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Adidas golf shoes

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  1. Any color
    Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 - Onix White Black (F33627)
    Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 - White Royal Silver Metallic (F33626)
    Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 - White Scarlet Dark Silver Metallic (F33625)
    Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 - White Trace Grey (F33729)
    Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 - Ftwr White Scarlet Night Sky (B41496)
    C$290 C$86 Save 70%
  2. Any color
    Adidas Adipower 4orged S - Core Black Red Ftwr White (B37175)
    Adidas Adipower 4orged S - Core Black/Ftwr White/Silver Metallic (AC8397)
    Adidas Adipower 4orged S - Grey Two Grey Four Raw Amber (DA9430)
    Adidas Adipower 4orged S - Legend Marine Ftwr White Hi Res Yellow (F34193)
    C$190 C$59 Save 69%
  3. Any color
    Adidas Tour360 Knit - Noble Indigo Clear Onix Bold Onix (AC8277)
    Adidas Tour360 Knit - Red/Black/Grey (AC8275)
    Adidas Tour360 Knit - Grey Grey F33631 (F33631)
    Adidas Tour360 Knit - White/Night Sky/Scarlet (B37772)
    Adidas Tour360 Knit - Core Black Grey Three Ftwr White (F33629)
    C$330 C$102 Save 69%
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buy adidas golf shoes for men and women

In the name of sports, Adidas has always been a go-to brand for most. It is no exception for golf. 

From a distance, it seems the brand simply soared to success, just like how it did with the other sports categories. But the brand faced several challenges and turns, similarly to a golfer playing the sport. 

The legacy of the Three Stripes can be dated since the World War era, but its entry on the golf arena started only in 1997. Years after, Adidas acquired the golf trifecta – Ashworth, Adams Golf, and Taylormade to strengthen the sports group further. However, in 2017, the brand decided to do a 180-degree turn and announced its full independence by establishing the Adidas Golf. 

The golf club offering has been fully divested, and the brand decided to focus on its other product lines: footwear, apparel, and accessories. Because of this shift, Adidas Golf is considered as a newbie. But, the decade-old experience plays a huge advantage in rebuilding its prestige and product line. Its mantra, "Born for Sport, Rooted in Golf," reflects highly on its creations.

What sets apart Adidas Golf footwear from other golf shoes

best Adidas golf shoes

Best Adidas Golf shoes - April 2020

The golf shoe market is composed of different brands. Each brand boasts something unique, which sets that competition high. Standing out in the course is a necessity. Adidas Golf does it so effortlessly thanks to these few characteristics:

  • A decade of experience

Even though Adidas Golf is considered as a newcomer in the golf shoe league, the transition as an independent brand happened smoothly. It is because of its expertise in the performance footwear arena cannot be dismissed. 

Through this, figuring out the formula for success did not come hard for the brand. In terms of marketing as well, the brand is given a vantage point because Adidas, in general, is a trusted brand in sports footwear. 

  • Research and testing

An Adidas golf shoe is more than meets the eye. It is a by-product of thorough research and experiment. The brand's testing lab looks into different golfer's body movements, foot patterns, and weight distribution. In doing this, the company formulates golf-specific features that will help the player's motion during the game. 

  • Keeping up with the advancements

In line with the extensive data that the brand has collected, it doesn't come as a surprise that the German-rooted mogul produced some of the most remarkable technologies. What is also beneficial is that it has a vast catalog that would be useful for different sports. In fact, a significant number of Adidas golf shoes feature a blend of technologies that are borrowed from tennis, football, running, and basketball. 

  • Deep understanding of the market

Since the creation of the brand, its primary goal is to help athletes perform their best. One of the secrets to its century-old success is that it captures the needs and wants of the consumers. 

While that applies to various athletic fields, it is practiced immensely in golf. Because of the rich history and culture of golf, it bred players that come with peculiar tastes. The brand captures the varying styles and needs of its users, and that mirrors on its offerings.

