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10 reasons to buy

  • Many runners described the Brooks PureCadence 6 as comfortable.
  • A number of consumers considered this shoe to be suitably lightweight for their running sessions.
  • The foam platform felt responsive, according to a high percentage of purchasers.
  • There was generally positive feedback for the presence of a supportive mechanism that handles foot-pronation.
  • Some reviewers noted that the upper unit was able to fit like a sock around the shape of their feet.
  • The breathable fabric used for the upper unit gained favor for being breathable.
  • Many observed that it worked well for shorter and speedier runs.
  • The shoe was lauded for having an apparently appealing design.
  • The outsole was sure and capable in terms of traction and protection, based on a majority of the reviews.
  • According to a consumer, wearing the Brooks PureCadence 6 didn’t bring about any negative repercussions to the feet.

3 reasons not to buy

  • There were a few consumers who thought that the outsole wore out too quickly.
  • It felt a bit narrow in the midfoot section, according to some observers.
  • The stretchy laces were hard to tighten, a disgruntled runner complained.

Bottom line

The Brooks PureCadence 6 became a success for a lot of runners who wanted to have a comfortable and stable running shoe for their speedy pursuits on the road. They welcomed its design, as well as its color schemes. They were also generally appreciative of the lightweight and responsive nature of its components. There were those who felt that there was still a lot of room for improvement, but for them, it was a solid update nonetheless.

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Our reviews

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I bought the Brooks PureCadence 6 as the shoe to run my first-ever marathon. The PureCadence is a low heel drop, stability shoe; great for daily running or competition.

The market for low drop shoes is a little tighter than I’d like for it to be, so I was happy to come across these shoes that also had the stability midsole for miles of supported running. The colors offered by Brooks tend to be consistent and reliable, and the price was definitely reasonable considering the class of the shoe.



To be honest, when I got them out of the box, they didn’t look very durable at all.

This was my very first pair of Brooks running shoes, so while the reputation for Brooks is stunning, I didn’t know what to expect exactly. They have a very low profile, are quite light in weight, and don’t show off any hard plastics that say ‘built to last’.

Looking at the tread, I wasn’t sure how they would handle the roads, especially the cold wet roads and sidewalks of Portland, Oregon. They seemed stiff, and I was wondering how they would respond to my first runs.

But these guys are true work horses! Hundreds of miles later, in all sorts of elements, the shoes continue to improve me with their durability and what seems like an improving comfort with every mile.

A closer look

Giving a more detailed look at the PureCadence 6, I am impressed with the quality that Brooks has put into this shoe. The materials of the upper are soft to the touch, flexible, and yet quite durable when it comes to encountering the rain, mud, and random debris that one encounters on outdoor runs.

The tongue of the shoe does not overshadow the rest of the shoe; it is sleek, subtle, and stable. I even enjoy the laces; super stretchy, and never coming undone while on the road.



The mid-foot section has a surprising reinforcement that not only looks pretty sharp with a bit of a shine to the shoe, but it also seems to give a reinforced strength to the rest of the upper. I did note some wear on the lip of the shoe, but that is mostly because of my stride, and shouldn’t be expected for everyone.

These shoes are definitely road shoes, although I have been able to use these on the treadmill and in the gym as well (I even wear them on the road when traveling every now and then).

Again, all I can say is that shoes do not wear down! The tread on the sole of the shoe has yet to wear down in any excessive way, and the cushioning inside the shoe continues to hold up for each mile.



So are the shoes perfect? No, but really, no shoes are.

They do show some wear and tear after a while, but nothing significant outside the ordinary. One negative about the shoe has to do with the general feel, especially of the forefoot. I notice that while I love the width for toe splay with these shoes, it feels a bit awkward compared to the relatively tight heel.

There is no discomfort in the running itself; just a bit of an odd feeling at first. The size of the shoes seemed to run just about right; perhaps a little larger than expected.

Overall, I am enjoying these shoes more and more each day. I wonder what mile 300 will feel like! Happy Running.

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I am a runner, pastor, writer, and lover of all things outdoors, living in Portland, Oregon, with my wife, Julie, and my cat, Annie. I can be found on the trails of Forest Park, hiking along the coast, on Mount Hood, or running the bridges of the Willamette River.

Good to know

  • The Brooks PureCadence 6 like the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is a stability running shoe that’s created for those who need mild support against the overpronated foot motion. Design-wise, it looks similar to the 5th iteration of the series, but it’s made to be more lightweight than that predecessor.
  • Fused overlays and a stretchy lacing system still grace this version, but the mesh material in the upper has a look that entails that it’s been constructed in a more secure manner. Contrary to the previous version, this one has a more subdued color scheme, with more emphasis to shades of black and gray. The overlays also have a shinier disposition, which looks to heighten its visual appeal.
  • The mid-sole unit of the Brooks PureCadence 6 still features the company’s proprietary foam material, which offers a customized underfoot experience for the specific wearer. Lightweight Guide Rails around the shoe keep the foot steady and prevents it from printing irregularly during the running session.
  • Durable rubber covers the mid-sole. It protects the foam material from the abrasive nature of the asphalt. Grooves all over the surface of the outsole allow the foot to move more naturally through the gait cycle.

The Brooks PureCadence 6 has a standard running shoe sizing scheme. It accommodates the preferences of men and women. The standard width is available, so it is able to welcome the runners who have medium sized feet. Its semi-curved shape follows the natural curve of the human foot.

Same as with the 7th version of the PureCadence, it uses durable rubber compound for the outsole unit of the Brooks PureCadence 6. Placed liberally to in the forefoot and rear sections, it responsibly shields the foam material from abrasion and wear. It also provides traction, which is helpful for surface control.

The Omega Flex Grooves in the outsole allow the platform to be more flexible. These small channels basically help the foot in performing naturally as it takes each step and lifts off the ground.

The BioMoGo DNA foam material fuses two of the premier tech in the Brooks stable. This new compound offers responsive cushioning that’s tuned to the needs of the wearer. It follows the shape and motion of the foot, adapting to it in order to achieve more comfort.

The Lightweight Guide Rails are sections of the platform that feature a denser material. It supports the foot and prevents it from assuming irregular pronation when running or when standing idly.

A Rounded Heel hugs the foot and accommodates a smoother and more natural strike during the foot-landings.

The 3D Fit Print Upper offers a flexible wrap to the foot of the wearer. Breathable fabrics are used in order to provide a cool and dry experience. It’s also seamless, so it prevents skin irritation.

The Comfort Collar offers a plush exterior for the ankles, heel and the lower portion of the leg. It also assists in stabilizing the foot and keeping it in place.

An Internal Support Saddle provides additional security to the mid-foot, thus enabling a snugger coverage.

An External Heel Counter holds the rear of the foot and locks it in place, basically preventing it from exiting the shoe unexpectedly and accidentally.


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