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    Giro Empire SLX - Black Silver (GISEMSB)
    Giro Empire SLX - Viola (70823)
    Giro Empire SLX - White/Black (CICLISMO)
    Giro Empire SLX - Crystal White (ZAPATILLA)
    Giro Empire SLX - Metallic Charcoal (GISEMSG)
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    Pearl Izumi X-Alp Canyon - Turbulence / Wet Weather (151920016XR)
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    Giro Empire ACC - Dark Shadow 19 (GISEMAG)
    Giro Empire ACC - White/Black (GISEMP8B)
    Giro Empire ACC - Blue (RADSCHUHE)
    Giro Empire ACC - White Reflex 18 (70772)
    Giro Empire ACC - Silver Reflective 18 (GISEMP6B)
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Lace cycling shoes

One of the main ingredients for a comfortable fitting cycling shoe is a quality fastening system. The traditional lace-up has been the only closure mechanism used on bike shoes for decades, and with good reason.

If you find the lace’s classic aesthetic, aerodynamic design, and ability to evenly distribute pressure throughout the foot practical and ideal, then check out our selection of lace-up cycling shoes.

The resurgence of lace-up cycling shoes

After being seen in the pro-road-race peloton in recent years, the lace-up style has been a mainstay in the cycling world and even penetrated the highest-end road shoes. Some of the leading brands that offer lace-up bike shoes are Giro, Five Ten, and Shimano.

The lace-up system is used across the entire biking spectrum - from road cycling to mountain biking and from a number of SPD shoes to almost all flat pedal shoes.

Benefits of lace bike shoes

Sleek, aerodynamic design. Lace cycling shoes display a slicker upper and aerodynamic profile than other closure mechanisms such as the Velcro strap or BOA dial

Retro looks and can accommodate unique foot shapes. Apart from the prominent old school looks that many cyclists love, the lace-up system can cinch comfortably after the foot’s shape.

Simple and cheap. Lace-up is effective without the complexity of the more mechanical closure types. Lace-up cycling shoes are also cheaper than other types of retention systems.

Different collections of lace-up bike shoes

Giro offers several shoes with lace closure. Most of these shoes are found in their Empire collection, which houses mostly road bike shoes.

For mountain cycling, the dominant brand to utilize the lace-up closure is Five Ten. Most of their shoes employ this retention system, including their leading Freerider collection.