Popular collections of Adidas golf shoes

There are only exciting times for the new Adidas Golf. Its composition mixes the old and new, and that speaks on different levels. Each collection boasts of different characteristics that capture different styles. Below are some of its most notable lineups:


The Tour360 is the first and one of the most established franchises under the Adidas belt. It was launched in 2005, and its more than 10-year-old record produced some of the most notable tour-ready items. 

The collection was rooted in the technology 360Wrap, hence its name. And because of this, all of the pieces included in this group are injected with the technology. 

What is also unique about the Tour360 is that it features tour-ready pieces. In order to achieve that, it is crafted from a combination of premium materials and advanced technologies. It is no wonder that professional golfer Dustin Johnson heavily uses pieces from this collection for his competitions. 

In terms of style, the general look of Tour360 products leans more towards an athletic fashion than the street. 


The Adicross line captures the vision of the young golfers. It leans towards urban-inspired pieces that are seemingly on-trend not just in the golf shoe market but in other types of footwear as well. Because those included in the line are voguish, it perfectly captures the "athleisure" trend. Spikeless versions make the perfect stylish pairs for on and off the course wear.


The Adipure takes on a different route compared to Adicross. If there's a stereotype to golfers as being refined and classic, this line perfectly captures that. The collection epitomizes the footwear of a modern but posh gentleman.

Items from this group exude a more upscale and premium aura, thanks to the plush leather that is heavily used on most pieces' upper. The timelessness of its fashion caters to a diverse audience. Moreover, the spikeless version will seamlessly blend with everyday apparel when worn off the course. 

Technologies used in Adidas golf shoes

More than style, equipping the trainer with effective technologies plays an integral role in the footwear and golfer's performance. Adidas spends time, effort, and money to come up with the most compelling features to boost one's game. Below are some of the additions that can be seen on their golf shoes:


  • Centraxion

 The design of spikes has definitely evolved throughout the years. Gone are the hard metal nubs that rake the greens to the core. The Centraxion gave a new meaning to spiked golf shoes. The circular-shaped material is constructed to bring maximum grip to the ground without damaging the land. 

  • Puremotion

The invention of spikeless outsole transformed not only the shoe brands but the perception of golfers as well. It seemingly started a new era towards its modernization. Almost every footwear company has researched the ideal and most effective shape and size of lugs to use to get the most traction on the different conditions of the course. 

Adidas brags about Puremotion. It gets the best of all worlds because it displays deep flex grooves. The entire bottom manages to minimize the use of material which keeps the weight of the shoe to the minimum.  

  • Torsion Tunnel

When flexibility seems to be a lost cause when aiming for maximum grip, Adidas introduces Torsion Tunnel. The bridge-like feature delivers independent flexibility of the forefoot and heel. Through this, stability, support, and green friendliness are all achieved. 


  • Boost

One must be living under a rock to not know about the Boost. Its claim as the most responsive cushioning system does not lie. The overwhelming response of its consumers only proves it.

This midsole technology is shared by different sports footwear under the Adidas umbrella. And, its recent appearance in golf was welcomed by many. The energy return feature comes beneficial on typical movements like a powerful golf swing and walking long distances. 

  • Bounce

Aside from the Boost, another cushioning system that is usually seen on Adidas golf shoes is Bounce. Because it sounds quite similar to Boost, many question the difference between the two. 

Bounce is described as the more firm Boost. Derived from its name, the midsole gives off a bouncy feel because of its power-transferring feature. It improves comfort for walking long distances and stability when making a swing. 


  • 360Wrap

This upper component propelled the creation of the Tour360. It is quite easy to distinguish the items placed with this technology. Just like its name, the 360Wrap surrounds the entire midfoot. Through this, stability is targeted on the area where it is needed. 

  • FitFoam Geo

The FitFoam Geo is created to improve the fit of the shoe. The collar is infused with a visco-elastic polyurethane to give a personalized fit without compromising comfort.  

