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5 reasons to buy

  • Several of those who have made Boreal Dharma reviews recommend the shoe highly for edge-filled routes.
  • When it comes to sport climbing, this rock shoe from Boreal is nothing short of impressive, according to a handful of consumers.
  • The Dharma has an outsole that grips like a pro, a few of those who have tried it say.
  • Based on a couple of reviews, this fantastic rock climbing shoe fits remarkably well.
  • Its overall climbing performance is quite amazing, says one shoe owner.

2 reasons not to buy

  • An expert who has put the Boreal Dharma through its paces says that the shoe lacks sensitivity around the heel.
  • Its heel logo gets easily plucked out, says another tester.

Bottom line

Where there are challenging edges that need surmounting, the Dharma is an easy pick for a climbing ally. This well-fitting sport climbing wonder is also a worthy companion for surfaces that require immense amounts of surface traction. 

The rock shoe’s allegedly below-average heel sensitivity, however, might come as a big no-no for some folks. Nonetheless, the Dharma has enough good points about it to be considered yet another outstanding Boreal piece.

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Good to know

  • Developed in collaboration with Boreal’s world climbing team, the Dharma promises adequate support and sensitivity on steep climbs. It has been given a makeover for the modern times, making it forward-centric in terms of both utility and aesthetics.
  • Compared with its former self, the updated Dharma has a sleeker profile. Its underside, in particular, is more beveled in construction—doing away with the previous model’s somewhat edged design.
  • The pre-updated Dharma’s Wrap Rand technology makes a successful comeback in the current version. This piece of tech reinforces the shoe’s arch zone for improved medial support. Its presence also enables the foot to work with enough precision and strength.

Downturn. The Boreal Dharma is an aggressively downturned rock climbing shoe. Its pointed front end gives the forefoot toe-to-surface precision and sufficient control on tiny nubbins and micro-edges. Highly downturned shoes like the Dharma are ideal for single-pitch endeavors.

Applications. The Dharma is designed for bouldering and sport climbing projects. Boreal engineers furnished it with a combination of components that makes it capable of ascending overhanging terrain and vertical faces. Wearers may use the shoe both indoors and outdoors.

A low-cut climbing shoe for men and women is the Boreal Dharma. The bow-like contour of the shoe is courtesy of its asymmetric construction. Its lined upper with an elastic tongue provides a little bit of stretch. Users can expect to get a snug fit in it thanks to the Wrap Rand technology. The shoe’s strapping system allows for a secure and customized lockdown.

Midsole. The Dharma uses a half midsole to provide sufficient underfoot support over a variety of surfaces. It is built to resist deformation, even with repeated use of the shoe.

Outsole. In this rock shoe, climbers can send problems with ample surface grip with the company-owned Zenith Pro outsole. Its thickness depends on the size of the shoe selected; it can be anywhere between 4 millimeters and 4.5 millimeters thick. It is made entirely of heavy-duty rubber.

The low-top upper of the Boreal Dharma is synthetic (made of microfiber to be precise). It comes with an integrated tongue and a liner. Randing is present at its heel and forefoot zones to deliver climbing security and protection around tricky holds. What grants extra grip when toe hooking, on the other hand, is the shoe’s rubber toe patch.

Its closure system has not one, not two, but three adjustable straps engineered with Velcro fasteners. Two pull loops at its heel are in place to expedite on and off.


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