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8 reasons to buy

  • Many users were impressed with the speed lent to them by the Ravenna 9.
  • The shoe provided sufficient arch support, runners claimed.
  • Some buyers praised the shoe for its minimal weight.
  • A couple of neutral pronators who bought the Ravenna 9 were satisfied with its ride.
  • The midsole was very supportive without feeling too rigid, stated a wearer.
  • A comfortable shoe right out of the box, wrote a commenter.
  • One reviewer mentioned that the Ravenna 9 was bouncier, lighter, and faster compared to other Brooks running shoes.
  • A shoe that delivered fantastic stability even on steep roads, a runner remarked.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Numerous runners felt that the Ravenna 9 was too narrow, despite the various width options.
  • The toe box was tight-fitting, even after some miles, a disappointed user said.
  • One wearer experienced shin splints while running in the shoe.
  • The shoe rubbed uncomfortably against the lateral side of the foot, a runner observed.

Bottom line

The Brooks Ravenna 9 was admired by wearers on how it delivered comfort, support, and speed. There were many praises on the shoe’s midsole construction as well. On the other hand, users have rated poorly the Ravenna 9’s fit, primarily by some who experienced injuries while in the shoe. Overall, the Ravenna 9 was an acceptable stability running shoe for overpronators, but runners who are partial to fit might be wary before purchasing a pair.


Update: Brooks Ravenna 11
Terrain: Road
Arch support: Stability
Weight: Men: 9.5oz | Women: 8.1oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 10mm | Women: 10mm
Pronation: Overpronation
Arch type: Medium arch
Use: Jogging
Strike Pattern: Heel strike
Distance: Daily running | Long distance | Marathon
Heel height: Men: 26mm | Women: 26mm
Forefoot height: Men: 16mm | Women: 16mm
Release date: Feb 2018
Brand: Brooks
Width: Men: Normal, Wide | Women: Normal, Wide
Price: $110
Colorways: Black, Blue, Multi, Pink
Small True to size Large
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A top rated Road running shoe
A popular pick
Better rated than the previous version Brooks Ravenna 8

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88 / 100 based on 6 expert reviews

  • 94 / 100 | Jake Boesch

    Brooks Ravenna 9: An all-time favorite?

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    I recently went to a Fleet Feet store in North Carolina that has a wide selection of running shoes.

    I took a ¼ mile test run in several models: Saucony Freedom ISO 2, Saucony Liberty ISO, Saucony Kinvara 9, New Balance Zante v4, NB Fuelcell Impulse, NB 890 v6, Adidas Boston Boost 7, Nike Pegasus 35, Nike Zoom Fly, Nike Zoom Structure 21 and Brooks Ravenna 9.

    Many pairs showed a lot of promise based on initial feel; however, I ultimately settled on the Brooks Ravenna 9. Despite a couple of small drawbacks, the Ravenna 9 ranks highly among my all-time favorites.

    After 75 miles, I love the soft-snappy-smooth ride, nearly perfect upper, adaptability, practicality, look, and fair price (MSRP $110).



    During my first run in the Brooks Ravenna 9, a twelve-miler, I was thoroughly impressed with the mile-to-mile comfort, springy forefoot, soft heel, forgiving upper, and adaptability of the shoes.

    I tend to perform best in shoes that are lightweight, soft in the heel, bouncy at toe-off, minimally constructed, and have a 4 to 10 mm offset. The Ravenna 9 checks all of the boxes.

    The ride feels smooth and effortless. A sure sign that a shoe works well for you is if it disappears on your foot. The Ravenna 9 vanished. The Brooks BioMoGo DNA midsole and rebounding rubber outsole performed well. 



    During pace runs, my turnover felt quick. On long runs, the amount of cushion—not too much, nor too little—left my legs fresh and with an urge to go another mile.



    I usually do not fall for a shoe that advertises stability components, but the Ravenna 9’s features—even the thicker-interior midsole foam—felt perfect to me. In other shoes, like the Saucony Kinvara or even the Brooks Launch, my runs have felt sloppy at times, as if the shoe interferes with where my legs want to go.

    I anticipated that this may be a problem with the Brooks Ravenna 9, but in fact, I discovered the opposite. The Ravenna felt succinct and made my runs seem efficient. Brooks has marketed this shoe in its “Energize” category, and I think that’s an accurate claim.



    The midsole foam wedge feels subtle. Runners who supinate (foot rolls outward) may be bothered by the interior stability offered with the Ravenna 9; however, if you are used to a wide range of neutral shoes or prefer very mild support, I think these could be a good match.