  • 4orged

4orged technology is the result of the brand's thorough study of the foot pattern of golfers. Forging applies heat on some regions of the feet where stability is needed. The process thickens the material and makes it stronger. Moreso, it shies away from putting an extra weight that might drag the shoe down. 

  • BOA

BOA is a separate brand in itself. However, because of this valuable and convenient feature, different footwear brands and sports categories use this technology. The micro-adjustable lacing system redefines the way a shoe is laced. Aside from giving a glove-like fit, the dial allows easy adjustments on-the-go.

Waterproofing technologies 

Because golf is an outdoor sport, water protection is an essential feature for most golfers. It doesn't matter if the golf course is situated in the sunny tropics or the harshest winter. Dealing with moisture and wetness is simply part of the game. Thankfully, Adidas formulated some resistance to keep the feet dry throughout the game. 

  • Climaproof

Used on footwear and apparel, this tech is crafted to give breathable water protection. Because it permits the interior moisture seep outside, sweat and heat from the inside escapes as well. 

The trainer coated with Climaproof has 10,000mm protection. The technology arms the item for all-weather wear. 

  • Climastorm

Unlike Climaproof, Climastorm provides up to 45mm of water repellency. Trainers equipped with this feature remains to be breathable. 

  • Gore-Tex

Though it is not the propriety of Adidas, it deserves a spot on the top technologies used on golf shoes. Created in 1969, Gore-Tex has been a tried-and-tested fabric that gives 100% waterproofing quality. The way the material is designed is unique. Its "pores" are small enough to prevent water on the outside from getting inside. But, at the same time, moisture on the interior breathes outwards.

Fun facts about Adidas Golf

  • Taking the sneaker-route to limited edition pieces, the Adidas Golf released an exclusive edition of the Crossknit 3.0. It is inspired by the famous Georgia peach sandwich that was offered by one of the concessionaires during the competition. 
  • Since the brand has been taking steps to an eco-friendly path, the brand has collaborated with Parley in releasing models that are made from recycled plastics. The Tour360 XT Parley shoe was released on June 2019 and was worn by Dustin Johnson on the 2019 US Open competition.
  • Dustin Johnson is in it for the long haul with Adidas Golf. Apparently, the decade-old partnership is not enough for both parties. He recently signed an extension of the contract showing his loyalty to the Three Stripes. 
  • As part of the reinvention of Adidas Golf, it introduced its first spikeless model in 2019, with Adidas Tour360 XT SL
  • It is quite a rarity to see Boost sporting another color than white. Although there are colored Boost soles that were released before, golf shoes also adopted the same with their line. The Adidas Crossknit 2.0 was among the unique pairs that get a black cushioning treatment. 
  • Previously, Adidas Golf was working with several golf companies, namely Ashworth, TaylorMade and Adams Golf. In 2017, Adidas divested the three to focus on its newly-formed strategies fully.

Frequently asked questions

Does Adidas offer the best footwear for golf?

With the myriad of golf shoe brands available in the market, tagging one as the "best" is a bold statement. The preferences of golfers are personal, but many are considered as loyal customers of the brand. 

The good thing about Adidas is that it caters to different types of golfers – beginners to professionals, men and women, seniors and juniors. There will always be something for someone. 

Is there a simple way to clean golf shoes? One that won't damage the material and its shape?

Cleaning the golf shoe is an essential process, not only for hygiene purposes, but it is an initial step for its longevity. The steps enumerated below are easy enough to do regularly.

  • It is recommended to do an initial cleaning after each game to prolong the life of the shoe. It can be done by banging the shoes against each other to get rid of the dirt and grass that are stuck in between the spikes. Doing this won't get rid of everything. Using an old toothbrush shall reach the nook and crannies. 
  • The upper, whether it is made of mesh or leather, can be cleaned using a mix of mild detergent and water. Dip a soft brush into this mixture and brush away. Focus also on stained areas. It should be noted that soaking the shoe may damage its material and shape. 
  • White leather shoes can be applied with a white leather shoe cleaner to get rid of scuff marks. It will also help condition the leather. 
  • Dark leather can be cleaned with regular leather cleaner. 

