Boreal Lynx notable features

-The Boreal Lynx is built with versatility in mind. Owners can expect to climb in it with a combination of sensitivity and precision, thanks to the shoe’s slip-lasted construction.

-This jack-of-all-trades comes built with two of Boreal’s exclusive technologies: V2 Rand and Zenith. The former makes the Lynx firmer around the midfoot for enhanced support, while the latter delivers slip and skid resistance.


Downturn. The Lynx is part of Boreal’s line-up of moderately downturned climbing kicks. Its camber allows senders to go through routes and accomplish projects using a wide spectrum of climbing techniques. Rock shoes with this amount of downturn can be used on multi-pitch endeavors.

Applications. This climb-focused shoe by Boreal is intended for sport and slab climbing as well as bouldering. It is capable of providing adequate performance on vertical faces and overhangs. Users may climb in it both indoors and outdoors.


A low-top rock climbing shoe for men and women is the Boreal Lynx. It is built on a type of last that leaves the shoe with a slimmer heel zone and a wider toe box. A firm yet comfortable fit around the heel is courtesy of the V2 Rand technology. Since the Lynx has a leather upper, some stretch might occur with time. Wearers can set it to their desired fit by way of the shoe’s lace-up closure.


Midsole. The Boreal Lynx climbing shoe is equipped with a sturdy yet adequately flexible midsole to give climbers a responsive kind of support underfoot. It is engineered to withstand warping and deformation.

Outsole. On the Zenith Pro outsole—a rubberized component developed exclusively by Boreal—users can expect to have sufficient surface traction either on the wall or across rocky routes. Its thickness, which can be anywhere between 4 millimeters and 4.5 millimeters, depends on the size of the shoe.


The Lynx’s low-cut upper is made of high-quality split leather. Although it comes without a liner, it does have a padded tongue made of neoprene for extra cushioning. It has rubberized panels (rands) around its heel and forefoot for enhanced structural integrity and additional climbing security. For on-and-off ease, on the other hand, Boreal engineers gave it not one, but two heel pull tabs.

Synthetic lace loops take up space where regular eyelets are supposed to be in the Boreal Lynx. They work in conjunction with a round lace (also synthetic) to keep the foot snug and in place.


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