    My right ankle has a bit more flexibility and pronation than my left, and the Ravenna 9’s stability seemed to alleviate some of the calf soreness I’m prone to. If you tend to like shoes that firmly sit in the “stability” category, you should be aware that the Ravenna 9s may not offer the same degree of support than you are used to.


    Some people may find the upper around the outside toes to be a bit too snug, so I’d be cautious of that if you have wide feet.

    The upper rubbed a little bit on my pinky toes initially but after the first few miles, I did not notice the discomfort anymore. The shoe seemed to stretch and adapt to my foot. As another minor complaint, most people probably won’t mind, but the Ravenna 9 heel collar seems a touch overly stuffed. Brooks could slim this down in order to add to the shoe's sleek profile.



    The shoes felt spot on in my usual 9.5 U.S. running-shoe size. I have a thumbnail’s width—1/2 inch—exactly between my toes and the end of the shoe.

    I have fairly narrow heels and slippage can be a problem, but the Ravenna 9 feels secure without any movement. On the trails, my foot did not slide when I took sharp turns.



    Brooks took a risk with the Ravenna 9, and they succeeded. It looks clean, fast, and bold. The pair does not give off the often-boring vibe of a stability shoe.

    The breathable knit upper competes with some of the best designs out right now. Brooks made the Ravenna 9 an ounce lighter than its predecessor, and they brought it closer to the wildly popular Brooks Launch. They completely redefined what a light stability shoe can be.



    I plan for the Ravenna 9 to last at least 400-500 miles which is impressive given its relative simplicity, lightweight, and relatively low price point (MSRP $110). After 75 miles, I have not noticed any substantial signs of wear.

    The blown rubber on the outsole’s forefoot gives flexible springiness that helps the shoe perform well at faster paces. DNA BioMoGo midsole offers cushion that adapts to a range of paces and distances.

    Despite, it’s slightly narrow upper, the Ravenna 9 is practical. It’s going to last, can handle nearly any type of run, and is priced fairly in comparison to its competitors. Highly recommended.

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  • 92 / 100 | Jones Hamilton

    Brooks Ravenna 9 Review: More Bounce, Mild Stability

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    The Ravenna model is now in its 9th iteration, and Brooks continues to deliver satisfaction to its fans.

    Now with a lighter design, the Brooks Ravenna 9 offers mild stability and enhanced responsiveness. Runners can now expect a more energized performance, lighter feel, and supportive ride.


    Looks and design of the Brooks Ravenna 9

    Compared to the old Ravenna, the Brooks Ravenna 9 now has a seamless upper construction.

    It uses a new mesh material with some great color combination. At first glance, I found the shoe really appealing. I also love the perforations in the mesh which I think gives the shoe a nice touch.



    The overall design of the Ravenna 9 is much better than the Ravenna 8 – less bulky, lightweight, and more breathable. This pair is now one of my favorite running shoes for road running.

    Comfort and breathability

    A light mesh material offers the foot a breathable coverage. The upper of the Brooks Ravenna 9 offers a combination of flexibility, breathability, and structural support.

    The perforations in the mesh allow the air to pass through efficiently, keeping the foot cool all throughout the run. The mesh is stretchable enough and conforms to the shape of the foot, giving me the comfortable wrap.



    The upper has a seamless construction that reduces the possibility of irritation, and the fabric lining offers a very smooth in-shoe feel. Actually, the shoe feels so soft inside. No warm feeling, no hotspot, no blisters, just soft and comfortable feel.


    While I am extremely happy with the comfort and breathability feature of the Brooks Ravenna 9, I am also a bit disappointed with the overall fit of the shoe. The sizing runs half-a-size smaller than my usual size.

    Also, the forefoot feels a bit narrow. To get the perfect and snug fit, I purchased one size up instead. Thankfully, the lace-up closure of the shoe provides a reliable midfoot lockdown.

    Ride quality and overall performance

    When it comes to performance, the Brooks Ravenna 9 won’t disappoint. The shoe offers a very responsive cushioning delivered by the new adaptive BioMoGo DNA midsole.

    This midsole technology is also used in Brooks Launch models. It has been designed to deliver a light yet springy midsole foam for a more energized running experience.



    Aside from the added bounce in every step, the Brooks Ravenna 9 also offers mild stability. Thanks to the Diagonal Rollbar that helps reduce excess pronation, making my running experience more stable and stress-free.

    Made from a durable rubber compound, the shoe offers reliable traction on the road and other rough surfaces. The rubber material is sturdy enough to survive several miles of long-distance runs.

    In the outsole are also the flex grooves that offer flexibility without affecting the overall underfoot cushioning.



