We spent 7.6 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what golf players think:

7 reasons to buy

  • Many golf shoe aficionados claim that by far, this is the best golf shoe that they have ever worn.
  • Plenty of athletes who have tested the shoe out for several seasons affirm that it is a long-term item.
  • The spongy Boost midsole produces a sensation of walking on air, according to several wearers.
  • This footwear from the Tour360 collection provides comfort throughout the 18 holes.
  • Because of the waterproof upper, the shoe is suitable to be worn in wet conditions.
  • Keeping this Adidas trainer clean comes easy because of its soft leather upper, say a handful of commenters.
  • The clean and straightforward design makes this stylish pair transition through seasons.   

1 reasons not to buy

  • Satisfied with the performance, one person says that it is a waste that this specific model does not come in women’s sizes.

Bottom line

The 2019 version of the Tour360 XT is a step up from the previous version. It is no wonder that its users have given the shoe a high ranking as it is able to satisfy performance, quality, and style. The spiked construction may limit its use on the course, but makes it possible to play on different weather conditions and course types.

Generally, there is nothing much to complain about this golf trainer from Adidas. In fact, the majority of the reviewers have expressed that they would recommend this item. It may have hit a hole-in-one except that it is not offered in women’s sizes.   



A top rated golf shoe
A top rated Adidas golf shoe
A popular pick

Expert Reviews

77 / 100 based on 4 expert reviews

  • 70 / 100 | The Golf Fashion Guy | Level 2 expert

    All in all, these are a fantastic shoe.

  • 80 / 100 | Plugged In Golf | | Level 3 expert

    Personally, I like the convenience of putting on my golf shoes and driving to the course.

  • 75 / 100 | Independent Golf Reviews | Level 3 expert

    While I still might prefer spikeless shoes because I can wear them to and from the course as well as playing, these shoes are amazing.

  • 80 / 100 | Golf A Lot | | Level 2 expert

    They will offer 95% of golfers the comfort, traction and performance they’re after.

  • First look | Worldwide Golf Shops |

Become an expert

There’s no shortage on the use of technologies for the new and updated version of this Tour 360 shoe. Coming on top of the list is the inspiration of the shoe name, the X-traction. It provides unbeatable grip to overcome every challenge on the course. The technology is also taken into another level, helping the wearer conquer the 18 holes and more, through the dependable Boost midsole. All these technologies and more, encapsulated in a Climaproof-protected upper, results to a long-term shoe that golfers can rely on.

The outsole houses the major rework done for this Tour360 shoe. Two new elements were injected, both work hand-in-hand to improve comfort, grip, support, and stability.

Eight is the new ten. Proof that more is not always more, Adidas lessened the number of spikes from ten to eight. Reducing the number of cleats doesn’t necessarily mean that the grip is compromised. Each spike is now placed strategically on those parts of the foot where traction is necessary. This strategy aims to enhance comfort and flexibility and reduce the overall weight of the shoe. The spikes are also replaceable, which is beneficial in case one breaks. 

Extraordinary X-Traction.  To further push the boundaries, Adidas infuses the shoe outsole with secondary lugs, called the X-Traxion. From its name, it sports an X-shape, which works flawlessly in offering grip and stability without damaging the course.

Puremotion. The entire outsole of the XT is made entirely of Puremotion, a golf tech that is made of deeper flex grooves to give more traction and flexibility without weighing the shoe down.

Dependable Boost. Located in the middle of the upper and outsole is the ever-reliable Boost. This cushioning system is made of super-springy TPU pellets that are pressed together to form a shape. Compared to a slab of foam, the small capsules return to its form, which is how the “responsive” feature was born.

Both the previous and current version are spotted with Boost. However, the updated one sports a low-profile midsole, effecting to a closer feel of the ground and a shot of confidence in one’s swing.

Reaping the benefits of leather. Dressing up the 2019 Tour 360 XT shoes with premium leather roots to the conventional upper material of traditional golf shoes. Leather poses different benefits. One topping that list is breathability, which comes quite useful for an outdoor sport. The looks come second because let’s face it, there’s nothing more expensive looking than an excellent-quality leather trainer.

Reliable water protection. Looks aren’t enough when it comes to golf. Even though coating it with leather garners second glances, sealing it with the Climaproof technology steps raises the bar up a notch. This type of protection extends up to 10,000 mm, which in layman’s terms shields the foot against light rain, average snow, and light pressure. Despite being waterproof, the upper is kept breathable, making it wearable even during hot, summer months.

While most parts of the shoe have been reworked, the style remained the same for the Tour360 XT. Though not necessarily outdated, it only means that the styling of the shoe is timeless. The premium leather upper draws a resemblance to traditional golf trainers. But, looking at the detail gives a sporty look. 

The low-top silhouette of the shoe injects versatility to its aura. As its features spell its year-round wear, the classic styling effortlessly transitions through seasons. It can be paired with a puffer jacket during winter and a Climacool collared shirt when the summer months are in.  

  • A one-year waterproofing warranty is provided for this model.
  • The Adidas Tour360 2019 version is made famous by professional golfer Dustin Johnson.
  • The Adidas Tour360 XT SL and Tour360 SL BOA were released along with the XT on February 1st, 2019.