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6 reasons to buy

  • A majority of Bont Riot MTB+ users say that it yields excellent power transfer thanks to its stiff carbon soles.
  • According to numerous consumer reviews, this MTB shoe has excellent value for money, given its many good traits.
  • Several wearers find this footwear to be comfortable.
  • The pair’s materials and construction are of premium quality, according to a number of testers.
  • Some users mention that it is lightweight.
  • A few cyclists find this Bont shoe’s retention system easy to adjust.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some owners found it difficult to find the optimal shape for their feet while heat-molding the shoe.
  • A couple of commenters claim that the front Velcro strap didn’t make a huge difference in fit when tightened.

Bottom line

The Bont Riot MTB+ shoe’s main strength is that it is recognized as the first carbon composite heat-moldable entry-level MTB shoe.

It combines the features commonly found in the brand’s more pro-level models, such as excellent power transfer, replaceable sole rubber pads, BOA dials, premium materials, and anatomical shaping. Despite some misfires, the Riot MTB+ has impressed most of its users.

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Good to know

Who is it good for? If you are a starting out mountain bike rider who’s on the hunt for the following features in an MTB shoe, then this Bont MTB shoe might be for you. It offers:

  • Heat-moldable fit
  • Easily adjustable retention system
  • Fully replaceable grip pads
  • Satisfactory comfort and performance

Stiff soles. The Bont Riot MTB+ employs Carbon Composite soles, which are rigid enough for adequate power transfer.

Protective. Equipped with bumpers placed throughout the shoe’s critical areas along with TPU toe protectors, the foot is fully protected from bumps and impacts. 

Replaceable grip pads. This feature allows the user to refresh their grip once the old set gets dull. Moreover, the tread design of these grip pads is engineered to minimize the retention of mud and dirt.

Option to add toe studs. Additional slots for toe studs are also featured in the Bont Riot MTB+ shoe. The addition of toe studs helps enhance traction even further for extra slippery surfaces.

The Bont Riot MTB+ uses the traditional mountain bike two-bolt cleat system. Some of the pedals that are suitable for this shoe are the Shimano M520, Crank Brothers Candy 3, and Ritchey Comp XC.

Markings are provided in the cleat area to provide guidance for precise cleat positioning.

Easily adjustable retention system. The latest update of Bont’s popular Riot MTB shoe now features a BOA closure along a Z-shaped Velcro strap. The strap governs the forefoot whole the BOA dial is responsible for the mid and top part of the foot.

Minor adjustments can be made even while on the saddle. The overall design has been engineered to evenly distribute pressure across the foot.

Durable and anti-stretch upper. This pair’s upper is crafted from a microfiber material the brand calls the Durolite outer skin. Between this outer layer and the inner lining, an anti-stretch material has been applied to prevent stretching over time.

Anatomical heel cup. This element provides stability while pedaling in dynamic motions. It helps keep the foot from slipping out of the shoe.

Proprietary last design. Bont’s cycling shoe last is shaped after the foot’s natural shape. Compared to the standard cycling shoe’s narrow shape, Bont shoes have a broader shape.

Heat moldable. This pair’s whole shape can be molded in relatively low temperatures. Before you heat-mold your pair, make sure to remove cleats, screws, BOA dials, and rubber pads.

Pre-heat your oven at 70C, then place the shoe inside for 20 minutes. After this time, let the pair cool a little bit and test the temperature using your hand before putting it on your feet. Once cool enough, mold your shoe after your foot.

Note that you can heat mold your pair as many times as needed.

  • This shoe is also often called the Bont Riot MTB+ (BOA) cycling shoes.
  • The replaceable and renewable parts of this footwear are its insoles and entire rubber sole pads.
  • An earlier version called the Bont Riot MTB uses a ratchet buckle instead of a BOA.


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