Who should buy the Bont Vaypor XC

The Bont Vaypor XC might suit you well if:

  • You are looking for a cycling shoe that offers a well-fitting experience with its ability to customize the fit.
  • A shoe that would not burden your feet with its weight is what you prefer.
  • You are after a cycling companion with functionality that justifies the price.

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Who should not buy the Bont Vaypor XC

Cyclists looking for a shoe that offers a pleasant off-bike experience might have to look elsewhere. Some users gripe at how stiff the soles are that walking isn't comfortable. Moreover, folks looking for a cycling shoe that would stay undamaged for a long time might not be happy that its unprotected carbon sole could get scratched when used on stony grounds. That said, they might want to have a look at some of the finest cycling shoes instead. 

The stiffness of  Bont Vaypor XC

The majority of wearers exclaim that the Bont Vaypor XC provides sufficient power transfer.

Personalized fit

A lot of owners appreciate the customizable fit this pair's heat-moldable construction offers.

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Lighter than others

Several users say that this mountain bike shoe feels relatively lighter than other models.

Easy to wear and remove

The Vaypor XC offers quick entry and exit, thanks to the BOA dial, according to some cyclists.

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Impressive comfiness

A couple of reviewers admire the comfort the Bont Vaypor XC provides. 

Price and performance

A few buyers think this pair yields a good price-to-performance ratio.

Bont Vaypor XC: A high-performing, customizable cyclocross shoe

The Vaypor XC features Bont's world-renowned heat-moldable technology and anatomically-designed shape. These two elements are mainly revered for their models' comfortable fit. Apart from its 'designed after the human foot' silhouette, users can customize the fit by heating and molding after their needs.

In addition, it is equipped with components for off-road performance. Check them out below.

  • The BOA dial is placed on top to prevent it from getting caught or breaking due to the trail's rugged nature.
  • Replaceable rubber lugs provide the necessary grip during the off-bike experience and lengthen the shoe's lifespan.
  • SPD cleat design with a graph for excellent pedal-to-bike connection and accurate cleat placement.

What is it good for? This bike shoe is suited for the following scenarios:

  • Cyclocross 
  • Cross-country
  • Cycling with less time off the bike due to the shoe's super-stiff soles
  • Mountain biking that requires speed

What makes it different? This pair's unidirectional carbon soles are made by hand. The fibers are laid by hand in a pattern that will endure the demands they will have to bear once on the trail.

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Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 13.6oz
Base model: Bont Vaypor
Use: Mountain
Cleat design: 2 holes
Closure: Velcro, BOA
Features: SPD, Recessed cleats
Material: Synthetic, Carbon composite sole

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