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7 reasons to buy

  • The Element Mesh ensures breathable support and moisture management.
  • Synthetic and Microfiber overlays secures the foot in a snug and efficient manner.
  • The Element Lining and Super DNA Sock Liner ensure a comfortable inner environment feel.
  • The Transcend 3 has mechanisms and features that mold themselves to the natural shape of the foot, thus making the wearer feel more in tune with the fit and the overall cushioning.
  • A smoother and controlled transition from the heel to the toe is handled by segmented components that work together.
  • The outsole is durable and it offers a reliable amount of traction over the ground.
  • The 3rd version of the Transcend is a great shoe for those who need additional support for the pronation of their feet.

4 reasons not to buy

  • The Transcend 3 has an expensive price.
  • There were runners who felt that it was a bit bulky and stiff.
  • Others noted that it had a narrow toe box.
  • Some noticed that it had a difficult break in period, which meant that their feet took longer to acclimate into the shoe and vice versa.

Bottom line

The Transcend 3 is a very supportive stability running shoe that many have enjoyed. Some users loved the shoe’s flexibility, comfort and cushioning but there are also a few who disliked the shoe’s narrow toe box and bulky look.  It has some of the most robust set of technologies and components for those who need underfoot cradling during daily athletic activities.

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Good to know

  • Maximum cushioning, excellent underfoot support and high quality protection are part of the service provided by the 3rd version of the Transcend from Brooks. This running shoe offers pronation correction mechanics to those who need to assume a more stable gait when performing. Its appealing design comes in many colors that’s certain to catch attention.
  • The upper unit of the Transcend 3 offers soft and secure coverage that’s breathable. The materials used here can also manage moisture, keeping the interior environment free from sweat and odor. The sock liner even conforms to the shape of the underfoot, efficiently making the platform more attuned to the foot shape of the wearer.
  • The mid-sole unit focuses on delivering a plush underfoot experience that’s supportive and stable. It features technologies that help the runner in assuming more stable and controlled transitions through the gait cycle. The thick foam itself doesn’t compromise flexibility, even with its high level of cushioning.
  • The outsole unit has a long-lasting rubber compound that is able to protect the rest of the sole unit from wear and abrasion. It doesn’t peel off easily, so it remains protective and robust at all times. A more responsive rubber compound is placed in the forefoot and it delivers flexibility, responsiveness and additional cushioning for better toe-offs.

The Brooks Transcend 3 has a standard running shoe length. It is available in men and women’s sizes that adhere to the regular measurement schemes for length. It has a medium width when it comes to the heel, mid-foot and forefoot sections. It accommodates medium-sized feet, though the material used in the upper stretches enough to give an allowance of space.

The HPR Plus is a rubber material that is highly resistant to wear and tear.  The same outsole material is also used in the latest version of the shoe, the Transcend 6.  The HPR Plus essentially protects the sole unit from damage and the potentially harmful nature of the roads. It also gives durable traction when traversing the asphalt, thus making sure that each swerve, turn and brake is as responsive as can be.

Blown Rubber is a more pliable and responsive rubber material. It’s found in the forefoot section of this running shoe. It doesn’t make the platform rigid, and it even encourages flexibility and additional cushioning. It makes each toe-off more agreeable and attuned to the performance needs of the runner because of its responsiveness.

The Stable Pod Configuration is the design of the sole unit. It’s more stable for this running shoe, therefore setting the foot up for well-balanced and effective transitions from the heel to the toe.

The Super DNA is the Brooks mid-sole material that delivers high levels of cushioning. The material that’s used for this unit is capable of molding itself to the shape of the wearer’s underfoot, making the platform more comfortable and in tune with the specific shape of the runner’s foot.

The S-257 Cushsole offers more cushioning and flexibility. It’s a more durable and resilient compound, and it acts as the foundation of the mid-sole unit. It doesn’t break down easily, thus making the cushioning effective, even after many uses.

The Caterpillar Crash Pad is a segment of pads that follows the natural movements of the foot. It gives cushioning where it’s needed and makes the heel-to-toe transitions much smoother and more agreeable.

The Double Omega Flex Grooves gives the mid-sole the capability to flex without compromising the high level of cushioning. The grooves are there to allow the foot to move more naturally through the running cycle.

The Element Mesh is a soft mesh that’s breathable and capable of managing moisture. It essentially keeps the foot dry and cool at all times. Air is constantly introduced to the shoe’s interior and the material itself doesn’t easily absorb water.

The Conformable Saddle Construction secures the mid-foot well, but makes it more personalized as it follows the dimensions of the wearer’s foot and giving it a snug yet consistent fit.

The Overlay System makes use of synthetic materials that are not stitched onto the upper unit of the Brooks Transcend 3. They secure the foot in a comfortable yet secure wrap. These overlays work with the lacing system to manipulate the upper fabric to follow the fit preferences of the runner.

The Element Lining is the inner sleeve material to which the foot is exposed when wearing the shoe. It’s made from a material that doesn’t absorb moisture, so it keeps the inner environment of the shoe dry and clean.

The Super DNA Sock Liner offers more underfoot cushioning. It also shapes itself to the contours of the underfoot, making the platform more attuned to the comfort of the wearer.


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