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5 reasons to buy

  • Edging: The Butora Wing approach shoe delivers a fantastic performance on edges, says an experienced hiker.
  • Crack climbing: A critic is impressed with the shoe’s ability to ascend cracks despite its burly construction.
  • Stiffness: Its rigidity is highly reassuring, based on a report.
  • Support: Someone who reviews approach kicks for a living adores the Wing’s supportive frame.
  • Randing: An owner is quite pleased with the beefy rubberized rand of this Butora piece.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Comfort level: The Wing could be more comfortable, a gear pundit says.
  • Weight: According to a purchaser, this product is unamusingly heavy.

Bottom line

Where unforgiving approaches are concerned, the Butora Wing is a commendable piece of gear to have around. Its combination of protection and support provides confidence with every step.

It is clear, however, that the shoe in question comes short in some areas. That said, the Wing deserves recognition for its hiking and climbing prowess alone.

Refinements found in the Wing

The Butora Wing has been updated to provide enhanced utility and aesthetics. The following are some of its improvements:

  • The randing around its forefoot covers a greater area than the one seen in its former self. With it, users can perform toe jams with increased grip and protection.
  • Unlike the version that came before it, the refreshed Wing now comes with perforations on both sides for extra breathability.
  • Its pointier front profile translates to easier access to slots and similar openings.

Butora Wing vs. La Sportiva TX2

In this comparison, the Wing is pitted against one of La Sportiva’s high-quality approach shoes—the TX2. Find out their differences in the following points:

Weight factor. There is about 200 g of difference between the two competing shoes, with the TX2 taking the lightweight crown.

Breathability. While the Wing has vent holes on both its sides, its rival is more breathable thanks to its knit upper.

Rubber rand. The Wing’s 360-degree rand provides climbing traction in every direction. The TX2’s, on the other hand, is thinner and segmented, delivering enhanced flexibility.


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