Updates to Boreal Ninja

  • The Boreal Ninja is a rock climbing shoe crafted for wearers who wish to send projects with as much lightness as possible. Its slip-lasted construction gives it enhanced sensitivity.
  • It is the resurrected version of the ‘80s slip-on of the same name. The updates applied to this modernized model are as follows:
  • Upper. The updated Boreal Ninja now comes with a fully synthetic upper as opposed to the split-leather main shell of its former self. It comes with a supportive Wrap Rand which the original lacked. It also now has three pull loops instead of just one.
  • Vegan construction. Unlike the classic version, the new Ninja is a vegan-friendly climbing shoe. Products dubbed as vegan are made of materials that are free of any animal substance.
  • Profile. The revamped Boreal Ninja has a considerably downward profile, while the `80s classic had a flatter silhouette overall.
  • Sole technology. The reintroduced Ninja promises adequate surface grip with its Zenith Ultra outsole. It replaces the FS-Quattro outsole of the classic model.


Downturn. The Boreal Ninja is an aggressively downturned rock climbing shoe. Its finely edged toe region is built extra tough to allow users to mount on nubbins and other tiny projections with precision. Rock shoes having this type of camber are ideal for single-pitch climbs.

Applications. This aggressive Boreal piece is designed for sport climbing and bouldering. It is also an all-around performer that can take on slabs. It may be used both indoors and outdoors.


The reborn Boreal Ninja is a low-cut rock shoe crafted specifically for men. The Wrap Rand with which it comes built and the forefoot’s torsion band deliver a secure fit. Expect a curved interior with its asymmetric shape. A personalized lockdown, on the other hand, is courtesy of the shoe’s elasticated slipper-type closure.


Midsole. A half-length midsole is what delivers adequate underfoot support in the Boreal Ninja. Its anti-deformation engineering allows it to retain its shape even with repeated use of the shoe.

Outsole. The Boreal Ninja is capable of adhering to a variety of surfaces thanks to its heavy-duty Zenith Ultra outsole. This sticky layer is exclusive to the brand. Its thickness can be anywhere between 4 mm and 4.5 mm, depending on the size of the pair.


The low-top upper of this vegan climbing piece from Boreal is made of microfiber. Its inner walls are unlined, giving the foot a comfier in-shoe feel. Its lower perimeter is sufficiently randed front and back for extra climbing grip and protection from abrasive hazards. Boreal designers furnished its toe box with a rubber patch to grant climbers a firm hold of the surface when toe hooking. Improved heel-hooking traction, on the other hand, comes from the shoe’s 3D molded Zenith Ultra rubber.

Since the Ninja is a slip-on climbing shoe, it relies on its highly elastic collar to cinch the foot in place. It comes with three pull loops for easy on and off.

Boreal Ninja care and maintenance information

The Ninja is one of Boreal’s high-quality rock climbing shoes. As such, it is designed to last many climbs. That said, its lifespan can be prolonged with proper use and care. The points that follow will discuss ways to keep the Ninja in good condition for longer.

  • Before attempting a project/climb, ensure that the soles (midsole + outsole) of the shoe are clean.
  • The rubber outsole must be rid of any foreign substance after each use. A fine-wired brush, preferably one with semi-hard bristles, may be used to scrape off debris from it. Clean the outsole with a damp cloth—dampened either with water or rubbing alcohol.
  • To prevent the Ninja from getting deformed when not in use, store it in its own bag. This way, the shoe will not get squished under the weight of other climbing tools. If keeping it in a separate backpack is not possible, place it on top of everything else.
  • In between send attempts, avoid standing on top of the Ninja. Do not step on its heel while taking a break. Instead, remove the shoe completely.
  • If the Boreal Ninja will not be used for a long time, store in a cool, dry place with its interior stuffed with newspaper. It is also wise to set up the laces or straps in this kind of scenario.


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