Are there steps that I can take to prolong its life?

It doesn't matter if the pair that you have is expensive or affordable. These do's and don't will help it serve you longer:

  • DON'T wash the item in the washing machine or dryer. This process can damage the material, shape, and cleats. 
  • DO allow them to air-dry indoors. 
  • DON'T store them wet. Doing this can cause odor and damage the upper material. 
  • DO rotate shoes. It applies to those that are aggressive wearers because it will let the shoe breathe.
  • DON'T leave the golf shoe inside the car trunk. It will be exposed to extreme cold and heat, which can shorten its lifespan. 
  • DO remove the laces when cleaning. Doing so will help access every nook and cranny.

Who are the professional golfers under Adidas Golf's belt?

Since the conception of the brand, its main goal has been to help athletes perform their best. Even before its new strategy "Create the New," Adidas has always been teaming up with some of the best people in the industry. Though this is a proven marketing strategy, this type of partnership cultivates and enriches the brand. Some of the famous golfers that they are teaming up with are as follows:

  • Dustin Johnson
  • Paula Creamer
  • Retief Goosen
  • Jim Furyk
  • Sergio Garcia 

Do cheap Adidas golf shoes equate to bad quality?

Not everything that comes cheap is substandard. Consequently, not all that are expensive are of high-quality. With that said, being a consumer can be quite confusing, and it takes a keen eye to really assess the craftsmanship of a shoe. 

Those that are classified as cheap shoes fall under the $100 range. These shoes, however, aren't poorly made. Carrying the prestige of the Three Stripes, these items used a mix of useful materials and progressive technologies. Though the selection may not include Boost or Primeknit, it satisfies the basic demands and needs of the players. 

Is it ideal for beginners to purchase a Three Stripes golf shoe?

There are different reasons why people start playing golf. Those that are beginning to like the game and have been seeing themselves frequenting the driving range and the course should have a vast selection with Adidas. 

Though it is not a necessity to wear golf shoes on the course, having one in the arsenal would greatly help one's performance. 

Those that are apprehensive about spending a lot can look at the budget-friendly options. These products offer comfort, water protection, stability, and support, which are what is needed when starting. If budget is not a problem, Adidas also offers a vast selection of pieces that are considered best by professionals. Usually, these pieces are apt for all-weather wear, made of premium leather, and injected with the best technologies.

Is there a way to determine my Adidas size?

Absolutely yes. The usual range that is offered for Adidas' men's golf shoes is US 7-15. For the ladies, the sizes run from US 5-11. Regarding width, it is essential to note that not all models have wide and extra wide widths. 

To get your Adidas sizing, the brand suggests measuring the feet. 

  • Put a piece of paper on the floor. One end should be at the other end of the wall. Stand on the paper with the heel touching the wall. 
  • Place a mark on the longest toe. Do this for both feet.
  • Gauge the length for both in inches. The one with the higher number should determine your heel-to-toe measurement. 
  • Go to the brand's website for the sizing chart. It displays the conversion of the heel-to-toe length to the golf shoe size. 
  • When getting the measurements, it is essential to do this at the end of the day. The foot expands throughout the day. It also applies when buying shoes. 
  • When the size falls in between, it is advised to go down a size for those who prefer a tight fit. On the other hand, if loose is a more comfortable fit, going up a size is recommended. 

Some of the Adidas golf shoes offer a 90-day comfort guarantee. What does it mean?

Each trainer produced by the brand is designed to give the utmost comfort and unbeatable fit. It is guaranteed by Adidas. Through the 90-day comfort guarantee, unsatisfied customers can return the product for full credit, whatever the reason may be.