Boreal Alpha notable features

-Engineered with the Joker’s essence in mind, the Boreal Alpha promises comfortable ascents without compromising performance. It is among the brand’s lineup of inexpensive rock climbing kicks.

-This piece of gear comes with a Boreal-owned technology called Integrated Rand System. Its presence helps the shoe retain its form. It also bolsters the shoe’s durability.

-Giving wearers even more cushioning underfoot is the proprietary Cushioned Heel System (CHS). What delivers multi-directional traction in this shoe, on the other hand, is the Zenith Quattro outsole.


Downturn. The Alpha is one of Boreal’s downturn-less rock climbing shoes. As such, it gives users the ability to edge and smear with as much forefoot-to-surface contact as possible. Kicks with no downward camber can provide extended comfort, and thus are ideal for multi-pitch problems.

Applications. This beginner-friendly neutral climbing shoe is mainly designed for trad and sport climbing, whether indoors or outdoors. As it is an all-rounder, it may be used to deal with problems requiring a variety of disciplines, which include those that can handle cracks efficiently.


The Boreal Alpha is a unisex low-cut climbing shoe. According to the brand, women may need to size down a full size and a half to get a snug fit in it. It might provide only minimal stretch, given that it has a synthetic upper. Boreal engineers gave its interior a slight asymmetry, which means the foot will be forced to lie bent in it. A dialed-in fit in the Alpha is possible by means of the shoe’s Velcro strapping system.


Midsole. The Alpha comes armed with a heavy-duty midsole for support. It is built to revert to its original shape even with repeated use, thanks to its anti-deformation construction.

Outsole. When it comes to grip performance underfoot, the Boreal Alpha relies on its company-exclusive outsole, called Zenith Quattro. It is a sticky layer made of high-grade rubber. Its thickness can be anywhere between 4 mm and 4.5 mm. Its rear section, which includes the part that encroaches the heel of the upper, comes with ridges for extra sticking power.


The Boreal Alpha houses the foot in its low-top upper made of microfiber. Stationed at its heel are two synthetic pull loops, which provide assistance during on and off.

Boreal shoemakers gave it a soft-but-resilient heel cup (a.k.a. the Cushioned Heel System) for added comfort. They also furnished its bottom perimeter with the Integrated Rand System to grant climbers enough toe- and heel-hooking traction.

Completing the Alpha’s upper equation is the climbing shoe’s Velcro closure. It is made up of a pair of adjustable straps engineered with hard-wearing hook-and-loop fasteners.


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