    When it comes to durability, I cannot say that it’s superb nor poor. I think the shoe’s durability is average. I’ve owned several pairs of Brooks running shoes, and they are pretty awesome when it comes to endurance.

    The shoe is reasonably-priced, and I don’t have any issues with the materials to the overall durability of the design. I think I can still use this pair for the next five to six months.

    Summary review of the Brooks Ravenna 9

    Good Points

    • Breathable
    • Bouncy ride
    • Lightweight
    • Reliable traction
    • Great color options

    Bad Points

    • Size runs small
    • The forefoot is a bit narrow


    The Brooks Ravenna 9 is not an exceptional shoe, and the fit is a bit bothersome, but I think it delivers what it promises to deliver – more bounce, mild stability.

    Aside from the affordable price, I really like its color.

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  • 98 / 100 | Road Trail Run | | Level 5 expert

    All in all, I was wowed. Honestly Brooks, you did an outstanding job with the Ravenna 9 (send me another pair!) - - Run Specialty stores, don’t hesitate to pull this as a neutral option with a firmer ride for the runner seeking that. It’s not an Adrenaline and it won’t fire up the IT bands of a neutral gait cycle. A real, real nice shoe.

  • 80 / 100 | The Active Guy | | Level 5 expert

    You should try the Brooks Ravenna 9 if you are looking for a performance stability running shoe that can be worn for daily training runs and tempo runs.

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  • The ninth release of the Brooks Ravenna is a flexible, supportive, and lightweight shoe, ideal for energetic runners who want to gain more support and speed. This version boasts of responsive cushioning, a light, secure fit, and quick transitions. The Ravenna 9 is ideal for overpronators or runners with flat arches needing additional support.
  • The fresh-looking upper headlines the design of the Ravenna 9, featuring a mesh that is more open, as it does away with the stitched-on front overlays which were present on the Ravenna 8. Another update is the saddle strap that is not within the upper.
  • Although the midsole material stays the same as the previous version, the construction slightly differs on the Ravenna 9. The Caterpillar Crash Pad integrates into the foam instead of being a separate layer. Another revamp is the layout of the flex grooves under the heel for better shock absorption.

The Brooks Ravenna 9 has a standard running shoe length. Runners do not need to worry about finding a comfortable fit as the shoe is available in medium and wide for both the men’s and women’s versions. With its ample structure, the shoe accommodates foot volumes from low to high.

The Ravenna 9 retains the outsole material of the earlier iteration, which is teamwork between standard blown rubber and Brooks’ exclusive HPR Plus outsole.

The HPR Plus is a durable rubber that has high abrasion resistance. It is responsible for equipping the shoe with the adequate traction for multiple surfaces. Meanwhile. The blown rubber material is found in the forefoot, as it supplies the area with responsiveness and flexibility necessary for transition.

The area in the middle where the HPR Plus and the blown rubber meet is called the Midfoot Transition Zone. It allows the runner quick and seamless strides, therefore enhancing the speed.

Completing the layout of the outsole is the Omni Grooves, which lend flexibility to the shoe while also providing an aesthetic to the outsole’s pattern.

Ever-present in the Ravenna series including its latest version, the Ravenna 10, is the BioMoGo DNA midsole. This midsole the result of a combination of two separate materials: The BioMoGo and the DNA.

The DNA is Brooks’ proprietary midsole material. It is gel-based, thus adapting to the force imposed on it; this means that the higher the power, the stiffer it becomes. Following this notion, heavier runners will yield a firmer cushioning, and faster paces will receive more energy return.

Mixed with DNA is the BioMoGo compound. It aids the DNA in offering an adaptive cushioning to the underfoot. As its name implies, BioMoGo uses fewer raw materials, therefore environment-friendly.

To control overpronation, the midsole has the Diagonal Roll Bar (DRB), which is a midsole material that works by adjusting the foot towards a natural motion. This action results in a smoother heel-to-toe transition as DRB prevents excessive inward motion during the stride.

As a partner to the outsole’s Omni, the midsole also has flex grooves called the Omega. These indents add to the shoe’s flexibility, but not at the expense of cushioning.

The upper of the Ravenna 9 is a breathable mesh that promises maximum-level ventilation and customized fit. Compared to its predecessor, this version has coarser vents, but it does not reduce foot coverage. The mesh is assisted by Element Lining, which controls moisture to keep a fresh and healthy foot environment.

A reflective midfoot saddle is attached to the mesh. It offers support by locking down the midfoot, as well as safety by allowing visibility on low-light conditions.

The shoe’s collar is made of plush and soft fabric to give the ankle protection without sacrificing comfort.


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