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6 reasons to buy

  • Many buyers find the Butora Endeavor to be an enchantingly comfortable climbing shoe.
  • According to a handful of consumer reviews, its hemp lining is effective in preventing the foot from smelling bad.
  • A majority of users say that it is a wonderful climbing piece for beginners.
  • The edging performance of this Butora product astonishes a bunch of climbers.
  • A minority of wearers love the minimal stretch that is offered by this climb-centric offering.
  • A few senders confirm that this shoe presents a ton of value for its affordable price.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several senders mention that the Butora Endeavor has lackluster grip performance on outdoor surfaces.
  • Some shoppers state that its heel-hooking ability leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Based on the evaluation of a few individuals, the shoe’s Velcro straps don’t hold up that well.

Bottom line

Buyers who seek a comfortable pair without breaking the bank may be interested in what the Endeavor has to offer. Its beginner-friendly construction and anti-odor properties also receive praise from the climbing community. 

On the other hand, some feel dismayed with the shoe’s traction on outdoor rock surfaces. All in all, the Butora Endeavor may be an amazing option because of its characteristics, especially for those who plan to use it indoors.

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Good to know

-The Butora Endeavor is a rock climbing shoe crafted with technologies to help climbers tackle challenging send attempts. Its upper is made of synthetic microfiber on the front and natural leather on the back for breathability.

-Giving wearers a stable platform is the shoe’s 3D injection-molded polyurethane (PU) midsole. Its sticky F5 rubber outsole supplies grip on virtually all types of rocky surfaces.

Downturn. The Endeavor is a neutral climbing shoe from Butora. Its flat construction renders comfort, which is suitable for long multi-pitch routes.

Applications. This Butora offering is a rock shoe built for traditional and sport climbing. It also provides an all-around performance for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The Butora Endeavor is a low-top climbing piece for men and women. It uses a slightly asymmetrical shape that adapts to the foot’s natural line. Its Velcro closure system is paired with a fork webbing feature to give a personalized and secure lockdown. The shoe’s tongue contains Poron memory foam to reduce pressure from the strap.

Butora offers two variants of the Endeavor - Wide and Tight. Both of these products are lined with organic hemp to limit the upper from stretching.

Midsole. Giving senders support is the Butora Endeavor’s 3D injection-molded PU midsole. It renders torsional rigidity and precision for edging on tiny nubbins. Its split-leather footbed delivers a custom fit to the toes while wicking moisture.

Outsole. Butora equipped the Endeavor with a proprietary F5 rubber sole. It is made of 100% butyl to help senders grip on rocky terrain. Its rear end extends upwards to aid in heel hooking.

The Butora Endeavor features a hybrid upper. Its front end is made of synthetic microfiber, which helps maintain the shape of the shoe. The back half of the upper is made of natural leather, which promotes breathability and comfort. It is lined with a layer of organic hemp to combat odor-causing microbes. 

The shoe employs a pair of Velcro straps for fit management. Two pull tabs are placed at the cuff to give wearers easy on and off. A rubber rand wraps around the upper’s base to make it resistant to wear and tear.

  • Those who need a pair for bouldering may consider aggressive climbing shoes. Among the options that may be explored is the La Sportiva Solution.


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