Updates to Brooks Launch 6

  • This 6th generation of Brooks Launch is for neutral runners who are looking for a comfortable and breezy running experience.  Thanks to its updated midsole, Brooks Launch 6 has added more foam for cushioning through the use of their BioMogo DNA technology.  This DNA cushioning provides a more springy and responsive feel under the forefoot.
  • Brooks has also updated the Launch 6’s upper into a one-piece engineered mesh.  With this new design, it makes the shoe more lightweight and breathable compared to its previous counterparts.  This update to the Brooks Launch 6 also helps in locking the foot down a little bit while still ensuring flexibility and breathability during the run.
  • The Midfoot Transition Zone has also been adjusted to help make the heel to toe transition faster and more seamless. They have also modified the ribbon-like transition zone marking on the outsole to reflect this update.
  • Also added back to the Brooks Launch 6 is the strobel.  The strobel was last seen in the Launch 4 and had been removed from the Launch 5 in favor of a simple mesh.  Putting back the strobel to the Brooks Launch 6 makes the shoe softer. It also helps in adding more cushion and makes the ride slightly higher and less cradling.

Size and fit

The Brooks Launch 6 runs true to size and fit.  It comes in a medium width for men which is D and for women, it is in medium width B.  The updated one-piece mesh upper makes the shoe fit snug but flexible. This also gives more comfort and allows a better fit for users of varying foot width. The toe-box also has a generous volume in terms of depth.  The length is true to size which means the user can go with his/her usual running shoe size.


The rear outsole of the Brooks Launch 6 is now enhanced with much wider heel landing decoupling grooves.  These decoupling grooves allow the shoe to bend along a particular axis that modifies the flexibility response of the shoe on a defined track.  It also aids in making the landings and transitions off the heel somewhat easier.

Also new to the Brooks Launch 6 is its front outsole.  It is now made with four shallow yet slightly wider flex grooves.  This compliments the performance of Midfoot Transition Zone giving the runner a feeling of a smoother and seamless transition.

The whole outsole is made of durable rubber which guarantees many miles and energizing run.  Working with the rubber material are the grooves that ensure small fragments such as sand, mud or small rocks have a place to settle in sooner, allowing the outsole to regain contact with the ground faster which then avoids any unwanted injuries on the runner.


The Brooks Launch 6’s midsole is now updated with additional foam under the forefoot making every running experience with the shoe much more energizing.  Brooks has also kept their usual BioMoGo DNA cushioning on the new Brooks Launch 6. This DNA foam gives the midsole better cushioning to create a more springy response underfoot.  It is also adaptive to the impact it receives and converts it accordingly to what type of cushioning support the runner needs.

In collaboration with the BioMoGo DNA is the Midfoot Transition Zone.  It is the zone marked with a ribbon-like design on the outsole-midfoot area.  This cushioned area helps the transitioning from heel to toe faster.


The upper of Brooks Launch 6 is where the most noticeable enhancement is.  Brooks has now made the upper with a one-piece engineered mesh making this neutral shoe ultra lightweight and comfortable.  It offers the same level of breathability and comfort as the Glycerin 16.

This new upper design is a soft engineered mesh with a vertical texture and is better than the fabric-like texture of its predecessor, the Brooks Launch 5.  The new one-piece upper also better secures the forefoot all through the duration of the ride making the shoe feel light and breezy. Besides giving more comfort, the one piece mesh also blends seamlessly with the shoe’s design making it aesthetically pleasing to avid Brooks Launch users.

The tongue on the Brooks Launch 6 is now also noticeably less thick or puffy, and it is still with the ample amount of padding to ensure the right comfort. Both the padding in the ankle and Achilles area have also been trimmed down to make it more fitted while still making sure that it is still the reasonable amount for protection and comfort.

Brooks Launch 6 vs. Brooks Launch 5 review

The addition of Brooks Launch 6 to the Brooks Launch family was something most Brooks shoe fanatics have been looking forward to.  The very first shoes from the Brooks Launch line was initially released in 2009 and have always been known for being comfortable and lightweight.  And now on its sixth generation, the Brooks Launch 6 was just recently released on December 1, 2018. And despite just being newly introduced to the world of neutral running shoes,  the Brooks Launch 6 can’t help it but be compared to its forerunner the Brooks Launch 5.  Although very close positive results show up when it comes to reviews; there are still different factors that make the Brooks Launch 6 and Brooks Launch 5 unique from each other.  Below are just a few of the comparisons between the latest two shoes from the Brooks Launch line:

Fit. Brooks Launch 6 is noted to be true to size for the fit because of the new one-piece mesh upper providing a snug fit while Launch 5 tends to be a bit looser due to it just having a simple mesh and not having a strobel in the shoe construction.

Weight. A few users mentioned Brooks Launch 5 that it is a little lighter even though Brooks claims that the Brooks Launch 6 should be the lighter one between the two.

Cushioning. Despite a few difference between the two Brooks Launch shoes, there is also one thing that is common between both of them.  This is their BioMoGo DNA cushioning which is a trademark technology found in Brook’s “Energize” line. Both these shoes are engineered to deliver a significant amount of energy return throughout the run.  The BioMoGo DNA serves as the source for the cushioning that gives the shoe a responsive, and breezy ride for the runners. All at the same time providing the right support needed.

Both Brooks Launch 6 and Brooks Launch 5 are classified as neutral running shoes. Just like the Asics Gel Nimbus 21, they are made for runners looking for a well-priced shoe that provides a comfortable and energizing run, may it be for short or medium distances.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 9oz / Women 8oz
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Brooks Launch 8
Forefoot height: 17mm
Heel height: 27mm

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