme is not only inspired by fish but is also meant to celebrate the 2017 midseason location which was Miami. 

Arrowhead elements. Inspired by the player’s love for hunting, arrowhead patterns are all over the Nike Force Zoom Trout 6. This shape is peppered across the upper, the outsole as well as the end part of the shoe’s midfoot strap. 

Nike Mike Trout cleat technologies 

Here are some of the usual technologies found in Nike Trout baseball cleats: 

Flyweave.  The Swoosh took the Nike’s Flyknit a notch further with Flyweave. Weaving yields a stronger material compared to knitting. Flyweave makes use of two different sets of threads. Paired with computer-aided engineering, Nike designers were able to modify the material to add small packets that may be filled for added comfort. This is evident in the Nike Force Zoom Trout 6 baseball cleat. 

Flywire. Found in the early Nike Trout cleat releases, Flywire helps with foot lockdown and shoe stability. Made of lightweight but strong Vectran filaments, this material is placed in key areas in the upper area. Since these filaments are thin, they support the wearer without adding bulk to the shoe. The Nike Trout shoes with this technology include the Nike Lunar Trout as well as the silo’s first release. 

Lunarlon foam. The cushioning system used by Mike Trout’s first two releases is Lunarlon. Created from high-density Phylon, this foam-based system is inspired by astronauts walking on the moon due to how soft and responsive the material is. This element has also been developed to absorb shock as well as reduce impact. 

Nikeskin. Integrated into the Nike Lunar Trout 2’s design, Nikeskin is a mesh layer that brings breathability and is bound with a thin polyurethane film. This layer allows the wearer a more barefoot-like sensation while also bringing a one-piece construction. 

Nike Zoom Air. From Lunarlon, the third up to the more recent releases of the Nike Mike Trout cleats have shifted their cushioning system to Nike’s Zoom Air technology. It makes use of pressurized Nike Air units that are integrated into the forefoot and the heel areas of the shoe. This innovation provides a lightweight yet responsive cushioning for the wearer. 

Pebax. A Pebax-based outsole was used for the first-ever release of Trout’s signature collection. The model featured a split-sole design that brought a lightweight and responsive ride on the diamond. Another model with this type of outsole is the Nike Lunar Trout Trout 2 baseball cleat.