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8 reasons to buy

  • Comfort: The majority of Bontrager Foray's users express delight over its impeccable comfort.
  • Stylish: Most consumers have commended the shoe's good looks.
  • Closure: Plenty of wearers praise this MTB shoe's BOA dial closure for its on-the-go fine-tuning.
  • Walking comfort: The Foray's soles are easy to walk in, according to a lot of cyclists.
  • Budget-friendly: It is available at an affordable price, say several purchasers.
  • Light: Some commenters find this pair to be relatively lightweight compared to most mountain bike shoes.
  • Traction: This model provides adequate grip off the bike, according to a number of bikers.
  • Versatile: A few buyers claim they could use it for several cycling activities.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Tongue design: Some commenters claim that the tongue is too thick and tends to fall to the sides.
  • Single BOA dial: A number of users gripe that the BOA dial makes it difficult to adjust the fit in the toe box area.

Bottom line

The Bontrager Foray's highlights are its good looks, affordable price, and comfortable fit right out of the box. The shoe's excellent craftsmanship, relatively lightweight, and grippy sole will appeal to a wide range of riders.

With the combination of large toe box and the single BOA dial's limits on fine-tuning, individuals with narrow feet might find it massive. On the whole, the Foray is an excellent footgear that works well for numerous casual biking activities.

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Expert reviews:

Bontrager Foray: A casual MTB shoe enveloped in good looks

Bontrager markets the Foray as an MTB shoe, but its features fall more on the leisure and light cycling activities. The shoe's soles aren't lace-level stiff, which benefits the largest part of the market, which is the casual/leisure/weekender cyclist. Moreover, the BOA dial and grippy rubber outsole provide essentials for on-the-go adjustments and stability on slippery surfaces.

Who is it for? The Bontrager Foray will suit the everyday cyclist or the hobbyist who loves a pair of stylish bike shoes.

What is it for? The mentioned characteristics of the model work well for the following endeavors:

  • Indoor spin cycling
  • Trail and dirt-road riding
  • Touring
  • Urban commutes

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