Who should buy the Brooks Hyperion Elite 3

Add the Hyperion Elite 3 to your shopping cart if you want a:

  • roomier toe box than the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2
  • running shoe with a carbon-fiber plate that's built to last and can go the distance

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Who should NOT buy it

If you're looking for that race-day pop, the Adidas Adios Pro is a better and cheaper option. And if you want something more forgiving and lighter, the Asics Metaspeed Sky and the Puma Fast-R Nitro Elite will wow you. 

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 upper

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 vs. 2: All about the upper

Having an unchanged midsole and outsole, the Hyperion Elite v3 is considered by runners as a "carbon copy design" of the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2. Addressing some qualms from the past, the upper sees the following changes: 

  • a more voluminous toe box and a stretchier knit fabric
  • a more durable configuration with more padding
  • addressing the blister-causing heel lockdown of v2, v3 has a flared collar with more padding 

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 heel lock

Your speedy friend

Whether it's for racing or training, the Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 is a swift and speedy option, thanks to its great energy return and snappy ride. "It gives back most of what you put into it," claims one tester. So much so that another runner says it took off 10 minutes from his running PR in just a week! However, when faced with other super shoes, it's missing that race-day pop. 

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 midsole foam

Even more, many runners have confirmed that the Elite 3 "does not like to go slow." With its carbon-fiber plate and rather rigid foam, it feels awkward at slow paces. Simply, it's not as forgiving as other super shoes. 

Keeps you on your toes

The shoe's rocker geometry is "sharply sculpted;" it forces you on your toes for quick transitions. 

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 rocker

The Hyperion Elite 3 plants you to the ground

It has a wide stance; overall, the ride felt "predictable," especially for long runs. It guides the foot so well; a running expert said it's like "putting the bumpers up at the bowling lane."  

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 wide base

Too roomy for a racer

It's intended for race day but its fit says otherwise—well, in the case of both narrow and medium-width feet.

A relaxed fit is always never good in the world of racers. And with the Hyperion Elite's rather spacious toe box and stretchy upper combined, it makes the foot feel "slightly unsettled" during harder efforts. 

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 roomy toe box

On the upside, wide-footed runners love the fit so much. It feels supportive without many overlays. 

The laces are dope! 

"They're reluctant to move at all," that's how a runner described them and that's something to look for in the world of running shoes, race shoes especially! This is owed to the ridges incorporated into the laces' design. In contrast to the past version, this one is vastly improved. What's more, the laces can be tucked to avoid "floppy bunny ears." 

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 laces

Speaking of lockdown, the shoe has a gusseted tongue and a solid heel lock that no longer digs into the back of the foot (an issue from the past version), solidifying claims from multiple reviewers that this is a much-improved iteration. 

A cool shoe—literally

Speaking of another big step from the Hyperion Elite Line from Brooks, the shoe's breathability is also upping its game. It's not just highly breathable; it's also moisture-wicking. 

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 breathability

The Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 is SOLID! 

Those who have run in the Hyperion Elite 2 and have pushed it across scrappy gravel don't have worries over the third edition's durability. An avid runner even goes on to say "wearing/graining here is not an undue concern." 

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 durability

Another road runner who ran in the Elite 2 says that he's certain that the Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 can last 400 miles. 

It's a lightweight carbon-plated trainer

When it comes to carbon-plated running shoes (280 grams/9.9 ounces) in general, the Hyperion Elite 3 is crazy light. 

In comparison to its direct competitors like the Nike Vaporfly (184 grams/6.5 ounces) and Asics Metaspeed Sky (198 grams/6.9 ounces), the Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 (210 grams/7.4 ounces) is almost an ounce heavier.  However, the Elite 3 is a daily trainer and it's competitors are race-oriented, which puts it on the heavy side only for elite-level runners. The culprit here is no other than the more padded knit upper. Although it stays pretty light, it still misses on weight in the racing shoe scene. 

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 weight

For recreational runners, the weight of the Elite is phenomenal. 

Price doesn't justify the performance

The Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 is a "$160 shoe at best," not $250. It's not super fast and the carbon-fiber plate is barely felt, one runner doesn't believe that its performance meets its extremely high monetary turnover.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 7.4oz
Drop: Men 8mm
Arch support: Neutral
Forefoot height: Men 27mm
Heel height: Men 35mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation

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