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5 reasons to buy

  • Several owners of the Boreal Synergy say that the shoe is fantastically sensitive.
  • This excellent climbing shoe from Boreal is an incredible tool for smearing, according to some who have tried it.
  • Based on a few reports, the Synergy is highly recommended for bouldering.
  • The shoe’s overall design is truly eye-catching, according to a couple of patrons.
  • An expert who has climbed in this promising rock climbing shoe says that it is impressively comfortable.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Gear authorities find the lack of a low-volume version of this shoe a definite missed opportunity.
  • Someone who tests footwear for a living is skeptical about the Boreal Synergy’s midsole-less build. He said that this setup might not provide enough support on extra-demanding holds.

Bottom line

Fans of the climbing scene had better prepare for the exciting stuff the Synergy has on offer. Indeed, this bouldering genius grants immense sensitivity on a variety of wall/rock features. This looker of a shoe also provides remarkable smearing performance. 

That said, the shoe might be too clunky for climbers who have low-volume feet. Nonetheless, the Boreal Synergy is a brilliant offering whose great utility and aesthetics come in equal measure.

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Good to know

-The Boreal Synergy is crafted for senders who need extra forefoot power in tackling challenging climbs. Its slip-lasted construction and lack of a midsole make this rock shoe extra sensitive.

-The Synergy’s minimalistic design enables wearers to climb with as much precision as possible. It comes with Wrap Rand, a Boreal-exclusive tech that delivers freer movements without sacrificing in-shoe security.

Downturn. The Synergy is one of Boreal’s aggressively downturned rock climbing shoes. Its finely edged and highly cambered toe zone translate to better purchase on tiny edges and nubbins. Kicks having this type of downturn are mainly designed for single-pitch projects.

Applications. This aggressive climb-centric piece is built for sport climbing and bouldering. Boreal engineers imbued it with components that give it the ability to scale vertical faces and overhangs, whether indoors or outdoors.

The Boreal Synergy is a low-cut rock climbing shoe for men. Its synthetic upper offers minimal stretch. It is built around an asymmetric last, leaving it with a curved interior. Users may set its fit to their preference via the rock shoe’s Velcro closure.

Outsole. In the Synergy, what provides climbers with adequate slip and skid resistance on different kinds of surfaces is the Boreal-exclusive Zenith Ultra outsole. Depending on the size of the pair, its thickness can be anywhere between 4 mm and 4.5 mm.

The low-top enclosure of the Boreal Synergy is mainly made of microfiber. It is built with an elastic tongue (integrated) and an inner liner. To help wearers climb with more security, Boreal designers imbued its heel and forefoot zones with a heavy-duty rand. They also reinforced the Synergy’s toe zone with a rubber rand so that climbers can toe hook with enhanced traction.

Its fit management system consists of two hook-and-loop straps. It has double the heel pull loops as well.

The Synergy in this head-to-head is pitted against another one of Boreal’s quality climbing kicks—the Dharma. Read the points below to discover their differences.

Pricing. On this front, the Synergy bags the crown for being the less-expensive rock climbing shoe. Yes, it is cheaper than the Boreal Dharma by about $40.

Weight. Those who wish to climb as agile as possible might find the Boreal Synergy the better deal in this regard. Indeed, the featured rock shoe is lighter than the Dharma by approximately 20 g.

Midsole. Between the two climb-focused kicks, only the Dharma has a midsole.


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